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What Is A Derma Roller From Diaminy?

It is a medical beauty tool suitable for Mesotherapy or Collagen Induction therapy. It is a type of microneedle in the classification of medical beauty consumables. It can be widely used on the face and various parts of the body to pierce the skin through small stainless steel needles. Tens of thousands of microneedle channels are established on the surface to facilitate the introduction of medicine. 

Most users will choose micro needle roller for mesotherapy treatment on the face, scalp, and abdomen. Due to its price advantage and simple operation, users can achieve home treatment without clinics and hospitals. It is also a minimally invasive tool. We recommend disinfecting the product before use. Some products can be used multiple times after disinfection.

As a derma roller manufacturer, Diaminy has been committed to improving and introducing new ones. In order to meet users’ various needs for micro needle roller, Diaminy has launched three related products in 2024. If you want to save more costs and perform microneedle treatment at home, you can choose from the products below and buy a derma roller online. We will launch promotions from time to time. You can choose to follow our website. If you have any questions, you can directly contact us through info@diaminy or

Different Types of Derma Rollers

Diaminy Derma Roller Benefits

Improve Skin Condition

Derma roller has a significant effect on enlarged pores and dull skin. It can effectively reduce pores and make the skin fairer, translucent, and healthy-looking.

Stimulate Skin Cell Regeneration

Gently rolling on the facial skin to puncture the skin can form multiple tiny channels, promote skin healing, induce skin cells and collagen production, repair skin blemishes, reduce wrinkles and spots, and restore skin firmness and vitality.

Exfoliate The Skin

Gentle exfoliation activates the skin's healing ability and promotes the absorption of later skin care products. The skin absorption rate after microneedle roller treatment reaches 300%, allowing the skin to return to a tender and smooth state.

Relieve Acne & Repair Acne Marks

Promote collagen cell regeneration through collagen induction method, fill skin acne pits and repair acne marks, relieve skin oil production, adjust water and oil balance, and reduce acne recurrence.
Diaminy Derma Roller Benefits

Why Choose Diaminy Derma Roller?

Stylish Appearance And Packaging, Portable Design
Sterile Production Workshop, Safe Sterilization Products
Roller Operation Exfoliation Simple and Efficient
Versatile, Suitable for All Skin Types, And Meeting A Variety of User Needs
Hundreds of High-strength Medical Stainless Steel Needles Eliminate the Risk of Skin Breakage
It Fits The Curvature of The Body And Provides High Comfort During Use
What Do Derma Rollers Work

What Do Derma Rollers Work?

Microneedle Mesotherapy is an advanced skincare technique that utilizes a micro-needle roller equipped with numerous tiny needles. These needles stimulate the skin by creating 2000000 micro-channels, allowing for the effective penetration of active ingredients into the skin. 

This innovative approach facilitates enhanced nutrient absorption, resulting in skin brightening, reduced pigmentation, and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. The results are even more remarkable when used in conjunction with specialized skincare products. Microneedle Mesotherapy is the key to unlocking your skin’s true potential.

What Do Derma Stamp140 Work?

The needle length can be adjusted in the 0-3.0mm range, and a non-slip horizontal bar design is added to the handle to control the operating strength better.

 By holding and pressing with your hand, 140 tiny channels are created on the skin surface in one second, and the upper and lower pricks are stamped, making the operation more precise and convenient for hyaluronic acid, etc. Nutrients enter. This product is disposable and not recommended for repeated disinfection use.

What Do Stamp140 Work
How Does The Factory Control Product Quality

How We Control Product Quality?

Diaminy works as a top derma roller supplier. For the raw materials, high-quality medical grade imported from the United States and Japan are selected without modification to make the micro-needles of the derma roller. The stainless steel needles have good elasticity and toughness, are durable, and do not deform.

The production workshop meets CE and ISO testing standards, so consumers don’t have to worry about product quality. All production lines are equipped with constant temperature dehumidification systems and are sterilized before packaging to eliminate the risk of wound infection.

Derma Roller 192 vs 540 vs 140 Needles

Derma Roller 192 vs 540 vs 140 Needles

Dermaroller 192

Dermaroller 540

Stamp Microneedling140


Single needle, independent wheel arrangement

Blade needle, wheel-shaped design

Single needle, neatly arranged design

Number of needles




production methods

manual needle insertion

machine needle insertion

manual needle insertion

Needle type

Gold needle, high hardness

Ordinary needle

Stainless steel needle, durable


Small skin trauma, no bruises, quick repair

Slightly more trauma, slow repair, and long recovery period

Small skin trauma, no bruises, quick repair

Diaminy unit price

USD 25.99

USD 22.99

USD 19.99

What Specifications & Models Does Derma Roller Have?

Needle Length












Treat facial redness, sensitive skin and dark circles

Remove fine lines and spots; moisturize

Whitening, lightening, repairing, redness, acne pits, acne marks

Rosacea, acne scars, stretch marks

Hair growth, treatment of male baldness, alopecia areata

Suitable for professionals with medical background, not recommended for home use

Derma Pen VS Derma Roller

Derma Pen VS Derma Roller

Judging from the shape, whether 192 or 540, they are rollers with needles, which are used for treatment in the form of rolling on the skin. The derma pen is an electric microneedle pen that discharges needles vertically. Both types of products can be used at home, and their treatment methods are collagen induction therapy (CIT), which induces skin healing by puncturing the skin to produce collagen and elastin, stimulating cell growth to solve various skin problems.

As a more traditional tool for mesotherapy at home, the Derma Roller manually operates the treatment frequency and angle. It is very suitable for treating large areas, such as the face, scalp, abdomen, etc. It stimulates hair growth, treats hair loss and facial acne, and reduces stretch marks. Compared with the Derma Pen, the operation of the microneedle roller is simpler and more efficient. It can complete the treatment quickly and does not require any medical background. Anyone can perform it at home. Dermaroller can also solve scalp problems that are difficult to deal with with Derma Pen, shortening scalp treatment time and reducing treatment pain. And the price is much lower than Derma Pen.

As a new home medium-layer therapy tool, Derma Pen is more novel in design. The G7 and G8 products developed by Diaminy are also equipped with LED lights, which can perform facial phototherapy while operating. As an automatic intelligent medical beauty tool, it can significantly reduce operating steps at home, is convenient to carry and use, and is more suitable for use in small areas, such as the face, temples, and other small parts. It can effectively solve facial acne pits and marks and relieve facial acne and fine lines such as nasolabial folds, etc.

Usage Scenarios of Derma Roller Before And After

Derma Roller for Hair Growth

Many users are troubled by hair loss. They want treatment but are deterred by the high cost of hospital treatment. The production of Dermaroller has brought good news to these beauty lovers. They can obtain hair growth tools at home at a very cheap cost. Used with minoxidil, derma roller for hair loss has significant effects。

Derma Roller for Hair Growth
Derma Roller for Hair Growth
Derma Roller for Hair Growth

Derma Roller for Acne Scars

An acne treatment in a clinic or spa tube may cost hundreds of dollars. With Diaminy, you can easily have an acne treatment tool at home for just a few dozen dollars. As a derma roller supplier, Diaminy has always put the safety and sterility of its products first. Let you easily solve facial acne.

Derma Roller for Acne Scars
Derma Roller for Acne Scars
Derma Roller for Acne Scars

Derma Roller for Face

Using a derma rolling with a needle length of 0.5mm to apply mid-layer therapy on the face can rejuvenate the facial skin and remove acne marks, spots, pigmentation, and fine lines

Derma Roller for Face
Derma Roller for Face
Derma Roller for Face

Derma Roller for Stretch Marks

Many women are troubled by lingering stretch marks after pregnancy. They don’t know how to deal with these fine lines. Although there are many brands on the Internet selling essential oils to remove stretch marks, the effect is minimal. Diaminy still recommends using medical aesthetic techniques for treatment. Below are some before-and-after comparison pictures of user feedback. I hope that you can see this significant change.

Derma Roller for Stretch Marks
Derma Roller for Stretch Marks
Derma Roller for Stretch Marks

Derma Roller for Beard

Men attach as much importance to beard styling as women do to hair. The derma roller allows beauty-loving men to achieve thick beards at home easily.

Derma Roller for Beard
Derma Roller for Beard
Derma Roller for Beard

How to Use Derma Roller at Home?

Step1: Use facial cleanser or similar products to gently cleanse the operating area before starting. 

Step2:  Use alcohol or similar products to disinfect the derma roller or similar products. 

Step3:  Apply products such as potions or medical derma roller serum to the operating area, and use a derma roller to gently roll on the operating area about 4-8 times. You can roll horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

Step4:  After the operation, you can apply medical grade essence or facial mask for repair. 

Noted: We recommend operating the derma rolling once a month for mesotherapy

How to Use Derma Roller at Home

Operation Video At Home

Real Feedback of Using Dimainy Derma Roller at Home

How to Use Derma Roller for Beard

How to Use Derma Roller for Beard?

Wet your beard with warm water and clean it with a professional beard cleaner.

Towel dry and keep the beard area clean and dry.

Apply a light anesthetic product to the beard area and wait 20 minutes for it to take effect.

Water product, roll the derma roller vertically and diagonally, operate it for 5 minutes, press and roll the intensity according to the individual’s acceptability, and open the skin channel.

Rinse with saline after use and apply beard balm or beard oil.

You can do derma roller work for beard growth once a week.

What to Use After Dermaroller?

During use, you can apply hyaluronic acid, minoxidil, and other solutions to the operating area and then roll it with a derma roller. After forming fine channels on the skin surface, you can apply dermaroller hyaluronic acid again to penetrate into the skin and promote absorption.

Derma roller at home users who perform mid-layer therapy must apply a repair mask to repair and calm the damaged skin surface, reduce redness and swelling, and shrink wounds.

You can use the light therapy mask to continue calming your skin after 48 hours or choose the appropriate mode based on your skin condition.

Which Size Is The Best Derma Roller for Hair Regrowth?

Research has proven that using a derma roller for rolling treatment on the scalp can improve the effect of minoxidil on hair follicles and hair by more than 50%. Compared with other products, a derma roller is five times more effective in promoting hair growth. 

Diaminy is a leading derma roller suppliers, we has a variety of types of derma rooler. We recommend that users choose a derma roller with a needle length of 1.5mm after sterilization and anesthesia. 1.5mm derma roller has been proven to enhance the effects of finasteride and minoxidil. 

Due to its longer needle length, we recommend using it once every 4-5 weeks. It can meet your needs and give your scalp time to recover. Suppose you are sensitive to anesthetic substances such as lidocaine. In that case, you may consider using a derma roller with a needle length of 0.75mm for treatment, which can improve the absorption of finasteride, minoxidil, and other similar solutions. Some professionals believe 0.5mm is the most effective needle length for scalp growth. If you are unsure how to choose, you can purchase a 0.5mm derma roller directly.

Which Size Is The Best Derma Roller for Hair Regrowth

FAQ About Derma Roller

The dermaroller will cause tiny wounds on the skin. Please use a repair mask immediately after treatment to calm the skin and reduce facial redness and swelling in a short time. We recommend that you refrain from strenuous exercise, swimming, sauna, makeup, etc. within 24 hours after operation. If you want to clean your face within 24 hours after treatment, you can use saline to gently wipe the skin surface and avoid using facial cleansers and other similar products. Within 2-3 days, the tiny wounds on the skin are in the healing stage, so avoid using conventional skin care products, especially products with retinol and vitamin C ingredients. Sun protection is required within two weeks after treatment. Sunscreen should be applied at any time as long as you are exposed to the sun. At this time, the skin is still sensitive and needs to be protected from ultraviolet sunburn.

The quality of derma rollers currently on the market is uneven. We recommend choosing a brand like Diaminy, which has an independent derma roller factory, mature production, management, and sales systems, and a series of testing and acceptance to ensure accuracy. Only by choosing a derma roller supplier that can strictly control product quality or purchasing from shop that can meet the above requirements can product quality and safety be guaranteed.

If you want to purchase the best derma roller, you can click the button below or contact us at

Most of the derma rollers supplied by Diaminy are single-use products. It needs to be disinfected before use. Soak it in 75% alcohol for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it with saline. The disinfection procedures are the same for derma rollers that are marked as being able to be disinfected multiple times.

All consumers need to know about the side effects that medical beauty tools such as dermarollers can easily cause. Due to personal differences, everyone has different tolerances for products. They may cause some discomfort and mild or moderate skin irritation and sensitivity, including skin redness, itching, pain, and inflammation. It will generally disappear within a few hours or days after use. If you have a skin infection caused by operating a microneedle roller due to improper disinfection, please seek medical attention immediately. Try to avoid rolling the same area multiple times when using the derma roller. Improper operation has the risk of worsening the health of the scalp and hair.