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Mono threads, also called Smooth threads, are the most commonly used collagen threads during the thread lift procedure. The main functions of mono threads are skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. We implant the threads into the skin’s superficial layer. It can stimulate collagen and improve skin elasticity and tightness. This results in a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Diaminy is the first manufacturer to make collagen threads in China. We have PDO mono threadsPLLA mono threads, and PCL mono threads.

Among them, PDO mono threads are the most widely used, and they can be used on our face, belly, arms, breasts, buttocks, and legs, regardless of the body part.

As excellent mono threads manufacturers, each thread we produce is made from high-quality raw materials, and every step of the production process strictly adheres to medical industry standards. We are honored that our threads have received high praise over the past decade from customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Features of Diaminy Mono Threads

Diaminy PDO Thread Material

Dimiany smooth threads are made of authentic material from famous companies Samyang and Meta. It can be fully absorbed by our body.

PDO Mono threads tip

Our mono thread needle tip is a 5-bevel type. The advantage of this needle tip is that it is not so sharp and can prevent blood bleeding and reduce pain during the thread lift treatment.

PDO mono threads surface

Our mono threads needle surface is smooth and made of medical grade stainless steel. For doctors, it’s easy to insert and operate. It won’t cause side effects like allergy, redness, or inflammation.

Diaminy Main Types of Mono Threads

We make our mono threads with three different types of material: PDO, PLLA, and PCL; all these three types of material are absorbable and safe for the human body.

PDO(Polydioxanone) sutures are used for radiosurgery. PDO mono threads are the most popular because they work well for tightening sagging skin and removing wrinkles. PLLA mono threads can help promote skin tissue proliferation, making them look fuller and achieve a filling effect. On the other hand, PCL eliminates wrinkles, tightens the skin, and has a whitening effect.

Original Mono Threads Before and After

As a specialized mono threads supplier, we take pride in the quality of our products. Not only do they provide a positive thread lift experience for each of our patients, but they also deliver exceptionally perfect results.

Our threads show noticeable effects when used for facial and body tightening and wrinkle reduction, lip enhancement, or scar and acne removal. We thank our customers for sharing these authentic mono threads before and after pictures. Do you want to have the exact significant change after the thread lift? Buy our smooth threads in our online shop.

Diaminy Mono Threads Jawline
Diaminy smmoth Threads neck
Diaminy Mono Threads forehead
Diaminy Mono Threads belly and leg

Diaminy Mono Threads Lift Videos

Smooth Threads for Lips

Mono Threads Jawline

Mono Threads Neck

Mono Threads Forehead

Diaminy Mono threads Application

The smooth threads have so many functions; they can be used for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, filling depressions, as well as for acne and scar removal. Therefore, they can be applied to many areas of the face and body.

For example, they can be used to eliminate forehead lines and wrinkles around the eyes, double chin removal, enhance the breast and buttocks, fill nasolabial folds, remove neck wrinkles. And Additionally, they are effective in tightening the belly, legs, and more. The thread lift results are often very noticeable. You can refer to the fllowing true cases of our smoother threads used for different face or body parts.

Mono Threads for Face Tighten

Smooth Threads for Face

Diaminy Mono Threads for Cheek

MonoThreads Cheek

Diaminy Mono Threads for Jawline

Smooth Threads for Double Chin

Diaminy Mono Threads for Legs

Smooth Threads for Leg

Diaminy smooth threads for forehead

Mono Threads Forehead

Diaminy Mono Threads for face and neck

MonoThreads Jawline

Diaminy Mono Threads for Acne

Mono Threads for Acne Scars

Diaminy smooth threads for lips

Smooth Threads for Lips

Diaminy Mono threads for Stretch marks

Smooth Threads for Stretch Mark

Diaminy MOno threads for neck

Smooth Threads for Neck

Diaminy Mono threads for buttocks

Smooth Threads for Buttocks

PDO mono threads

Mono Threads VS. PDO Threads

PDO threads are absorbable face lifting threads that, when implanted into the human body, stimulate collagen production in the skin tissues, thereby achieving effects such as relieving skin sagging.

People love this non-surgical medical aesthetic procedure due to its minimal side effects, high safety, quick recovery, short downtime, and amazing effects.

However, mono threads typically have PDO mono threads and PCL mono threads. PDO is a thread material, while mono is a type of thread. When talking about mono threads vs PDO threads,they are fundamentally incomparable.

We can choose the right threads according to our different needs. If for wrinkle removal or tighteing the skin, mono and threads are good choice. Both PDO and PCL material are ok.

PDO Mono Threads After Care

Although mono thread lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment, it can still cause some damage to the skin tissue due to the use of sharp needles. It may lead to bruising, swelling, and allergic reactions. Here are some PDO mono threads aftercare tips:

  • Do not eat spicy food, alcohol, seafood, and coffee within the first week after the procedure.
  • Avoid water contact within the first three days after the procedure.
  • Immediately use a repair facial mask after the procedure and continue to use one mask each morning and evening for the next three days.
  • Apply ice packs multiple times within the first day after the procedure.
  • Use a repair spray.
thread lift aftercare