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About PLLA Threads

As a new type of bioabsorbable thread material, PLLA threads have extremely high biocompatibility and will not produce any rejection reaction with the body’s cells. The improvement effect can last for 1-2 years or even longer. Compared with facial thread made of other materials, PLLA thread is a better alternative to fillers and Botox. It can act as a plumping agent and can continuously stimulate the production of type I and type III collagen. The ability of PLLA threads to stimulate collagen regeneration is several times greater than that of PDO threads, which is why PLLA threads are called powerful collagen stimulators.

After being inserted, PLLA threads can be used continuously for up to 1-2 years before they begin to be decomposed by the body. They also play a role in the decomposition process. They are finally decomposed into glucose, carbon dioxide, and water and are gradually absorbed by the body without producing any side effects. They belong to the same raw material as Sculptra filler, and they are safe and harmless in terms of ingredients.

At present, Diaminy’s PLLA threads factory mainly produces three products: PLLA mono threads, PLLA eye threads, and PLLA screw threads. Because the material is too soft, conventional cog machines cannot complete the cutting work.

If you want PLLA threads for sale in the market, you can contact us at any time to customize the product size you need or directly click the purchase link below to purchase PLLA threads online.

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Several types of PLLA thread supplied by Diaminy are used as single threads, which can have a slight lifting effect to a certain extent when inserted into the skin. It can effectively stimulate the collagen in cells to grow several times, and the plumping effect will be faster and more obvious than threads made of other materials. Wrinkles on the face and body are gradually tightened, and skin sagging is alleviated. In addition, it can also accelerate the growth and division of skin fibroblasts. You will be able to see skin changes within four weeks after surgery, and 3 to 4 months after surgery, you will have completely different results than before surgery.

Advantages of PLLA Threads

Professionally applied to face and body to effectively solve multiple skin problems.
Beyond other materials, it accelerates the growth of type I collagen and type III collagen in skin cells;
Accelerate the growth and division of skin fibroblasts;
The firming and lifting effect lasts for about 12-24 months;
Stable performance, almost no inflammatory reaction with surrounding tissues;
The material is soft and can provide patients with a more comfortable treatment experience;
Advantages of PLLA Threads
Regarding Postoperative Contraindications

Regarding Postoperative Contraindications

Although PLLA threads are extremely safe, we still do not recommend their use by women during pregnancy and breast-feeding period;

Please ensure that you or your clients avoid the following behaviors within one week of thread embedding treatment: exercise, sauna, ultraviolet radiation, swimming, etc.

Keep a light diet, drink small amounts of water frequently to replenish body moisture; prohibit drinking and smoking; stop taking aspirin, vitamin E, and other blood vessel dilation drugs one week before treatment;

What Is The Difference Between PDO vs.PCL vs. PLLA?

What Is The Difference Between PDO vs.PCL vs. PLLA

After being developed, products made of three materials have cross-epochal significance and play an important role in improving the technology and development of the medical aesthetics industry. Due to their early development and price advantage, pdo threads are currently the most common and popular on the market, but PCL threads have more advantages in performance and maintenance effects, and PLLA threads are superior in user experience and softness. Products made of three materials each have their own advantages. It is recommended that buyers choose according to their own needs and preferences.


PDO Threads

PCL Threads

PLLA Threads

Degradation speed




Biodegradation time

8-12 months

18-24 months or even longer, clinically up to 4-5 years

12-24 months or even longer

Storage temperature

Environment ≤ 90 ℃

Environment ≤ 60℃

Environment ≤ 60 ℃






Firms, lifts skin

Firm, lift, whiten skin

Firm, lift, whiten skin




The softest

Tensile strength


Level Ⅲ


User experience

Slight pain

Almost no pain

No pain

In terms of security




Collagen regeneration ability





Face& body

Face& body

Face& body

What Are The Advantages of Diaminy As The PLLA Threads Supplier?

What Are The Advantages of Diaminy As The PLLA Threads Supplier

Sharp Needle

Imported high-quality medical-grade stainless steel from the United States and Japan to make a sharp needle with smooth lines. The needle tip incision is smooth and flat without forming bruises and redness on the skin surface, providing maximum comfort to the patient.
What Are The Advantages of Diaminy As The PLLA Threads Supplier

R Cannula Needle

Professional PLLA eye threads are suitable for use around the eyes, as are safer R cannula needles. The flat cannula is specially designed for sensitive eyes. During the insertion process, complex subcutaneous capillaries and periocular nerves can be avoided to the greatest extent.
What Are The Advantages of Diaminy As The PLLA Threads Supplier


Diaminy's plastic handles of threads are all made of medical-grade polypropylene. This material has strong plasticity and durability and can provide maximum support when the doctor operates the thread lifting to ensure the smooth progress of the treatment process.

Various PLLA Threads Supplied by Diaminy

As a PLLA threads manufacturer, Diaminy has been deeply involved in the threads field for many years. Although it has achieved good results, Diaminy has not stopped its research and development. It follows its heart and brand pursuit of “meet the new you” and is committed to designing more valuable products. In the PLLA threads category, three types have been developed, which are mainly used to tighten and lift sagging skin. They can be used in multiple parts, such as around the eyes, face, and body.

PLLA Mono Threads

A single smooth thread is inserted into a sharp needle tube. It can be used for loose parts of the face and body and has a good tightening effect, including removing stretch marks and necklines.
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PLLA Eye Threads

A single smooth thread is wrapped around a blunt needle in a large spiral. Plla threads under the eye are specialized and can tighten fine lines around the eyes, treat eye bags, and remove dark circles.
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PLLA Screw Threads

A single smooth thread is tightly wound around the sharp needle tube in a small spiral. Because it can contact a larger area of ​the skin, it has a more substantial tightening and wrinkle removal effect.
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PLLA Threads Before And After

Before and after pictures of the eye area

Before and after pictures of the eye
Before and after pictures of the eye
Before and after pictures of the eye

Before and after pictures of the face

Before and after pictures of the eye
Before and after pictures of the eye
Before and after pictures of the eye

Before and after pictures of the neck

Before and after pictures of the neck
Before and after pictures of the neck
Before and after pictures of the neck

Feedback from Customers

FAQ About PLLA Threads

Common postoperative problems, such as redness, swelling, sensitivity, and bruising in the treatment area, are normal and will generally disappear within a few days to two weeks. Due to differences in the personal constitution and doctor’s operation, if thread leakage, denting, severe allergies, etc., occur, please seek medical attention immediately. You can choose to inject dissolving enzymes to eliminate threads or remove buried threads.

PLLA threads have good biocompatibility and will not produce any rejection reactions. The body begins to decompose after 18-24 months of treatment. If you have an emergency and need to dissolve threads immediately, you can consider injecting dissolving enzymes to accelerate and decompose them in advance.

Due to differences in individuals and living habits, the effect maintenance time is slightly different, but it is basically guaranteed to last 12-24 months or even longer.

PDO threads and PLLA threads are two completely different thread-lifting products. They are very different in everything from color and comfort to maintenance time. For specific details, click “learn more.”

The biggest difference between threads made of two materials is the softness and the maintenance time of the effect. PLLA threads are softer and can provide patients with a more comfortable experience, while the effect of PCL threads lasts longer and can clinically reach 4-5 years.

Comfort: PLLA threads> PCL thread

Effect maintenance time: PCL thread> PLLA threads