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Eye threads are special types of threads used for under eye thread lift. It’s helpful to remove dark circles and eye bags, tear-through filling, etc. Diaminy has been focusing on providing under eye threads for more than a decade.

Diaminy’s is your premier under eye threads supplier. Our eye threads come with three material options: PDO, PLLA, and PCL. Different materials have different functions to meet our various aesthetic treatment requests. Besides this, we can customize the threads according to your requirements.

In the past years, Diaminy eyes were highly spoken by our clients, mainly from North America and European countries, and it helps our professional customers be trusted by their patients.

If you want to distribute our threads, welcome to contact us for further discusstion: info@diaminy.com, if you want to buy our threads online, you can visit our store.

Types of Diaminy Eye Threads

Diaminy Under Eye Threads Video

PDO eye thread: it’s made of PDO suture and can stimulate collagen to tighten the skin under the eyes.

PCL eye thread: It’s made of PCL suture, except for producing collagen, which can make the skin white.

PLLA eye thread: It’s made of PLLA suture, which helps skin tissue grow and makes the skin under the eye look fulfilled.

Why Diaminy Under Eye Threads?

Diaminy is a professional eye threads supplier; we cover almost all under eye threads. We have PDO eye threads, PCL eye threads, and PLLA eye threads; the types we have are eyes smooth threads and eyes twist threads.

The threads are made of high quality medical sutures. The blunt cannula tip is used to reduce pain and side effects of the under-eye aesthetic treatment such as tear trough filling, eye bag removal, dark circles removal, etc. Different materials and types can bring you different results.

Also, our eye threads were produced in a medical grade GMP workshop. It’s safe for our skin. It won’t cause inflammation and allergy. You patient will love the treatment. If you want to buy a high quality eye threads, don’t miss Diaminy brand.

Why Diaminy Eye threads

Under Eye Threads Before and After

Except for filler injection, the most effective non-surgical treatment for solving problems under eyes should be under eye thread lift. It is helpful for tear trough filling, eye bag removal, and dark circles removal. Diaminy eye threads are easy to insert because of the smooth cannula surface, which brings good results and helps our clients and partners gain high patient satisfaction. Let us refer to the following big under eye threads before and after.

Under Eye Threads Before and After with Diaminy Eye threads
Diaminy Under Eye Threads Lift Before and After
Diaminy Under Eye Threads Before and After
Under Eye Threads Before and After

Under Eye Thread Lift With Diaminy Eye Threads

Under Eye thread lift with Diaminy Eye threads

Can Thread Lift Be Done Under Eyes?

Thread lifting is one of the most common non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Its popularity stems from its safety, short procedure time, quick recovery.

Thread lifting can be applied to any part of the face and body, such as the cheek lift, brow lift, jawline lift, breast lift, buttock lift, and under eye thread lift.
When it comes to under eye thread lift, it is an effective aesthetic treatment for dark circles, eye bag removal, and tear trough filling.

We choose specialized threads for the eye area. These eye threads are blunt-tipped cannula to minimize the risk of puncturing blood vessels. It reduces the risk of complications, such as bruising and swelling. We can do thread lift under the eyes, but we should choose blunt-tip cannula eye threads.

Do Under Eye Threads Hurt

Do Under Eye Threads Hurt?

Although thread lift is a non-surgical aesthetics procedure, we can not deny it’s still hurt. When we use eye threads to do the thread lift treatment, the cannula tip is blunt, and we need to use a small sharp needle to inject a hole and then insert the thread cannula.

Except for this, doctors or nurses operating the threads also can not ensure every injection is just right; sometimes, they may insert it into another place, and it may hurt and cause bleeding. But Relatively speaking, it’s less hurt and less pain. It’s a good choice for solving anti-aging problems under the eyes.