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Diaminy Filler Cannula

Diaminy Filler Cannula-Best Cannula for Filler Injection

Diaminy covers various dermal filler cannulas, like the normal microcannula and duckbill cannula.

Filler cannulas are essential medical devices for dermal filler injections because their blunt tips rarely damage blood vessels or cause vascular embolisms. The DIAMINY cannula refines the edges of the needle hole based on ordinary blunt needles, making the rim smoother, which allows for a smooth and easy insertion. It can also effectively avoid the possibility of scraping blood vessels during the puncture process. 

Moreover, it is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is highly elastic and resilient, not easily breaking upon entering the skin, and does not injure blood vessels or nerves, effectively reducing the amount of bleeding and swelling. In addition, DIAMINY filler cannula comes in a complete range of sizes to meet the injection needs of different body areas.

If you want to buy filler cannula online to help you achieve precise injections and thus increase your customer satisfaction, the Diaminy cannula is a good choice. Because many professional RNs and NPs in USA highly recommend it.

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Diaminy Filler cannula size

Diaminy has been a leading dermal filler cannula manufacturer since 2004. We covered almost all sizes of the cannula for filler injection, such as the cheek, forehead, temple, under eyes, nose, lips, chin, breast, buttocks, etc.

However, the 25g cannula for filler is the most popular size, especially the 25g 50mm cannula and 25G 40mm. We also deal with 18g, 20g, 21g, 22g, 23g, and 27g cannula. You can refer to the right cannula size list when you choose. 

Why Choose Diaminy filler cannula?

Diaminy filler cannula sets

Diaminy dermal filler cannula sets come with one sharp needle and one blunt tip cannula. It’s good value for money.

Diaminy filler cannula mark

The injection mark on the cannula hub helps to know the direction of the injected hole to ensure excellent manageability, optimal Control, and Precision.

Diaminy dermal filler cannula scale mark

The scale degree on the cannula was designed to mark the injection volume; it helps to improve injection precision and efficiency.

Diaminy Cannula Flexibility

Diaminy dermal filler cannula has excellent rigidity and flexibility. It is suitable for any angle curvature and helps improve your patient’s satisfaction.

Diaminy dermal filler cannula tube

The surface of the inner tube is smooth, and no burrs. It ensures the safety of the dermal filler injection, which won’t cause allergy and inflammation.

Diaminy filler cannula material

Japan imported stainless steel to ensure the dermal filler cannula quality is stable. A smooth cannula surface is easy to insert, making the injection efficient.

Diaminy FDA certificates for hydra needles

FDA & CE Listed Filler Cannula

DIAMINY is a filler cannula manufacturer that prides itself on quality as the foundation of its business. We greatly emphasize whether our product quality strictly conforms to international standards.

Therefore, over these past years, we have diligently worked to produce blunt needles that meet FDA standards. We are honored to have received FDA and CE certification. So, Diaminy brand is your best cannula for dermal fillers.

Diaminy Filler Cannula Operating Video

Diaminy cannula needle for fillers, due to their top quality and Diaminy’s excellent service, have already won a good reputation in North American and European countries. Our professional doctors, nurses, registered nurses, and training studios have received positive feedback because of the comfortable injection. 

Our dermal filler cannula has a smooth surface, is easy to insert, has high toughness, and can be flexibly bent for operation. They are strong and not easily deformed or broken. It helps to improve the efficiency and precision of injections and enhances the injection’s comfort. We want to share our operation video for using our microcannula for fillers as below:

Testimonials from Aesthetics Professionals

As we know, there are many brands on the market for dermal filler cannula products, and each brand has its characteristics. We are very honored that Diaminy has been highly rated by customers on its excellent quality, with a satisfaction rate of 99.9%.
We are delighted to help our professional clients improve the precision of injections, making injections easier. This enhances client satisfaction during the injection process. Here are some actual comments on our cannula needle for fillers from our real repeated clients:

How We Control the Dermal Filler Cannula Quality?

Professional customers primarily favor Diaminy cannula for dermal fillers because of their excellent quality. Diaminy has always placed a great emphasis on the quality of our products.

We use imported Japanese steel as raw material and employ advanced techniques such as electrolytic polishing and sandblasting to ensure that our filler cannula meets CE and ISO13485 standards. Most importantly, at DIAMINY, every finished microcannula undergoes a 100% manual inspection before it goes on the market to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

How we control the dermal filler cannula quality
Filler Cannula VS Needle

Filler Cannula VS Needle

  • Sharp needles are easy to insert, and we need a needle to inject a hole before inserting a cannula.
  • The needle tip is sharp and easy to break the blood vessel, but the filler cannula tip is blunt; it can avoid breaking the blood vessel and reduce the risk of aesthetic injection.
  • The needle has no injection mark, but many scales on the blunt cannula can help improve your precision injection.
  • A sharp needle is painful, but a blunt cannula is less painful.

Cannulas for Facial Filler Placement

patient satisfaction of cannula injection

Jaw Filler with Cannula

If the jawline sagging is too heavy, we look fat and old. Filler injection and thread lift are both effective for jawline lifts. We usually choose a 25 gauge cannula for filler, but 23G is also acceptable. 50mm is better, and 40 mm is a bit shorter. Micro cannulas for jaw filler injection are advantageous because they reduce the risk of treatment and are smooth to operate.

Temple Filler with Cannula

Sunken temples can make a person look much older, so filling in the temples is crucial. Typically, we can inject hyaluronic acid for temple filling. When using temple filler, we need to separate the skin in the temple area to create enough space for temple filler injection, making the temples appear fuller. 

Therefore, you can choose a 22G 70mm or 23G 70mm blunt cannula needle for skin and tissue separation, followed by injecting hyaluronic acid with a 22G 50mm, 23G 50mm, or 25G 50mm filler cannula.

mid face filler with cannula

Mid Face Filler with Cannula

Choosing a mid face filler with cannula injection treatment is excellent if you want your MID FACE to look fuller and well-defined. Typically, we use medium or large molecule hyaluronic acid, and there are a variety of suitable filler cannula sizes ranging from 22G to 25G. For length, 40mm and 50mm are ideal options.

tear trough filler with cannula

Tear Trough Filler with Cannula

The Tear Trough is under the skin of the eyes; we only need a small molecule ( Fine Line) hyaluronic acid filler, so we need a small size filler cannula. Moreover, due to the skin tissue under the eyes, it’s very dangerous to fill the tear trough with a large cannula. So, the smallest one, a 30G cannula, is the best choice.

We can choose 30g 25mm or 40mm.

Marionette Filler with Cannula

The Marionette or smile line is a regular facial wrinkle; nobody wants it, so Marionette filler injections are viral. We usually choose derm hyaluronic acid filler to fill the Marionette wrinkles. So, when we do marionette filler with a cannula, we can use 23G, 25G, or 27 G cannulas. 40mm and 50mm are suitable for here.

Choose more hyaluronic acid fillers for different parts injection, which you can buy online.

cheek filler with cannula

Cheek Filler with Cannula

The cheek filler injection typically requires medium or large molecule hyaluronic acid injections. Therefore, it is recommended to use a 22G, 23G or 25G cannula needle for fillers to ensure smooth delivery of the hyaluronic acid molecules. For best results, it is suggested to use a 25g 50mm cannula.                     

You can choose more aesthetic supplies on the Diaminy online shop.

nose filler with cannula

Nose Filler with Cannula

We usually need deep filler for better, longer-lasting shaping effects for nose fillers with cannula injections. A 25G or 23G dermal filler cannula is recommended. For the nasal tip, a 23G 40mm or 25G 40mm cannula needle is better, and we are considering using a 23G 70mm or 25G 70mm for the nasolabial area injection.

Chin Filler with Cannula

When we choose a micro cannula for fillers to shape the chin, we can select a 25g or 23g cannula, but 40mm is better. That’s why the 25g cannula needle is selling like hotcakes. It seems to be used in many places.

lip filler with cannula

Lip Filler with Cannula

If we inject lip filler with cannula, 27G microcannula is usually used. We need derm or deep HA filler, but lips do not need too much volume, so we don’t need a bigger size. Also, a 30G cannula is too small to inject medium and large molecules. 27G 25mm and 27G 40mm are highly recommended.

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breast filler with cannula

Breast Filler with Cannula

Due to the thicker fat layers in the chest and buttocks, we require extra-large molecule (Ultra) hyaluronic acid for breast and buttock augmentation. Therefore, we need a large gauge to ensure smooth injections when we use a breast filler with a cannula. As a professional dermal filler cannula supplier, Diaminy offers 18G 70mm and 18G 100mm cannulas designed explicitly for breast and buttock injections.