Hydra Needle Stamp

diaminy hydra needle stamp

What Is Hydra Needle Stamp?

Hydra needle stamp is a small microneedling device that can be operated by a physician or by yourself at home. This product consists of two parts, including a container containing the essence and 20 tiny needles on the container. When used, the liquid will flow along the the tiny needles reach the middle of the skin to help the skin absorb the essence. At the same time, the tiny needles puncture the skin, which can promote the skin’s regeneration and repair function, promote the production of collagen, and effectively promote the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

The shape of the hydra needle stamp is similar to a seal, hence the name. Being pressed, the essence in the bottle can be injected into the mesoderm of the skin. Compared with the hydra needle roller, the stamp-type hydra needle can minimize skin damage, is easy to operate, and is popular with many medical beauty enthusiasts.

Diaminy Premium Hydra Needle Stamp

Diaminy Hydra Needle Stamp' s Features

hydra needle stamp
  • Safe and Less Comfortable Microneedling Devices

Hydra 20 micro needle has multiple needles of the same length, which simultaneously deliver the solution from the container. It is efficient and quick and reduces the piercing pain to some extent.

  • Composed with Premium Materials

The hydra needle derma stamp are coated with a layer of gold, preventing degradation from repeated use, thus ensuring the needles remain sharp for a long time. As a professional hydra needle manufacturer, we are committed to providing premium products with high performance.

  • Efficient Use of Essence

About 90% of the essence can penetrate the skin by hydra needle derma stamp, significantly enhancing microneedling treatment’s effectiveness, and maximizing the utilization of the essence.

  • Painless, No scratch on the skin and No allergic reaction

All products provided by Diaminy medical aesthetics have been sterilized by EO gas to ensure the sterility of the products and provide patients with safe medical aesthetic products without side effects. The small needles cause less pain. If some people are more sensitive to pain, they can use anesthetic cream before the operation.

How to Use A Hydra Needle Stamp at Home?

Firstly, clean your face or your scalp and your hands. It is best to disinfect with alcohol.

Secondly, you can choose to apply numbing cream to your face or your scalp.

Thirdly, separate the hydra needle stamp from the container and fill it with essence or hair growth serum, preferably half the bottle.

Fourth, press the hydra needle against the skin. Besides, it is recommended that the needle should be held at a 90-degree angle to the skin.

At last, apply the rest of the serum to your face or scalp.

Tips: Don’t wear makeup throughout the day.

hydra needle
hyaluroinc acid essence

What Serums to Put in Hydra Needles 20?

1, Hyaluronic acid essence

2, Vitamin C essence

3, hyaluronic acid fillers

4, Vitamin B

5, neurotoxin

6, glutathione

7, Peptides

8, Growth Factor

How Does Hydra Needle Stamp Work?

Hydra needles 20 consists of 20 tiny needles, and when pressed on the face or scalp, it deliver serums through the needles to the skin’s dermal layer, maximizing the effectiveness of the serums. It can revitalize the skin, and reduce fine lines, and blemishes, resulting in a radiant complexion.

At the same time, these tiny microneedles leave puncture marks on the surface of the skin, which will stimulate the body’s healing process and promote more collagen in the skin. These collagens can help the skin become more tight and shiny, and meanwhile, can repair damaged skin such as acne scars making the surface of the skin smoother.

With this dual action, the Hydra needle stamp creates small puncture points on the skin, allowing the antioxidant-containing essence blend to enter and penetrate the skin to address pigmentation, aid hydration, and promote firming and tightening.

Benefits of Hydra Needle Stamp

Tighten the skin, effectively eliminate fine lines, and achieve skin hydration.

Remove acne scars and blemishes, alleviating stretch marks.

Inject hair growth factors into the scalp to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Can help clear hyperpigmentation (brown spots and melasma)

Can treat the eye area; reduce fine lines around the eyes and relieve dark circles around the eyes.

Skin Hydration

benefits of hydra needle treatment

Remove Acne Scars

benefits of hydra needle treatment

Clear Hyperpigmentation

Hydra needle treatment VS. Microneedling Pen

hydra needle stamp vs. microneedling

Hydra needle


The hydra 20 micro needle is more affordable than an electric microneedling pen, and it can also be reused multiple times. Just remember to sterilize the device before and after each use. Discard the needle if it becomes blunt;

Efficiently Absorb Essence

You need to fill the container with your favorite essence. Most users use hyaluronic acid for injection. During microneedle treatment, the essence is applied before using the instrument. This method does not make better use of the essence than the Hydra needle stamp.

Suitable for beginners. 

Hydra needles come in a variety of needle lengths and are most suitable for beginners and first-time users.


The needle is fixed and cannot be adjusted;

Microneedling pens without electric power are more efficient.

Electric microneedling pen


Microneedling pens use different needles, including nano, 12-needle, and 36-needle. These pens can also be adjusted to different lengths. Depending on the results you want to achieve, you can purchase microneedling pens based on the level of penetration.

Faster Microneedling Treatment.

The microneedle pen can be rechargeable, and the battery drives the spring in the pen, which can help the spring pen core to puncture quickly. This makes the process faster and more efficient than manually scrolling through individual sections.


The price is more expensive.

What’s the disadvantage of mesotherapy with hydra needle stamp?

side effects of hydra needle treatment

Although hydra stamp needle can make the skin tight and reduce the acne scar, it also have some side effects. People can reduce the risks of mesotherapy by receiving the treatment with trained practitioners.

These disadvantages of hydra needle stamp include:

some pain

Some people may be allergic (to the essence used)

Redness and swelling

Itching and stinging

Color spots appear


Scars may appear in severe cases