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Diaminy is the leading face liting threads supplier. We have our plant fully engaged in manufacturing various threads, including mono threads, screw threads, cog threads, eyes threads, nose threads, multi threads, etc.
Multi threads are special threads mainly used for facial filling like nasolabial folds, temples, and glabellar wrinkles. And some doctors prefer to use it for nose shaping, especially the nose tip filling. It’s different from filler injection; it won’t move anywhere after being inserted so that it will bring you the natural result.
There are two material multi threads in the market, PDO and PCL. Humans can fully absorb both of these two kinds of threads. It’s made of 7pcs-10pcs smooth suture, that’s the reason why it can fill the face effectively and make the face look full.
Our threads have recently become popular in the European and North American markets because of their excellent quality. We devoted ourselves to producing easy-to-operate and safe threads to help our clients and partners gain a good reputation from the patient. Diaminy’s online shop covers all kinds of PDO threads, and we provide OEM service if you want to have your private label.

Two Types of Multi Threads

Diaminy PDO Multi Threads
Diaminy PCL Multi Threads

PDO Multi thread is made of PDO suture, it consists of 7-10pcs smooth suture. It’s a good choice for filling sunken places such as nasolabial folds, temples, and glabellar wrinkles.

The PCL Multi thread is made of PCL suture; the same quantity of smooth sutures is inside the cannula tube. The difference is that the PCL material is soft and won’t cause any discomfort. The function is also for filling.

Diaminy Multi Threads Display

Diaminy PDO and PCL multi threads are of high quality with high performance. The thread is made of imported high-quality materials. It has pure ingredients and no side effects. It can stimulate more collagen and has a good facial-filling effect. The threads can fill nasolabial folds and forehead wrinkles.

The threads are composed of blunt tips and multi smooth threads, having ten times effects more than PDO and PCL smooth threads. We supply various sizes of multi threads to satisfy your different needs.

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Why Diaminy Multi Threads Are Popular?

Diaminy PDO Thread Material

100% Dissovled Real Material

We only make our threads with authentic material from big companies like Samyang and Meta to ensure our multi threads' quality is stable and can be fully absorbed by the human body. It won't cause side effects like inflammation and allergy.

Medical Grade Workshop

Our company started out producing medical devices. So, we know what the highest standards are in this industry. We make our threads in the GMP-level workshop to ensure safety.

Sterilized by E.O Gas

Our threads were all sterilized by E.O gas. Almost 99% of bacteria and microorganisms can be killed by this sterilization. So, our multi threads is safe to use.
Diaminy Multi Threads Production

100% Hand Inspection

Quality is a company's core, so we adopt hand checks for each multi thread. We have a quality control team fully engaged in checking each thread by hand during production and before selling to the market.

CE, ISO13485 Certified

The world standard CE and ISO13485 should be the highest level of the medical aesthetics industry. Diaminy is so lucky that we are the CE and ISO13485 certified supplier.
Multi Threads Sterilization

Our Multi Threads Lift Video

PDO and PCL multi threads can stimulate ten times more collagen than smooth threads. The cannula tip is blunt and can not easily be inserted into the skin. Therefore, practitioners use a sharp needle to make an incision. Then they inserted the threads through the incision. Finally, the practitioners pull out the cannula and make sure the thread doesn’t pop out.

After disinfection and anesthesia, prepare to insert PDO multi threads into the forehead. Follow the planned path and insert it from the same insertion port. After insertion, the PDO multi threads will gradually stimulate collagen, making the facial skin smoother and reducing wrinkles. They also can make the skin shiny and improve the skin quality of the forehead.

Diaminy Multi Threads Before&After

Nobody likes having wrinkles and facial depressions because it makes one appear much older. Multi threads should be the best choice for filling the face except for filler injection. Due to this type of thread being a cannula tip PDO thread, it won’t cause side effects like plastic surgery. We must inject a small hole and insert the threads; 

You will find the significant difference immediately after thread lift treatment. It won’t cause swelling and lumps. It’s effectiveeffective in filling the temple, smile line,, and glabellar wrinkles.

Diaminy multi threads before and after

FAQ About Diaminy Multi Threads

Q: What's the types of multi threads?

A: There are two types of multi threads made of PDO suture and PCL suture. Both of these types of threads are dissolvable.

Q: Is multi thread lift better or dermal filler injection?

A: If we want to filling our face, actually both of dermal filler injection and multi thread lift are efficiency. But which is better for us? It depends on many facts like if you need a large volume? or what the result you want to get? The advantage of multi thread lift is the thread won't move everywhere, it's better for face shaping.

Q: Which size of multi thread is most popular?

A: Well, there are three specifications of multi threads, 19G, 21G and 23G. The length we have: 38mm, 50mm and 60mm. 2Gg 38mm, 50mm are most popular, but due to the cannula size is smaller than 21G and 19G, so 23G multi thread is the smallest size. There are only 7 pcs smooth suture inside. But 21g and 19g are bigger, there are 10pcs suture in 21G . When we choose the threads, we should consider if you can accept the cannula size. Because the size is bigger, it will cause much pain.

Q: How many pcs multi threads we need for each person?

A: It depend on where you want to do the multi threads. For example, we need around 2-4pcs for each side of the smile lines. For temple filling, it usually need around 8-10pcs for each. We should check if the depression is heavy or not.