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Since 2005, medical aesthetics and skincare have been redefined by Diaminy. High-tech beauty methods are no longer limited to beauty salons, spas, and other places, creating a new journey of beauty and skincare at home. Diaminy’s business scope covers multiple fields of medical aesthetic, home beauty device, and skincare, with more than 30 years of production experience and scientific research accumulation. Diaminy owns an LED face mask factory in China that is responsible for developing and supplying LED face masks, allowing users to perform light therapy for skin at home at a low cost. Clinical certification shows that the wavelength of the LED light therapy mask can rejuvenate cells 4cm below the skin surface, help reduce inflammation and calm, tighten skin, repair skin elasticity, fade spots, and even skin tone.

As an LED face mask manufacturer and LED face mask supplier, Diaminy’s LED face mask has emerged among similar products and gained many fans, including many skin care experts. They believe that home-use LED face masks can completely replace the work performed in clinics. And its home devices will be more efficient and used more frequently.

If you want to try beauty and skin care device, we recommend that you choose this LED face mask as an entry-level product to experience the convenience and efficacy of home beauty device. If you choose to purchase the LED face mask online, you will also have the opportunity to receive a gift from the Diaminy team. Click here. Don’t miss the button below!

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Diaminy LED Face Mask Advantages

diaminy led face mask

LED Wavelength Technology for Colored Light Masks

Diaminy’s LED face mask is equipped with 36 LED lamp beads that emit wavelengths that can cover cells within 4cm of the skin, reach the root of the skin, accelerate blood circulation, and stimulate the repair of old and inactive cell molecules from the inside out. The wavelength range emitted by the LED face mask lamp beads is 445-650nm, which can be used to perform LED light therapy at home and treat a variety of skin problems. The effect of light therapy for skin is the same as that of professional clinics and salons. The entire process is guaranteed to be 100% safe, painless, and without side effects.

Design Process

The light therapy mask is soft and conformable and is not afraid of being kneaded. LED face mask is made of ABS resin material, has a thin body, and is comfortable to wear. 36 evenly distributed lamp beads are embedded in the fuselage, which can three-dimensionally cover the entire facial skin, conform to the ergonomic design, and perfectly fit the skin surface without leaving any gaps. Installing goggles can effectively prevent the light waves emitted by the LED from damaging the eyes. It can also control the light waves from diverging so that the skin cells can absorb the maximum amount of light energy to the greatest extent and obtain the best skin care effect. It is a lazy design, hands-free, and no operation is required; just wear it and use it normally. Intelligent design automatically cuts off the power after 10 minutes of operation to avoid skin damage caused by long-term exposure.

diaminy led face mask
diaminy led face mask

The Efficacy of Colorful LED Beauty Mask

The triple spectrum technology of the LED mask has 3 LED light therapy colors that can target a variety of skin problems and improve aging and damaged cells through professional technology.

  • Red light wavelength 640-650nm; A red light therapy mask is suitable for users with anti-aging requirements. Red light therapy for the face can increase metabolism, improve cell activity, increase skin density, promote cell repair and collagen regeneration, reduce facial fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and make skin tighter.
  • Blue light wavelength 445-450nm; blue led light therapy benefits are suitable for sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin. It has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties for active acne, which can eliminate bacteria in acne, shrink pores, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, and reduce acne recurrence.
  • The yellow light wavelength is 600-610nm, suitable for dull, pigmented, and spotty skin on the face. Inhibits the production of melanin from the roots of skin cells, decomposes existing melanin, promotes lymph flow, improves dull skin, evens skin tone, and makes skin glow. It can also treat sunburn marks and has a whitening effect with long-term use.

Customize Your Own Skin Care Plan Based on Your Personal Skin Condition

Blue Light + Yellow Light:
If you have acne-prone skin and have problems with acne marks, you can choose to use blue light and yellow light together to first soothe the face, reduce inflammation and calm redness, swelling and acne, and then eliminate and suppress acne. It can adjust the water and oil balance of facial skin, shrink pores, solve the problem of excessive oil secretion, effectively eliminate acne bacteria, and inhibit the growth of acne. It can also relieve skin roughness and dullness and fade remaining acne marks and melanin.
Red Light + Blue Light:
If you want to relieve facial fine lines, nasolabial folds, and crow’s feet, you can choose to use red light and blue light together to increase cell activity, promote collagen regeneration, accelerate the metabolism of old cells, and not only tighten the skin It can relieve fine lines, solve the problem of oiliness caused by the accumulation of old cells, restore skin elasticity, and make the skin more delicate, firm and radiant.
Red Light + Yellow Light:
If you have facial spots, dullness, and wrinkles, you can choose to use red light and yellow light together. The wavelength of red light can reach 650nm, which can break down melanin from the root. Not only can it brighten skin tone and lighten melanin, but it can also relieve facial fine lines, repair cell vitality, and make skin younger.

diaminy led face mask - colorful light
diaminy led face mask

Why Choose Diaminy’s LED Face Mask?

The LED face mask light therapydevice is equipped with three treatment modes: anti-aging, acne removal, and whitening. It is powerful and has the same effect as a clinic spa shop. LED face masks are easy to wear and portable, do not affect daily life and entertainment, free your hands, and can achieve skin beauty requirements anytime and anywhere. ABS resin material is soft and close to the skin, comfortable to wear, and not afraid of being kneaded.
Intelligent timer: LED face maskwill automatically power off after 10 minutes of power-on to avoid skin damage caused by long-term exposure. Install goggles to prevent light waves from diverging from irritating or damaging your eyes.

Comparative Advantages With Other Similar Products

Diaminy Comparative Advantages with Other Similar products

We think Diaminy’s LED face mask is the best LED light therapy device. Most LED face masks only have two modes: red led light therapy and blue led light therapy. They can only achieve anti-aging and acne removal, and it is challenging to solve the problem of melanin accumulation on the face. Diaminy’s LED face mask decomposes melanin from the root of cells and solves various facial skin defects caused by pigmentation.

Many LED masks use the number of LED lamp beads as their marketing focus and increase their retail prices for this reason. This is unreasonable from a professional perspective. The number of LED light beads is not always better. It should be controlled within a reasonable range. The light beads will continue to emit light and heat energy during the instrument’s operation. Most brands of LED face masks are not equipped with cooling devices. It easily causes damage to the skin’s surface. The number of 36 light beads is a reasonable configuration result obtained by Diaminy through many experiments. Not only does it work, it doesn’t cause damage to the skin. Clinically proven, Diaminy’s LED face mask reflects power output and accuracy through optimal treatment time (10 minutes, 600 seconds). Products from other brands can basically only achieve 3 minutes. The product efficacy and treatment effect exceed that of its peers by 60%.

How To Choose The Best LED Face Mask?

diaminy how to choose the best led face mask

There are too many LED face mask suppliers in retail stores and online now, and too many users don’t know how to choose a best led mask for face. Diaminy teaches you how to judge the quality of LED face masks from 5 aspects.

First of all, we tell you from the perspective of LED face mask manufacturers that most of the LED face mask brands currently on the market are made in China. It is not recommended to choose a brand that is too expensive.

Judging from the power of the LED face mask, we recommend products with a power of 3-5W. It’s not that more power is better. Excessive power will cause skin cell damage.

Based on the accuracy, we recommend purchasing an LED face mask that can emit multiple wavelengths and colors. LED therapy light can emit different wavelengths for different skin problems and accurately match and treat them.

In terms of coverage, the bulbs must be evenly distributed and completely cover the entire face to ensure effective treatment. In terms of treatment time, we recommend choosing a 10-minute LED face mask. If the time is too short, it will be difficult for the instrument to play its role. Timely power-off and goggles devices are also required for LED face masks.

diaminy led face mask Specifications& Box Contents

Specifications& Box Contents

Length*Width*Height: 150mm*204mm*158mm/ 5.9in*8.0in*6.2in
Rated Power: 3.7W
Net Weight: 75g/ 2.6oz
Implementation standards: GB 4706.1 GB 4706.15
Contents of the box: Machine*1, USB Charging Cable*1, Instruction Manual*1

LED Face Mask Before and After

Led face masks in China are loved by many fans. They provide many comparison pictures of LED face masks before and after so that more users can see the LED face mask benefits. In addition, Diaminy also recommends some products that can be used together.

diaminy led face mask before and after
Yellow light whitening: diaminy led face mask before and after
Red light wrinkle removal: diaminy led face mask before and after

Products Suitable for LED Face Masks

How to Use the LED Light Therapy Mask?

How to Use the LED Light Therapy Mask?

We recommend conducting a sensitivity test before use. Turn on the machine and use it for 10 minutes. If your skin feels hot or becomes red, swollen, and itchy within 6 hours of use, please stop using it immediately.

Step1: clean the skin according to normal procedures

Step 2: apply essence or moisturizing cream on the surface of the facial skin, or wear a moisturizing mask directly.

Step 3: wear the LED light therapy mask, turn on the power and machine, and choose the frequency and light that suits you.

Step 4: after the 10-minute treatment, massage the facial skin to promote the absorption of skin care products.

We recommend 3-5 treatments per week. Each treatment time is 10 minutes. The machine will time it for you. The machine will stop working after 10 minutes of treatment. After 4-6 weeks of continuous use, your facial skin will be significantly improved.


People who are pregnant, preparing for pregnancy or breastfeeding are prohibited from using this device;

People with lupus, eczema, and albinism should not use;

People who suffer from photosensitivity disorders or are taking photosensitivity drugs should not use them;

People with eye diseases should not use;

LED face mask needs to be kept away from moisture. Do not put the product in the dishwasher or microwave;