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Professional Disposable Insulin Syringe Supplier

Diaminy works as a professional disposable insulin syringe supplier. All of our products were made by an experienced insulin syringe manufacturer who is fully engaged in manufacturing diabetic syringe.

We offer both 1ml insulin syringe with needle and insulin syringes without needles. We aim to provide good quality products to our clients who trust us. So, our quality control team only selected the CE and FDA approved insulin syringe manufacturer as our supplier.

Regardless of the raw material or the product artwork, each production step was treated seriously to ensure safe syringe quality. The painless small size needle, like our insulin syringes 31 gauge and 32 gauge will bring you much more comfortable injection experience.

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Why Our Insulin Syringe?

Made In 10 Thounsands Class Medical Worksop

Diaminy is a responsible insulin syringe supplier. Our syringe bodies were made of natural medical grade PP, and the syringe hub was pure PE. It's safe for injection with no side effects.

100% Real Medical Grade Material

Our syringes for steroids were made in the medical grade environment; the workshop meets the GMP standard. It ensures the safety of the products.

Sterilized By E.O. Gas

E.O. gas sterilization is an efficient way to kill all bacteria and microbes. We adopt this sterilization to ensure the quality of our syringe.

CE0197 and ISO13485 Approved

We are one of the CE0197 and ISO13485 listed insulin syringe factory in China. We are committed to the world standard to make good quality products.
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By from Medical Grade Supplier

Insulin Syringe Blister Bag Packing
Insulin Syringe Body Scale Printing

Insulin syringes, also called diabetic syringes, it’s a colored syringe which commonly used supplies for diabetics. You can buy insulin syringes online in our shop because our professional quality control team has already evaluated the product’s quality and purchasing risk instead of you. We only choose the top quality and qualified insulin syringe factory as our loyal supplier.

Diaminy’s disposable insulin syringe supplier attached much importance to production. You can see the right photos, all the equipment are advanced automatic machine. There are not only for large quantity production ability, but also for the accurate products. 

We covered all sizes like 50 unit insulin syringes, 30 unit insulin syringes, and 100 100 unit insulin syringes. We also provide customized service for our big clients.You can email us:

Insulin Syringe Production Line

CE & ISO13485 Certified Insuin Syringe

Diaminy only provides C.E., FDA, and ISO13485 certified diabetic syringes. Because we are a responsible diabetics supplies provider. We believe safety is the most essential factor when choosing the syringe for our injection.

So, all our insulin syringes were made in the 10 thousand class medical grade workshop and sterilized by E.O. gas. It can kill all the bacteria and reduce the risk of injection. So, don’t miss out on our excellent quality products.

How to Inject Insulin Syringe?

The diabetic syringe is a normal supplies for people with diabetes, and it’s essential for diabetic patients. It’s accessible to operate, and we can do this injection at home, but how to inject an insulin syringe? We should follow the correct procedures:

  • Wash hands and the injection site with soap and water.
  • Draw the required insulin amount into the syringe by pulling the plunger to the appropriate marking.
  • Eliminate air bubbles by tapping the syringe and pushing the plunger to remove excess insulin.
  • Pinch a skin fold at the injection site, insert the needle at a 90-degree angle, and push the plunger down to inject insulin.
  • Throw away the used needle and syringe into a sharps container.
How to inject insulin syringe

Why Need Insulin Syringe for Diabetic Patient Injection?

Why need insulin syringe for diabetic patient injection

Insulin syringes are special syringes for steroids that play a crucial role in manually administering insulin to regulate blood glucose levels in individuals with diabetes. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, aids in utilizing glucose for energy. In diabetes, either the body can’t produce insulin (type 1) or can’t use it effectively (type 2). Approximately 7.4 million people in the United States with diabetes rely on insulin to manage their condition.

Insulin syringes work as carriers to transport insulin to the human body; its accurate injection is much safer. The small needle size makes it easy for us to operate anywhere and causes less pain.

Varieties of Insulin Syringes

Varieties of Insulin Syringes

Insulin syringes come in two main types: conventional and prefilled. Conventional syringes require users to draw insulin from a vial, while prefilled syringes come with insulin already loaded. Both types have their advantages, and the choice depends on individual preferences and convenience.

Insulin syringes with needles are offered in sizes of 30 units, 50 units, and 100 units. Both types of syringes, whether with fixed or detachable needles, comprise components such as a needle cap, needle, gasket, barrel, and plunger. The key distinction lies in the presence of a plunger cap in syringes with fixed needles. The barrel, a tubular and cylindrical structure holding the insulin, is designed to be narrow and slim due to the relatively small insulin volume. The needles are crafted to be smaller, shorter, and finer to minimize injection pain.

How to Choose Right Insulin Syringes

How to Choose Right Insulin Syringes

When choosing an insulin syringe, considerations should include the individual’s comfort, insulin dose, and preferred needle gauge. Optimal needle size selection is vital for ensuring both comfortable and effective insulin administration.

 Additionally, selecting the appropriate syringe type based on the individual’s insulin delivery method and personal preferences is crucial for a seamless and satisfactory experience.

In Diaminy online shop, you can buy  30 unit insulin syringe,  50 unit insulin syringe and 100 unit insulin syringe. The needles we offer from 28g to 32g. Contact us if you have special requirements. 

What Is the Difference Between Insulin Syringe and Normal Syringe?

the Difference Between Insulin Syringe and Normal Syringe

Insulin syringes, tailored for insulin administration, are very different from regular syringes, from the raw material and needles to the production procedures.
We adopt medical grade 100% pure PP to make the syringe body and PE for the syringe hub. But for regular syringes, it’s PP.

The insulin syringes feature a finer and shorter needle designed to minimize pain during injection. The barrel is narrower, reflecting the smaller insulin quantities injected. The barrel’s marks indicate insulin volume in milliliters (mL) or units. But the standard disposable syringe printed with regular scales.

Insulin syringes are available in various sizes and accommodate diverse comfort preferences and cost considerations. We have insulin syringes without needles and with needles for your different injection purpose.