Molding Cog Threads

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What Is The Molding Cog Threads?

The molding cog threads supplied by Diaminy are pressed using a unique grinding tool. They are similar but slightly different from other brands of molding cog threads on the market and can exhibit better tensile strength and anchoring effects. Suitable for loose and sagging skin, providing tightening and area-lifting effects. There are currently two types of pdo fishbong threads and Z molding threads. The cog directions of the two pdo threads are different. Fishbong threads are made in the reverse direction while z-molding threads are made in the same direction. There is not much difference in use. Both show excellent improvement effects. You can use Purchase based on your operating habits and preferences.

Compared with other types of pdo threads, such as pdo mono threadspdo screw threads, etc., Molding cog threads are twice as thick as other types of threads, which can ensure that patients maintain the lifting effect for an extended period after treatment, and it is also impeccable in terms of safety and patient experience.

If you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of the consumables in the treatment plan, you can check Diaminy’s blog page for more professional consultation; if you, as an operator with a professional background, want to purchase molding cog threads online, you can click directly below Link; If you need customized size and packaging, you can contact Us’s sales team directly, and we will provide you with the best service within 24 hours.

Home Delivery-Molding Cog Threads

As a molding cog threads manufacturer and molding cog threads supplier, Diaminy can provide ODM&OEM services. If you have customization needs, you can contact us;

Diaminy currently supplies the Following sizes: PDO Fish Bone Cog Threads 18G-100MM, 18G-120MM, and PDO Molding Cog Threads 18G*100MM.

How Long Do Molding Cog Threads Last?

Most pdo threads can last for 12-18 months. The molding cog threads supplied by Diaminy have been clinically proven to improve the effect for 1-2 years; the pdo threads themselves will degrade faster. To avoid quickly Being broken down by the body, Diaminy especially increases the thickness of molding cog threads during the pressing process. The double-thickness threads can ensure maximum effect after being inserted into the skin.

Compared with conventional cog threads, the manufacturing process of molding cog threads is slightly different. Conventional cog threads use cutting methods to create burrs, which require secondary processing, while the aestheline cog threads of molding cog threads are formed in one piece and are more stable in physical properties. Therefore, it guarantees longer-lasting therapeutic effects.

Why Choose Diaminy’s Molding Cog Threads?

Why Choose Diaminy’s Molding Cog Threads

Advanced Production Technology

As a manufacturer of molding cog threads, all production equipment in the Diaminy workshop is imported from South Korea and Japan. The production technology absorbs the manufacturing advantages of Asia and North America, redesigns the processing mode of the cog on threads, and changes previous bevel cutting to the latest mold imprinting technology. In addition to ensuring that the threads are stable and firm and not easy to break, this process can also ensure that the lifting effect is maintained for a more extended period.
Why Choose Diaminy’s Molding Cog Threads

Brand New And Upgraded Packaging

Diaminy supplies a full range of products, and the entire process from production to packaging is ahead of its peers. Diaminy chooses individual packaging and double-layer plastic sealing to avoid the problem of consumables being unusable due to packaging leakage or damage. It also increases the thickness of the outer packaging to ensure that the logistics and transportation process will not affect the goods. The newly designed packaging makes the entire series of products more dazzling.
Why Choose Diaminy’s Molding Cog Threads

High Quality Raw Materials

Using raw materials from South Korea's Samyang Company to make pdo threads and import American super-high-quality stainless steel to make needle tubes. Pure raw materials ensure the safety of the product itself. The R/L cannula needle design can ensure that the skin tissue and capillaries will not be damaged during the actual operation and bruises and redness will not be formed on the skin surface, which is more conducive to postoperative recovery and social life.

Molding Cog Threads VS Regular Cog Threads


Molding Cog Threads

Regular Cog threads

Raw Materials

PDO Threads

PDO Threads

Production Process

Mold Pressing


Effect Duration

12-24 Months

12-18 Months

Tensile Strength



Anchor Strength



Unit Price

USD 68/ 10pcs

USD 56/ 10pcs

Before And After Comparison

Specialized in powerful lifting and wrinkle removal threads, it can effectively treat loose and sagging skin and restore its youthful appearance. Suitable for nasolabial folds, frown lines, chin, chest, and other moderate and deep wrinkles. Ideal for thick skin, thick tissue, or sensitive skin.

Fox Eye Lift Before& After

Molding Cog Threads Before And After Comparison
Molding Cog Threads Before And After Comparison
Molding Cog Threads Before And After Comparison

Face Lift Before& After

Face Lift Before& After
Face Lift Before& After
Face Lift Before& After

FAQ About Molding Cog Threads

If threads are exposed due to improper treatment or nerves and blood vessels are compressed, please seek medical attention immediately and find a professional doctor to provide treatment and solutions. This is normal if there are slight bruises, redness, swelling, and sensitivity on the skin surface. Depending on individual physical differences, recovering will usually take 1-2 weeks.

Molding cog threads are widely used on various parts of the face and body. They are used to lift the eye area to form fox eyes, cog threads for jowls, and can also be used on sagging parts of the body such as breasts and buttocks.

Cog threads produced and supplied by regular manufacturers are absolutely safe products. Please check the supplier or manufacturer qualifications when purchasing. We do not recommend users to buy products that are too cheap. From raw materials to packaging, from temperature and humidity control to EO sterilization, these are all costly processes.

Pdo cog threads decompose relatively quickly in the human body and can be decomposed into glucose, water, and other safe substances by the human body and absorbed by the human body.