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Diaminy is a leading hydra roller manufacturer in China. We are dedicated to offering quality hydra rollers for our professional customers to simplify and improve mesotherapy treatment.  Our main type of hydra derma roller is the hydra roller 64 needles. We provide different lengths, from 0.25mm to 2mm, for different mesotherapy treatment purposes. In addition to the hydra roller, we also cover various hydra needle stamps.

We approved CE and FDA for all our products. If you want to buy Hydra roller online, don’t miss Diaminy shop. For OEM service, contact us: info@diaminy.com

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Why Diaminy Hydra Roller 64 Needles?

Diaminy is a responsible hydra roller manufacturer. We care about your safety and treatment experience. So, we make our hydra needle roller with high-quality material, like pure transparent PVE for the roller cap.

The needles on the roller are all gold needles, which are hard and strong. They work well during the treatment. They effectively pierce the skin tissue to ensure that the essence can penetrate the skin to the fullest extent, promoting its absorption.

The Hydra derma roller bottle is made of food-grade glass. It does not react with other essences, ensuring the safety of using the roller.

Why Diaminy Hydra Roller
Diaminy Hydra Roller Size

Size Available & Function of Diaminy Hydra Roller


0.25mm needle length, suitable for improving eye wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, reducing melanin in daily skincare routines, whitening and hydrating sensitive skin with redness, and promoting skin nutrient absorption


0.5mm needle length is suitable for improving facial acne marks, fine lines, and enlarged pores. It can introduce essences, hyaluronic acid, or freeze-dried powder to achieve whitening, hydrating, skin firming, spot fading, acne mark removal, pore tightening, and other effects.


1.0mm needle is suitable for removing acne scars, dark spots, stretch marks, and making the skin smooth and firm.

1.5mm & 2.0mm

This length is more suitable for scalp treatments, such as hair loss and hair regrowth therapies involving the middle layer. Therefore, it is generally better suited for professional mesotherapy treatment, typically done by specialized nurses or doctors in a SPA.

FDA Certified Hydra Roller Manufacturer

Quality is fundamental to Diaminy’s existence. We carefully select raw materials and rigorously control the production processes to ensure our hydra roller meet international standards. Improving product performance and safety helps our customers enhance the safety and stability of their projects.

We are honored to have received FDA certification, which signifies the stability, safety, and reliability of our products.

Diaminy FDA certificates for hydra needles
Hydra Roller Quality Control

How We Control the Quality?

As a leading hydra roller manufacturer, Diaminy places great importance on product quality. Our professional quality control team comprises 2 QC members and 1 QA member. We conduct thorough checks and tests from raw material procurement and selection to production to ensure the highest standards.               

We check the quality by hand; each hydra roller will be inspected before packing it into the box and will be double check before sale. It ensures the product pass rate reaches 99.92%.

Real Voice from Our World-wide User

Witness the Miracle of using the Hydra Roller

Hydra roller is a simple and essential beauty device during mesotherapy treatment. It is suitable for delivering various essences such as whitening skin, removing wrinkles, repairing acne scars, and repairing hair loss. It works and is effective.
Moreover, we can use it at home and do different treatments ourselves. We want to share some actual before and after photos from our customers.

Hydra roller for Scalp treatment

Scalp treatment for hair growth

Hydra roller for Skin Smooth Treatment

Spot removal before and after

Hydra roller for Acne treatment

Acne treatment before and after

Hydra roller for stretch marks

Stretch marks removal

Skin smoothing treatment

Skin smoothing treatment

Wrinkles removle under eyes

How to use Hydra roller

How to Use Hydra Roller 64 needles?

Cleanse the face with facial cleanser to ensure cleanliness.
Wipe the face with saline solution, then disinfect with iodine to ensure skin sterility.
Pour the prepared essence into a Hydra roller bottle and gently shake 2-3 times.
After cleaning the application area with saline, roll the hydra roller needle downward and the bottle upward evenly on the skin surface, rolling continuously for 15-20 minutes.
After rolling, wait 15-20 minutes until the essence is fully absorbed.
Use a repairing facial mask to ensure rapid closure of the needle punctures and prevent infection.

How to Use Hydra Roller 64 Needles at Home?

What Kinds of Problem Can Be Solved with Hydra Roller 64 Needles?

Improve acne marks and pits,smooth skin
Improve redness, reduce redness
Improve sunspots, resist melanin,
Deeply hydrate and moisturize, make skin elastic, and radiant.
Stimulate the scalp follicles and promote hair growth.
What kinds of skin problem hydra roller can be used
Hydra Roller Treatment Aftercare

Hydra Roller Treatment Aftercare

Don't touch water within 12 hours after using the hydra roller 64 needles, and you can clean your face with pure water or saltwater.
Wait to use a facial cleanser within two days.
Don't use makeup for two days, especially powder and foundation liquid.
Use repairing facial masks or moisturizing essences within 48 hours.
Avoid exploring in the sunshine.

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Using a hydra roller to introduce exosomes skin booster material can help the exosomes be quickly absorbed by the skin, achieving the goal of improving skin issues.

Hyaluroinic Acid Essence for Hydra Roller 64 needles

 A hydra roller with 64 needles effectively pierces the superficial skin tissue. Coupled with hyaluronic acid essence, it can help the skin retain moisture and radiance.

VC for Hydra Roller 64 needles

Vitamin C essence is a good choice for effectively brightening skin and whitening. Introducing vitamin C with a hydra roller can help the skin efficiently and quickly brighten the skin.

Repairing Facial Mask for Hydra Roller 64 needles

Repairing facial masks is essential after using a hydra roller for face treatment, as it can quickly close needle marks, reduce swelling, and accelerate recovery.