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Crystal multi needle is one of the series of mesotherapy needles. It is composed of multiple needles arranged and combined. Care products are introduced into the skin through multiple tiny stainless steel needles. Because it can adapt to both manual injection and machine injection modes, it is widely used in the medical aesthetics industry.

Diaminy’s crystal multi needle factory mainly produces 5 types, namely crystal 3 pin multi needlenanosoft 4pin needlecrystal 5 pin multi needle, 9pin needle, and 16pin needle. Compared with the traditional manual injection method, it can complete the injection work more efficiently and push more milliliters of solution under the skin. They can be used with various models or brands of mesotherapy machines.

Although some users have begun to try to use them at home, we still recommend that they be operated by professionals with a medical background. Doctors and nurses who want to buy crystal multi needles online can click directly on the button below to reach the purchase channel.

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Crystal 5 pin Multi Needle Advantages

More Comprehensive

Crystal 5 pin Multi Needle is not only used on the face but also on the scalp, especially the mesotherapy needle multi injectors. Some customers will also customize products with needle lengths of 5-7mm from us to treat hair loss.

High Injection Efficiency

The number of needles of the crystal multi needle is several times that of ordinary sharp needles, which means that within the same treatment time, the treatment efficiency is higher, the treatment process is faster, and the pain to the patient is lower.

Simple Operation

Compared with the traditional meso needle, crystal multi needle operation is simpler; it can effectively control the injection depth and select the appropriate needle length according to the type of injection solution.

Less Bruising& Recovery Period

In mesotherapy, the more needles there are, the less pain the patient feels, there is almost no bruising on the skin surface, and most patients recover in 2-3 days, with minimal downtime.

The High Degree of Adaptability

crystal multi needle can be applied to standard screw mouth, straight mouth syringes, and various models of meso cordless injector on the market.

Is crystal 5-pin Multi Needle Safe

Is crystal 5-pin Multi Needle Safe?

The 5 pin needle supplied by Diaminy is the best-selling product among crystal multi needles. It is loved by many doctors and nurses because of its precision workmanship and high quality. Among them, the 32G 1.5mm size crystal multi needle is the most sold one and is often used on the face. Injection, the entire process is safe and harmless.

It is safe for superficial injection without damaging capillaries and skin tissue cells and can be easily used on delicate skin. As a leading crystal multi needle manufacturer in the industry, Diaminy has been focusing on product development and production.

The entire production process has been sterilized and sterilized. Disposable medical and aesthetic consumables such as the 5 pin needle will undergo EO gas sterilization before packaging to ensure Non-Toxic, Pyrogen Free.

Are There Any Side Effects of Mesotherapy Needle Multi Injectors?

After treatment with a crystal 5 pin multi needle, there may be pinholes visible to the naked eye on the skin surface, or the skin may be slightly red, swollen, and sensitive, this is normal. Generally, the skin will return to normal in 3-5 days.

Due to individual differences, Recovery times are longer for a small number of users. Rarely, users may experience subcutaneous swelling after injection. If this does not recover within a week, please seek medical attention immediately.

Are There Any Side Effects of Mesotherapy Needle Multi Injectors

Products That Can Be Used Together

Type III Collagen

Manual injection of type III collagen is used for anti-aging around the eyes. Most doctors and nurses will choose Nanosoft 3pin/4pin with 34G and a needle length of 1.5mm for treatment.

Crystal Multi Needle injects type III collagen into the eyes
Crystal Multi Needle injects type III collagen into the eyes
Crystal Multi Needle injects type III collagen into the eyes


Using Nanosoft 3pin/4pin Botox injection can effectively relieve fine lines in vulnerable areas, such as the neck, around the eyes, etc. Slow injections are virtually painless and minimally invasive for optimal safety, with virtually no visible bruising after the injection.

Crystal multi-needle injects botox into the neck
Crystal Multi Needle injects botox into the neck
Crystal Multi Needle injects botox into the neck

Skin Booster

Manual injection of exosomes using a crystal 5 pin needle is suitable for all standard syringes and can greatly shorten treatment time. It is a very safe superficial injection method. Mainly suitable for facial injection, the syringe can be filled with exosomes with various functions such as whitening and lightening the skin tone.

crystal 5 pin needle injection skin booster
crystal 5 pin needle injection skin booster
crystal 5 pin needle injection skin booster

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

9pin needle machine injection of hyaluronic acid is the most common injection method in clinics and hospitals. This needle can improve the leakage during the injection process. Injection into the dermis can improve dry, dehydrated, and dark yellow skin problems.

Crystal 9pin needle for hyaluronic acid injection
Crystal 9pin needle for hyaluronic acid injection
Crystal 9pin needle for hyaluronic acid injection
Crystal 5-pin Multi Needle to Treat Hair Loss

Crystal 5-pin Multi Needle to Treat Hair Loss

There are many offline crystal multi needle wholesalers to purchase mesotherapy needle multi injectors for scalp injection.

This is a common tool used to treat hair loss in mesotherapy. Most of them will choose to customize a normal 5-7mm 5-pin multi needle to inject minoxidil and other similar solutions to treat male alopecia.

Manual injection allows better control of needle depth and injection angle.

Crystal Multi Needle For Mesotherapy

The crystal multi needle is the most versatile tool in the medical aesthetics industry and can be used not only for manual injections but also for use with beauty machines.

The 9pin needle is suitable for meso device and beauty injection machines on the market, such as meso cordless injector NBI-300.

In addition to this, they are also used to provide mesotherapy and skin enhancement treatments. The needle can be selected according to the concentration of the solution. When the needle is used for machine injection, the suction device can complete the negative pressure injection.

For solutions with a slightly higher concentration, the solution can be introduced into the subcutaneous tissue through pressure.

Crystal Multi Needle For Mesotherapy

Crystal Multi Needle VS Sharp Needle


Crystal Multi Needle

Sharp Needle

Number of needles



Injection type

Manual, machine needle insertion

Manual needle insertion

Needle length


Not adjustable

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