PCL Screw Threads

What Is Diaminy PCL Screw Thread?

What Are Diaminy PCL Screw Threads?

PCL Screw Threads are made from polycaprolactone, which have relatively high biochemical stability and can gradually stimulate collagen when it contacts the skin. These features allow PCL Screw Threads gradually induce collagen production for a long time, which can maintain the effect for at least 2 years. PCL thread lift is a non-surgical procedure to tighten and lift skin by inserting PCL threads.

Aiming at different areas and effects, PCL threads have various kinds, such as PCL Screw Threads, PCL Nose Threads, PCL Mono Threads and PCL Cog Threads and so on. Moreover, PCL Screw Threads are PCL Mono Threads wrapped around the needle to make the thread inserted deeper and longer during the procedure, thereby achieving a better effect of promoting collagen.

From 2014 to the present, Diaminy stands out among many PCL Screw Threads suppliers and manufacturers for almost 20 years. With many years of experience, Diaminy gain a good reputation and positive reviews – Diaminy’s medical aesthetic consumables and services can be found in beauty facilities in over 52 countries and regions, which makes us very proud. Self care shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a necessity! Why wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best? If you are still hesitating about which brand of PCL Threads to buy, order from Diaminy, a one-stop shop, and you will never be disappointed.

Diaminy PCL Screw Thread Receives CE and ISO Approval

Diaminy PCL Screw Threads Receives CE and ISO Approval

Diaminy PCL Screw Threads have passed CE and ISO certifications, which not only means that they have passed rigorous testing and quality control, but also ensures safety and effectiveness. The numerous positive reviews and repurchase rates also prove Diaminy’s attention to buyers’ satisfaction and validate our commitment to consumers. With Diaminy, you can rest assured that your beautiful transformation is based on safety and quality assurance.

How PCL Screw Threads Works?

PCL Screw Threads are made from polycaprolactone, which is biodegradable and can be absorbed by human body. When PCL Screw Threads contacts the skin, it can promote the production of collagen, which is an important component of skin firmness and elasticity. When the threads are inserted into the skin, it promotes collagen production. With more collagen, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic, which also reduces wrinkles and makes people look younger. With time goes by, PCL Screw Threads are gradually absorbed by human body and simultaneously encourage the collagen production for a long time, maintaining the effect for at least two years.

What Are The Features Of PCL Screw Threads?

What Are The Features Of PCL Screw Threads


Because PCL Screw Threads are absorbed slowly by the body, it can promote collagen production for more than two years, depending on the individual’s metabolism.


They can slowly be absorbed and induce collagen gradually. The effect comes in slowly, so it's more natural.


Since PCL face lift is a non-surgical procedure, the wound is relatively small. PCL threads also promote tissue healing, so patients can recover quickly.


Certified by CE and ISO, PCL Screw Threads are made from safe material for the human body. In addition, Diaminy is able to confidently guarantee the quality and safety of all threads by adopting advanced production technology and strict quality control.

What Part Of The body Can Be Used With PCL Screw Threads?

PCL Screw Threads can be used on lips, face, forehead, neck, abdomen, hands, etc. Doctors can use different lengths and sizes of threads according to different areas. In addition, PCL Screw Threads are particularly suitable for wrinkle removal, and recommended treatment areas are as follows:

  • Tighten belly wrinkles
  • Remove wrinkles from the corners of your eyes
  • Get rid of the wrinkles on your neck
  • Get rid of wrinkles on and around your lips
  • Remove acne scars

PCL Screw Threads vs. PDO Screw Threads

PCL Screw Threads


Because PCL threads are slowly decomposed by the human body, the effect lasts generally for more than two years.


PCL Screw Threads gradually and slowly promotes collagen production in the human body, so it can show natural effects gradually.


They can gradually improve the skin's texture and elasticity over time.
PCL Screw Thread

PDO Screw Threads


PDO Screw Threads will be quickly broken down by the human body, and the effect can only last 6-12 months.


PDO Screw Thread can stimulate collagen production rapidly, but it will be broken down by the human body quickly. Hence, the effect is obvious but short.


PDO Screw Threads can only temporarily lift and tighten the skin for a short time.
PDO Screw Thread

PCL Screw Threads vs. Dermal Fillers For Wrinkle Removal

PCL Screw Thread For Wrinkle

PCL Screw Threads

  • Material: They are made from polycaprolactone, a biocompatible and biodegradable material.
  • Mechanism: Through the unique spiral structure of the PCL Screw Threads, it can lift and tighten the skin. Thus, skin tissue’s shape, contour, and appearance can be reconstructed.
  • Longevity: The body will gradually absorb and decompose PCL, and the general effect can last more than two years.
  • Procedure: PCL thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a cannula or a tiny needle to insert the threads into the skin.
  • Downtime: Recovery time is generally short, but postoperative side effects such as swelling and bruising may occur.
  • Results: The results appear gradually and slowly, transforming the skin naturally.
Dermal Filler For Wrinkle

Dermal Fillers

  • Material: Hyaluronic acid fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar compound naturally found in the body.
  • Mechanism: After injection of crosslinked sodium hyaluronate filler, the extracellular matrix of the aged skin was improved and its support was significantly improved.
  • Longevity:Depending on the type of filler and the metabolism of each person, it usually lasts from six months to a year or more.
  • Procedure:This is a procedure in which a filler is injected directly into the skin.
  • Downtime:Recovery time is relatively short, but also accompanied by redness, swelling, bruising and other side effects.
  • Results:Visible results can be seen immediately after surgery.
  • Reversibility: If the results are not satisfactory after surgery, the practitioner can use hyaluronidase to dissolve the hyaluronic acid filling. The PCL Screw Threads does not have such characteristics.

Are PCL Screw Threads Safe? What Are The Side Effects?

PCL Screw Threads are very secure, which is non-toxic and harmless. It is an internationally certified safe material that is very effective in stimulating collagen production.
Its molecular particles are fine and uniform, which can be oxidized and degraded into water and carbon dioxide after implantation in the human body, and the duration is about two years. Typical side effects after treatment include temporary flushing, swelling, bruising, clumps, tenderness, mild pain, itching, or skin sensitivity. But these effects are temporary and usually go away after a few weeks.
If side effects occur, it is recommended to communicate with the doctor in time for treatment.

Are PCL Screw Thread Safe What Are The Side Effects

Customers’ Feedback From PCL Screw Threads

FAQ About PCL Screw Threads

They are made from polycaprolactone, which can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide; PCL Screw Thread is a type of PCL threads in which PCL Smooth Thread is wrapped around a needle.

They can lift the skin and promote collagen production to maintain skin elasticity and vitality for at least two years.

Generally speaking, PCL Screw Threads can be broken down by the human body in more than two years. PCL threads are famous for their long-lasting effects, but the specific duration will vary from person to person.

There is no precise age limit that limits you from getting a facelift. You can do this procedure when your skin has wrinkles, sagging, etc. Of course, it is recommended to consult a doctor for specific circumstances.

Patients can’t feel it. These threads are implanted under skin and are so thin that they cannot be felt.

Allergic reactions, bleeding, infection, bruising and so on.

If you are not very healthy or have too loose skin, we do not recommend you to do this procedure.