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FDA Certified Meso Needle Supplier

About Diaminy Mesotherapy needles

Diaminy manufactures a huge range of mesotherapy supplies made from premium quality material. Our mail needle mesotherapy treatment products are mesotherapy needlesmicrocannulamulti-injector needlesHydra needles, and derma pens etc. Diaminy has complete control over the production process from beginning to end. We even checked the needles by hand to ensure the meso needles were high quality. We meet the FDA standard undoubtedly.

We care about every patient’s feelings and hope to make the treatment much safer and more comfortable, so we emphasize making a reliable meso needle that can reduce the pain during injection. we offer various mesotherapy needle sizes for different injections no matter skin booster treatment for face, or hair loss treatment.

Customized options are also available, depending on your detailed requirements. Please get in touch with us for more assistance, and you can buy meso needle online in our shop.

Our Main Mesotherapy Needle Specifications

Diaminy mesotherapy needle

Diaminy Mesotherapy Needle Size

Meso needle is a typical mesotherapy device. It’s a special hypodermic needle used for aesthetic medicine injection like lidocaine injection, skin booster treatment and scalp injection. Doctors and nurse injectors love the meso needle because its tiny tip is almost painless, making the treatment more comfortable and safe. Diaminy have various mesotherapy needle sizes like 32 gauge needle, 32 gauge needle and 34 gauge needle, and the details size are below: 30g 4mm30g 12mm32g 4mm34g 4mm needle
Well, the most popular size is 30g 4mm needles and 32g 4mm meso needles.We believe in ourselves we can make the differnt size of mesotherapy needle according to your request. Contact us freely for a free sample.

Features of Our Mesotherapy Needles

High toughness: Diaminy mesotherapy needle is made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure sufficient toughness and strength, preventing bending and breakage, thereby reducing accidents during the injection.
Sharp puncture ability: The meso needle tip is designed to be very sharp to ensure easy and quick penetration of the skin and tissues, thus reducing the pain patients feel and improving the puncture’s accuracy.
Reduced tissue damage and lower pain sensation: The excellent needle tip is designed to minimize pain during puncture and injection, reducing tissue tearing and damage and making the patient’s experience more comfortable.
Individual packing and sterilizing: Each needle was packed in a separate blister bag and was sterilized by E.O. gas.

Diaminy Meso Needle Tip

Mesotherapy Treatment with Diaminy Meso Needle

True Diaminy Meso Needle Applications

The mesotherapy needle is a wonderful injection needle widely used in the medical aesthetics industry. The most common applications include lidocaine injections, botox injections, skin booster injections, and mesotherapy treatment for the scalp. The DIAMINY meso needle is well-regarded by doctors and nurses due to its high quality. Here are some real applications of our needles

Diaminy Meso Needle for Neck Injection
Skin booster injection with Diaminy meso needle
Diaminy Meso Needle for face injection
Diaminy meso needle for skin booster injection

Why Need Meso Needle for Injection?

 A Meso needle, also known as a painless needle, is suitable for use in sensitive areas such as around the eyes and neck due to its relatively shallow operating level.
It’s important to note that because of its small needle diameter, the painless needle is not recommended for injecting highly viscous products, as this may cause difficulty in pushing the medicine liquid, leading to needle clogging and potential needle breakage.
The painless needle imitates the needle of a mosquito’s “stinger.” It undergoes processing to make the needle sharper, resulting in a pain sensation of only about 20% compared to a regular injection needle.

Why needle meso needle for injection

How Deep Do You Inject Mesotherapy?

When we use meso needle for mesotherapy injection process, the injection depth typically depends on the injected product and the targeted skin layer. Different products may require different injection depths, and the injection depth varies based on the targeted layer. We can refer to the following information:

Products Injection Deepth (mm)Skin Layer
Around Eyes0.2-0.5mmSuperficial layer of epidermis
Neck Wrinkles Removal0.2-0.5mmSuperficial layer of epidermis
Freckle Removal0.8-1.2mmSuperficial layer of dermis 
Skin Whitening1.0-2.0mmMiddle layer of dermis 
Skin Repair1.5-2.0mmMiddle layer of dermis 
Hydrating1.0-4mmDeep layer of dermis 
Anti-aging1.0-4mmDeep layer of dermis 
Skin Lifting1.0-4mmDeep layer of dermis 

How to Choose A Right Meso Needle for Different Injection?

When selecting a mesotherapy needle for injection, the aperture and length are the two most important factors to consider. Additionally, we need to consider the skin layers we need to inject. Here are some recommendations for choosing the appropriate needle based on the product:
Hydration Products: Typically, for hyaluronic acid-based hydration products with high viscosity, it is recommended to use 32g 4mm meso needles or 30g 4mm needles.
Lifting Products: A 32g 4mm needle is generally sufficient for lifting products with less viscous liquid. However, it is necessary to choose a needle with a gauge below 30G for smooth injection for liquid thread lifting products with higher viscosity and without dilution. 
Anti-Aging Products: Products in this category, such as kinematic acids, usually have lower viscosity. It is recommended to use a 34G 4MM needle. 30G 4MM needle can be chosen for some higher viscosity products.

Mesotherapy Needle Siz List