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Diaminy PCL threads

What are Diaminy PCL threads?

PCL threads are composed of Polycaprolactone, a medical biodegradable suture. It can stimulate multiple collagen after contacting the skin. Its unique feature makes it a very popular aesthetic medicine material and is widely used in the fields of non-surgical facial reconstruction and skin regeneration. PCL thread lifts have won the favor of many people due to their long-lasting effects.

PCL can be widely used for facial contour sculpting, jawline lifting, and fox eye lifts. It can also be used to lift sagging necks and other sagging body parts. In addition, PCL threads produce multiple collagen through contact with the skin. The produced collagen will restore your youthful skin.

Diaminy PCL threads are approved by CE and ISO certifications due to product quality and the wonderful product processing environment. As a leading manufacturer of PDO and PCL in China, Diaminy has over a decade of production experience and cooperates with multiple clinics and spas around the world. Premium materials and skilled technology enable Diaminy to receive a lot of fans worldwide. Diaminy is dedicated to producing premium medical consumables that bring patients the best effects and pursue beauty together.

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Why Does Diaminy PCL Threads Have So Many Loyal Fans?

Diaminy PCL thread before and after

Long-lasting Duration

Diaminy PCL threads possess longer-lasting effects, due to pure and premium PCL raw materials and tight packaging. Diaminy PCL threads can last 1-2 years longer than PCL threads of other brands. The feature allows patients to maintain longer effects, and no need to endure the pain caused by frequent procedures.

Excellent Facial Lifting Effects

Diaminy PCL threads have outstanding lifting effects, strongly lifting sagging skin and creating a younger facial contour. PCL cog threads and PCL molding cog threads are produced through specialized, high-tech German import machines. The shape of the barbs is carefully designed, offering good resistance to compression and providing effective facial lifting. Our hot-selling PCL fish bone cog threads provide enhanced support, taking the lifting effects to the next level.

High-Quality Raw Materials

Diaminy PCL threads are made from 100% pure PCL material imported from South Korea's largest thread company, ensuring 100% safety and no side effects. Besides, premium and pure raw materials can bring better results than products of average quality materials. Diaminy PCL threads can last 2-5 years after being inserted into the face. Thanks to the tight package, Dimainy PCL threads also have a longer shelf life.

Better Patient Experience

PCL cog threads and PCL press cog threads are composed of thick cannula and are known as "large threads." Large threads incorporate a blunt needle design, significantly reducing the risk of puncturing blood vessels, and thereby minimizing bleeding and swelling. The blunt tip design offers a better patient experience and shorter downtime.
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PCL Threads VS. PDO Threads

PCL and PDO are both biodegradable medical sutures, but they have different features. Practitioners can decide which thread to use according to the following factors and exact treatment. The differences are analyzed below from four aspects: material, effect duration, softness, discomfort, and storage environment.

PCL Threads VS. PDO Threads
FeaturesPCL threadsPDO threads
Biodegradation period24 months to 36 months6~12 months
SoftnessSoft Hard
DiscomfortNo discomfortSlight
Storage temperatureLess than 60 degreesLess than 90 degrees


Tip 1: Both PDO and PCL have the effect of removing wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, and restoring youthfulness to the skin. However, the duration of PCL thread lift is twice as long as that of PDO. In addition, the material of PCL is white. Compared with PDO eye threadPCL eye thread is more suitable as a choice for eye thread lift. The white material can effectively cover dark circles and fill tear troughs.

Tip 2: PCL material generally dissolves when the temperature reaches 60 degrees, and PDO material will dissolve when the temperature reaches 90 degrees. Therefore, the storage environment of PCL is stricter than that of PDO. Strictly control the storage temperature of PCL material.

Multiple Benefits of PCL Thread Lift

Benefits of Diaminy PCL threads

Skin Tightening

PCL mono threads help increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture, and reduce skin sagging. PCL threads can be used for various areas, including the face, neck, belly, breasts, and buttocks.
PCL mono threads

Facial Contour Lift

PCL cog threads and press cog threads can be used to lift facial contours such as lifting sagging cheekbone areas, jawline, corners of the mouth, and brows. It also can be used for lifting loose neck and sagging breasts and buttocks.

Wrinkle Removal and Wrinkle Reduction

PCL threads can reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines on the cheek and under eye areas, forehead by stimulating multiple collagen.

Fill Sunken Areas

PCL multi threads and PCL mesh cog threads can fill the sunken areas and make facial contour smooth. Also, these threads can achieve nose enhancement and fill nasolabial folds.
PCL multi threads

Acne Marks and Scar Revision

They can also be used to lighten scars, such as acne scars or other scars. 

Minimal Invasive Procedure

PDO and PCL thread lifts can be completed within half an hour to one hour, leaving no scars. Patients just need several band-aids to cover the incisions. And they can go back to work several days after the procedure. Maybe some swelling and bruising will appear, but it will be gone after one week.

Immediate Visible and Natural Results

One big benefit of PCL thread lifts would be natural results. PCL thread just lifts the sagging skin a few millimeters and doesn’t make your skin exaggerated and stiff. And the results are immediately seen after the procedure. The results can last a few years.
PCL cog threads

PCL Thread Lift Before and After

How Does Diaminy Produce PCL Threads?

Diaminy PCL thread workshop

GMP standard production workshop

Throughout the production process, Diaminy imported advanced machines and Diaminy team owns skilled experience of producing. The factors guarantee the durability and high quality of PDO threads.

Diaminy PCL thread workshop

Advanced barbs cutting technology 

Advanced bar-cutting technology can ensure the barb on the thread is smooth and strong. PCL cog threads with strong barbs can lift effectively sagging skin and have better results.

Diaminy PCL thread workshop

Needle tip polishing technology

PCL threads have two kinds of needle tips, including sharp needles and blunt tips. Diaminy possesses premium polishing technology, the needle tip is smooth, and don’t have to worry about any unwanted bleeding or swelling.

Diaminy PCL thread workshop

Rigorous quality control and testing steps

Diaminy each product has been tested tensile and puncture checks to make sure the cannula is easy to insert into the skin and threads won’t break after being inserted.

Diaminy PCL thread workshop

Low-humidity production facilities

Diaminy keeps the moisture content below 3% and maximizes product effectiveness. The low-humidity environment can prevent the dissolution of PCL threads. Meanwhile, it can prolong the shelf life of products.

Diaminy PCL thread workshop

Super-sealed product packaging

Diaminy products have thick and sealed product packages, preventing moisture from the outside. Besides, it can prolong the shelf life.

Feedback for Diaminy PCL Threads

FAQ about Diaminy PCL threads

PCL thread generally begins to gradually dissolve after three months to half a year after being inserted into the skin, and will completely dissolve in 2 or 5 years. The time it begins to dissolve depends on the thickness, purity, and personal constitution of the thread.

PCL threads are generally considered safe when used by trained and experienced professionals. Like any medical procedure, there are potential risks, so it’s crucial to consult with a qualified practitioner and follow proper guidelines. PCL thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure and just causes several needle holes.

PCL cog thread can immediately lift sagging skin and takes several months to dissolve. But PLLA threads can’t be produced into cog threads. So they just stimulate collagen production over time and provide the skin with more collagen, making the skin smooth and tight.

No, PCL threads are not permanent. They are absorbable and will eventually dissolve within the body over time.

PCL thread is used in medical aesthetic procedures and it can lift the mild to middle sagging, keep stimulating collagen, and restore the youthful appearance of patients. 

PCL mono threads and PCL screw threads can be used for reducing wrinkles and fine lines and making the skin tight.

PCL eye threads can be used for removing under eye dark and relieve tear trough bags.

PCL cog threads can lift the sagging skin and reshape face.

PCL mesh cog threads can fill the sunken areas and make the facial contour smooth and good looking.

PCL nose can make nose bridge higher and correct the crooked nose.

Potential side effects associated with PCL thread lift procedures encompass the occurrence of visible sutures, which tends to be more prevalent in individuals with thin skin, alongside issues such as thread migration, mild to moderate pain, inflammation, infection, hematoma accumulation, mild dimpling, and the rare but notable risk of salivary gland

The dissolution of PCL threads is a natural process and cannot be significantly accelerated. But you can speed up the process through the following methods.

Mild massage.

Hot compress.

More exercise to speed up metabolism.

Drink more water.

If there are concerns about the appearance or side effects of PCL threads, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional for appropriate advice and guide.