FDA Listed Microcannula

We aim to make your patients and customers comfortable and love your injection treatment with Diaminy‘s outstanding cannula.

We focus on providing your best cannula for injection.

FDA Listed Microcannula

We aim to make your patients and customers comfortable and love your injection treatment with Diaminy‘s outstanding cannula. We focus on providing your best cannula for injection.

About Diaminy Microcannula


Diaminy has been committed to manufacturing the best microcannula on the market since 2004. As a leading microcannula supplier, our strong focus on sustainability is part of our DNA. We build it into every blunt cannula needle we create, continually innovating to improve efficiency, precision, and safety and provide the best possible value to our customers and partners.

Microcannula is Diaminy’s “Super Star” product, and we are so proud of it because we are highly recognized by our customers, whether doctors, nurses, nurse injectors, or plastic surgeons. We offer a full range of microcannula for dermal filler, from 18g – 30g microcannula. The most hot-selling cannula for fillers is 25g 38mm, 22g, and 27g cannula. Besides these dermal filler cannulas, we also deal with the duckbill cannulas used for the facial, neck, and back and other special cannulas.

We strive to be your loyal and reliable microcannula supplier. We are serious with every step, from selecting the material, artwork, mess production, quality test, packing, service, and after-service. You can rely on us to power your aesthetic injection and treatment.

So, if you want to buy cannulas online, the Diaminy microcannula store is your first choice. Also, if you want to find a reliable microcannula manufacturer, contact us at info@diaminy.com for customized quotes and shipping offers!

Various Cannula Specifications for Your Different Injections

Diaminy Microcannula Advantages

Details of Diaminy microcannula

Better patient experience
The round cannula tip design can effectively avoid blood vessels and reduce patient discomfort. Besides the smooth cannula tip and body, ground by precision machines, a surface treatment is carried out on the inner surface of the tubes, which clears the burrs and reduces patient irritation and inflammation.

Outstanding detailed design
The diamond mark on the base can help the practitioner accurately position the opening of the cannula tip for dermal fillers. It ensures excellent manageability, optimal control, and precision. The scale mark on the cannula can assist operators in locating the tip of the cannula, achieving safe and smooth injection.

Excellent gliding
Our blunt-tipped cannula is the perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity. It is flexible enough to move flexibly and avoid some sensitive structures. Meanwhile, moderate toughness helps position the cannula and its tip.

Best value for the price
With one blunt tip microcannula plus one sharp needle, the kit is more cost-effective than a separate cannula. Besides, you buy from the company that makes it, with the same quality; DIAMINY’s price is lower than other brands’ blunt cannula by 30%-50%, bringing customers lower operation costs.

Microcannula Apllication Area

Blunt Cannula VS Sharp Needle

Diaminy Blunt Cannula VS Needle

Cannulas for fillers have been deeply loved by doctors and nurses in the medical aesthetics industry since they were developed. It avoids the side effects of injections, especially injections around the eyes, and causes minimal damage to the skin, allowing the entire treatment process to proceed smoothly.

Safety Operating

The sharp tip needle can directly pierce the skin and subcutaneous tissue, readily penetrate the complex and dense capillaries under the skin and cause damage. The microcannula is a blunt tip cannula that can push the capillaries aside when it is injected under the skin. It allows smooth advancement to avoid vascular occlusion, blindness, and ophthalmoplegia.

Efficient, Precise, and Covers a Wide Range.

Some scale marks on the microcannula ensure the precise injection. Because you can see how deep you inject according to these marks. The other benefit of using a microcannula for filler injection is that the steel tube of the cannula is elastic and rigid. It can be inserted for different angles according to the injection requirements. But there is no scale mark for the sharp needles; we decide the depth we inject according to our experience and feeling. It’s not as precise as a blunt-tip cannula.

Less Pain, More Comfortable

The flexible cannula needle for fillers can reduce the trauma during injection, and the patient will feel almost no pain when inserted into the skin and sliding. It’s practically painful. But with a sharp needle, you can feel pain.

Shorter Downtime

Dermal filler cannulas cause little to no skin bruising and redness. It also won’t puncture capillaries under the skin like the sharp tip needle, so skin downtime and patient recovery time are minimal. 

How to Use Blunt Cannula for Dermal Fillers

How to Use Microcannula for Fillers
  • Before using DIAMINY microcannula, the practitioner should pierce the skin with a sharp needle. No need for a too-deep hole, which will avoid breaking the blood vessels.
  • Then, open package and attach a blunt tip cannula to the syringe. Insert it into the pilot hole, twist, and push cannula in as twisting helps you insert easily.
  • Through one incision, a practitioner can inject dermal filler into the surrounding area. When changing different directions, practitioner employ superficially retrograde technology and change into new channels. This operation ensures minimal discomfort and swelling for patients.
  • Note that use your left hand to provide some traction to help the injection be completed smoothly.

We are a Qualified Microcannula Supplier

From the factory floor to the front office and resonating through the filler injection cannula we produce and sell, Diaminy medical aesthetics are certified and backed by the highest global standards for safety, compliance, governance, and organizational excellence.

We approved ISO9001, ISO13485, CE2292 and FDA. Our certifications are a testament to our commitment to quality and safety.

Please get in touch to learn more about our safety commitment or request documentation.

Diaminy cannula needle FDA certificates
Best Cannula for filler injection

Which Brand Cannula Is the Best Cannula for Filler Injection?

Nowadays, there are many brands of dermal filler cannula on the market, but the top 3 brands should be TSK cannula, Dermasculpt cannula, and Yastrid cannula. Which brand is the best? You need to compare their quality first.

Generally, the best cannula for filler injection should be safe, easy to operate, and meet the injection needs of different face and body parts. The main feature of the Diaminy cannula is that it uses raw materials imported from Japan, and its steel rigidity and flexibility are ideal. It can change angles freely according to the different injection needs. The smooth and impurity-free inner wall and surface of the cannula ensure the safety and comfort of the injection without causing redness, inflammation, allergies, or other side effects.

Diaminy microcannula has passed FDA certification and received much recognition from customers worldwide. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get a free sample at info@diaminy.com, or you can buy cannulas online in the Diaminy shop.

How We Make the Premium Microcannula?

Diaminy Microcannula Material Selection

We know the microcannula is made of 304 stainless steel, but we never knew we had to check each cannula material individually to ensure we could make the qualified products.

Diaminy Microcannula Production

Diaminy paid much attention to the mess production; our skilled workers are our core factor in making a high quality micorcannula. We have a professional production team consisting of 42 experienced workers.

Microcannula Sterlization by EO Gas

We adopt the EO sterilization method to disinfect our blunt tip cannula. It is a safe, tightly controlled, highly regulated process critical for preventing infections and ensuring patients have safe injections and medical treatments.


You never know; at Diaminy, each cannula was inspected by hand to ensure the smooth surface of the cannula and clear scale lines.

Diaminy Microcannula Workshop

We are a manufacturer of medical devices, so all of our production workshops are designed according to GMP standards, we are equipped with Germany-imported machines to ensure efficient production

FAQ About Microcannula

Diaminy currently mainly supplies different gauges and length dermal filler cannula kits such as 18G21G, 22G, 23G, 25G, 27G, and 30G. Needle length can be customized by customers, the common lengths are 25, 38, 40, 50, and 70mm.

You can refer to the following size list. Our different size microcannula can meet your different injection goal.

Diaminy Microcannula Size list

  • Fiddle with the steel pipe to test the resilience and toughness of the cannula. Suitable products are more flexible and can better avoid subcutaneous blood vessels and cartilage tissue.
  • A High-quality microcannula should ensure that the inner and outer walls are smooth and burr-free to reduce the probability of allergic redness and swelling.
  • Cannula injection fluency
  • The smoother the filler injection process, the higher the craftsmanship of the inner wall of the cannula.
  • Appearance: Microcannula has a round or oval end with openings on the side;
  • The end of the needle is the sharp tip.
  • Design: Microcannula ( filler injection cannula ) has a rounded end with an opening on the side, and its size is similar to a needle with a sharp point. Besides, microcannula is flexible and flexibly moves in the skin tissue, providing a less invasive alternative to sharp and rigid needles. Sharp needles just inject solutions into one point once a time, and microcanula for fillers can inject fillers into the up, down, left, and right areas through one incision.
  • In use: The needle requires repeatedly puncturing the skin to inject filler multiple times, which can easily puncture subcutaneous capillaries and cause bruises;
  • Microcannula only requires one or two incisions to be injected into the entire face, causing almost no bruising, redness, or swelling, a short recovery period, and patients will not feel pain during use.

25G cannula is a very popular size option among all the sizes of cannula. It is used for injecting medium molecular filler and applied to achieve cheek and jawline filler injections.

30G cannula for dermal filler is the best cannula for tear trough fillers, providing the injector with better control over filler placement and the amount of hyaluronic acid needed. Tear trough under the eyes affect the appearance of the whole face and make people look old. Dermal filler injection can effectively reduce the aging feature and make people restore confidence. All in all, the Blunt micro cannula is suitable for tear trough fillers.

For jawline filler injection, practitioners are advised to use a 25 or 27 gauge cannula. The length of the cannula can be 38mm or 50mm. Of course, the choice of size depends on personal preference. And quite a few people think the 38MM cannula can bring better control.

40mm 30 gauge cannula is recommended as the best cannula for lip fillers. It can insert hyaluronic acid (HA) into the lip precisely with minimal blooding and discomfort. Although needles are easy to use, lip filler injections with it will cause blood and bruising. Cannula can improve the patient experience and shorten recovery time.

A 23 gauge cannula for fillers has a slightly wider tube and round tip, and it’s easy to inject solutions with higher viscosity, such as HA fillers or poly-L-lactic acid filler products. After local anesthesia, the 23 gauge cannula just caused patients to feel a little push, not hurting.