30 Gauge Needle

30G meso needle

What Is 30 Gauge Needle?

In medical procedures, injections, or aesthetics, needle size plays a vital role in determining patient comfort, effectiveness, and safety. The gauge of the needle represents its diameter. The most common sizes are 20G to 34 G. 30G is a smaller needle compared to other sizes. The 20G needle has the largest diameter. Needles of different specifications inject different solutions. The 30 gauge needle mainly injects low-concentration drugs, including Botox, skin booster, and insulin. Smaller needles result in less pain and trauma to the skin, and a faster recovery period. It reduces the probability of puncturing the skin and causing excessive bleeding. Compared with the larger specifications of 25G and 27G, the 30G needle is safer and has a shorter recovery period.

In the field of medical beauty, 30G needles can be used for mesotherapy to remove wrinkles and restore skin firmness. It can be used to inject hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other beauty essences. Thin-walled needles reduce squeezing force for smoother injections. 3Og needle provides a better injection experience for patients due to the thin needle tube.

Diaminy Premium 30 Gauge Needle

What Is A 30 Gauge Needle Used for?

1, Subcutaneous injection:

30 gauge hypodermic needle are typically used for subcutaneous injections, where medications are injected into the layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin. This route of administration is often preferred for certain drugs, such as insulin and some vaccines.

2, Intradermal injection:

Intradermal injection refers to delivering the injection solution to the dermis layer of the skin through a needle. Intradermal injection also often uses a 30G needle. This method is commonly used for allergy testing and certain vaccinations.

3, Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. In order to achieve the purpose of wrinkle removal and anti-aging, some nutrients, such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid, are injected into the mesoderm of the skin using a 30g 4mm meso needle. This method can moisturize and tighten the skin, thereby reducing skin wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

meso needle used for skin cosmetic procedure

Feature and Benefits of Diaminy Meso Needle 30G

30g meso needle for cosmetic procedure

Reduce pain

A 30G meso needle can reduce pain and discomfort during injection. Diaminy 30 meso needles utilize a slim design to minimize tissue trauma and nerve irritation, providing a more comfortable experience for patients.

Precise drug delivery

The fine gauge of the 30 gauge needle allows for precise drug delivery, especially in sensitive areas or when administering small doses. This precision is critical for mesotherapy injections around the eyes and around the mouth.

Minimizes risk of bleeding and bruising

The smaller diameter of the 30G needle reduces the likelihood of severe bleeding or bruising at the injection site, helping to improve cosmetic results and patient satisfaction. Needles with large specifications will cause greater bleeding and postoperative swelling during injection, which is not conducive to postoperative recovery and has poor cosmetic results.

Diaminy premium 30G meso needle

High-quality raw materials, zero side effects

Diaminy’s 30g meso needles are made of imported stainless steel to ensure the strength of the material, and are strictly sterilized before packaging to ensure the sterility and 100% safety of the needles.

Ultra-thin tube wall, smooth polished needle hole

Advanced polishing technology is used to ensure that the needle tube is smooth, reducing discomfort caused during injection, and avoiding the possibility of severe bleeding at the injection site and postoperative swelling and bruises.

Fits all syringes

Diaminy 30 gauge needle can fit all luer lock and luer slip syringes made for detachable needles. Diaminy is a professional supplier of 30G needle, you can buy 30 gauge needle through the following button. 

Do Smaller Needles Hurt Less?

Of course. The smaller the diameter of the needle, the less trauma it will cause to the skin, thus reducing the pain. 30 gauge needle is one of the smallest mesotherapy needle, and its thin needle can not reach too many nerve endings and cause less hurt and trauma during mesotherapy treatment or other injection projects. This is a good choice for gentle injection.

In addition, in minimally invasive medical aesthetic surgeries, the discomfort caused by injections also comes from the injected solutions, generally such as botox, hyaluronic acid solution, vitamins, etc., which have low liquid concentration. Compared with injections of high-concentration hyaluronic acid filling solutions, the patient’s more comfortable.

Finally, whether the patient feels pain has a lot to do with the technique and technique of the procedure. Some doctors are skilled and can minimize the discomfort during a 30g needle injection.

How to Choose The Suitable Needle Size?

1. Injection site

Depending on the depth of tissue penetration and the amount of drug to be delivered, different injection sites may require different needle sizes.

2. Patient comfort

For patients with needle phobia or high sensitivity to pain, smaller gauge needles such as 30g needlesmay be better than larger gauge needles. The 30G needlescan minimize the discomfort during injection and reduce patients’ fear of needles.

3, Drug viscosity

Drugs with different viscosities require different needle sizes. Just imagine, if you inject hyaluronic acid filler through 30G or smaller 32G, it will be very difficult and laborious. Higher-concentration drugs require larger diameter needles. When injecting solutions such as Botox and hyaluronic acid stock solution, you can use 30-32G needles to minimize discomfort. However, when injecting thicker and thicker fillers, you may need to use 27G or 29G needles.

Application Scenarios of 30G Needle

Botox Treatment

Botox injection with 30G meso needle

Skin Booster Injection

Facial treatment with 30G needle

Insulin Injection

Customers Reviews

Needle Substitute---Blunt Cannula

30G blunt cannulas can be used as an alternative to 30 gauge mesotherapy needles. 

The operating physician believes that “using microcannulas is different from using needles. The difference between needles and cannulas is that sharp needles need to puncture the skin countless times during injection, while blunt needles only need to puncture the skin with auxiliary sharp needles.” Once, a blunt-tipped microcannula is then used to artistically place the filler into the different tissue layers through this pinhole.”

Overall, there are many advantages to using a microcannula, and they include less bruising, which is a typical side effect of filler injection and less chance of injecting into blood vessels, which can lead to serious complications. While using a microcannula to inject filler does not eliminate the risk of complications, it does reduce the risk of complications to a large extent. In addition, blunt needles can bring better micro-plastic surgery results, which are more natural and not exaggerated.