How Much Does It Cost to Treat Eye Bags With Fillers?

How Much Does It Cost to Treat Eye Bags With Fillers
You probably already know that dermal fillers are effective in getting rid of eye bags. Are you also aware that dermal fillers rank tops among other tactics for eliminating eye bags?

Dermal fillers are popular and effective compared to radiofrequency or Agnes RF treatment, Endolift, cold compresses, and caffeine-based eye creams. So, If dermal fillers are that good, what’s the cost of seeing an experienced practitioner for the procedure?

For your information, the cost of treating eye bags with fillers is relative. It is determined by factors like the profession and expertise of the individual injecting the dermal fillers, the type of under-eye filler, and the location.

So, if you are considering setting aside a budget for the procedure, you must have an in-depth understanding of the factors influencing price. With this insight, you can decide where to have the procedure done and approximate a figure close to what you might be charged.

Before we discuss the factors and help you prepare a budget, we’d love to advise you to invest wisely in such a procedure. There is no budget trimming here! Why? Dermal filler treatment for eye bags requires the utmost precision and experience. Hence, you are encouraged to go for the optimal option. So stick around to find hidden tips on how to save money responsibly.

Factors Influencing the Cost to Treat Eye Bags With Fillers

Before we dive in, remember to use more than one factor to approximate the cost. You can start by choosing the practitioner you want to book an appointment with. Then, review what filler they use for the procedure. And finally, look into their location.

Some professionals might include a price tag on their website. Nevertheless, most price tags usually range.

1. The Expert’s Profession and Experience

Let’s look at the five professionals you can book an appointment with for the procedure. We will also tell you the approximate price they may charge and why.

i) Dermatologist

Due to their focus on skin health, dermatologists are well-versed in cosmetic procedures. An experienced dermatologist can analyze your issue, recommend a suitable filler, and perform the injection.

Due to their expertise in handling skin problems, they are in a position to ensure effective and safe treatment. If you visit one, expect a $700 or more charge per syringe. Yes, they charge per syringe.

ii) Plastic Surgeon

Unlike a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon specializes in non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. They also handle other procedures like body contouring, cosmetic surgery, and reconstructive surgery.

Since they have extensive experience and training in facial aesthetics, they can also administer dermal fillers. Their expertise demands a higher pay, though. You are more likely to pay about $700 to $2,650 per syringe.

iii) Oculoplastic Surgeon

The oculoplastic surgeon has the greatest experience. This surgeon specializes in surgical and non-surgical procedures around the eye and face.

They deeply understand how the eye functions and how to handle procedures of the eye socket, tear ducts, eyelids, and more. Since an oculoplastic surgeon is uniquely qualified to address under-eye issues, you may have to pay about $1500 to $3000 per syringe for the under-eye filler procedure.

iv) Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

If you are on a budget, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant is your best bet. The two work under the supervision of an experienced physician. Those handling dermal filler procedures have specialized training in cosmetic concerns.

Some nurse practitioners and physician assistants have developed to the point of running private cosmetic businesses. How is that even possible? They have acquired relevant training and certification, meaning they can administer under eye fillers. Their fees are mostly affordable compared to the other professions that can handle this procedure.

Remember, regardless of the provider or professional you select to treat the eye bag issue, experience, and safety come first.
The Expert's Profession and Experience

2. Frequency

The dermal filler injection procedure is not a one-time thing. You don’t just walk into the procedure room, come out, and never see the practitioner again. It involves continuous maintenance.

Moreover, the procedure demands a personalized approach. Your needs as a patient are unique. The practitioner should be able to guide you through a coherent consultation session to discuss your concerns, goals, and budget. Why? Dermal fillers are only a solution for some.

Therefore, presenting your troubles to an experienced practitioner might save you the cost of going for a procedure that does not suit you. Plus, a personalized plan reduces the cost of maintenance because it is easy to track any issues that arise. Also, experience means the practitioner can recommend a suitable under-eye filler for your skin.

3. Type of Under-Eye Filler

A dermal filler is a soft, gel-like substance injected under the skin to help restore volume, enhance contours, and smoothen wrinkles. That is why it can level out eye bags. However, you cannot use any filler to treat under-eye fillers.

Stick to Hyaluronic Acid fillers, and you’d save a lot on the cost of the procedure and follow-up procedures. Why? Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component in your joints, eyes, and skin.

Hyaluronic Acid keeps your skin hydrated and plump because its structure can hold much water. However, as you grow older or indulge in other unhealthy habits like excessive salt intake and alcoholism, the Hyaluronic Acid around your under eye starts reducing, leading to the formation of undereye bags.

So, before you book an appointment with a preferred practitioner, ask which filler they will use. Some practitioners may recommend other fillers, like Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) because they last longer and are probably also more expensive. However, you should only use Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers.

When it comes to the use of Hyaluronic Acid fillers, the pricing also varies based on the following:

  • Brand: Hyaluronic Acid is prepared and sold by different brands. To enhance safety, ensure the practitioner uses Hyaluronic Acid from reputable brands.
  • Longevity: Volumizing and thick fillers last longer and are more costly than fine and soft Hyaluronic fillers. However, you cannot select which filler formulation you’d like injected into the underye. You only learn about the filler used after a thorough consultation with the practitioner.
  • Additional ingredients: Some Hyaluronic Fillers have extra ingredients to enhance the procedure outcome. And such fillers are generally worth the price. Some additional ingredients include streptococcus bacteria for synthesizing hyaluronic Acid in specific products such as Profhilo. Other brands might include lidocaine, a numbing agent that reduces post-injection discomfort, and other ingredients like glycerin or mineral-rich thermal water.

Type of Under-Eye Filler
4. Location

Due to the popularity and effectiveness of dermal fillers for under-eye bags, the cost of the treatment has grown to have global dispersion. So, if you are in a major metropolitan area or small city or planning to travel to a different country for the procedure, be aware that the pricing will be different. Here is why:

i) Major metropolitan area

Getting the procedure done in areas like London, Los Angeles, or New York commands a higher price. Why? Those running the businesses need to pay higher operational expenses like rent.

Also, such cities have a significantly higher population needing cosmetic enhancements, leading to higher demand. The higher the demand, the higher the price. For example, the cost of a syringe of under-eye dermal filler in Los Angeles or New York City may set you back $1,000 to $3000.

ii) Smaller Cities

Practitioners in smaller cities are likely to charge reasonably low compared to those in major metropolitan areas. This is because of the lower overhead costs of operating the business and low demand. They can also easily foster close relationships with clients. If you entrust the filler procedure to a practitioner in a smaller city, expect a price range of $700 to $1,000.

iii) International Variations

The international market for cosmetic procedures is booming, especially with advanced research being released daily. Prices differ based on a country’s economic conditions, cultural norms, and healthcare system.

For example, South Korea has gained a reputation for advanced cosmetic procedures, with the under-eye filler procedure taking the top spot, which means that the pricing there is highly competitive.

More Tips to Lower the Cost of Treating Eye Bags With Fillers

Early Intervention

Addressing under-eye bags and other concerns before they worsen is better. Early treatment is more likely to yield more natural-looking results than later treatment. So, you’d save more on the filler needed because you’d be solving a mild issue.

Pre-procedure cost-saving

Use under-eye topicals and creams to improve the skin’s condition and prepare it for the procedure. Some creams you can use include retinol creams to reduce fine lines and boost the production of collagen. Brightening creams can also help as they target dark circles and pigmentation. Also, you can reduce puffiness with the help of caffeine-infused eye creams.

Remember, poor health choices also cause under-eye bags. So, what are you required to do? Switch to nutritious meals and ensure you are on a balanced diet. Hydrate regularly to maintain your skin’s elasticity. Also, get sufficient sleep and avoid too much salt.

During the procedure

Besides entrusting your under-eye area to an experienced injector, it is crucial to choose high-quality fillers. Premium fillers undergo rigorous testing before being put on the market. They also last longer, reducing the cost of frequent touch-ups.


Consistently maintain the treated area according to the practitioner’s instructions. Avoid extreme cold or hot temperatures, as they may negatively affect the filler. Also, remember to use sunscreen and, when necessary, wear sunglasses.

If any complications arise, consult a specialized expert like a plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon promptly. Addressing issues as early prevents the escalation of your spending to further complications. You should consistently monitor the fillers to enjoy the long-term benefits and keep post-procedural costs as low as possible.
More Tips to Lower the Cost of Treating Eye Bags With Fillers

When it Comes to Cosmetic Procedure Cost-Guides, Diaminy’s Got You!

With our commitment to researching and developing various medical aesthetics, skincare, and beauty devices, we have a close connection to the experts using our products. This means we can also access information on how they approximate their costs and carry out various procedures.

So, if you encounter an expert using our products, be assured that the products are ISO, CE, and FDA-certified. We strive to ensure that you are informed about various skin procedures and their costs. Therefore, don’t forget to return for more conclusive research before settling on a specific cosmetic procedure.

When it Comes to Cosmetic Procedure Cost-Guides, Diaminy's Got You!

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