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Diaminy PDO Threads

Introduction of Diaminy Threads

Due to DIAMINY being a factory specializing in surgical sutures, we naturally became the PDO thread manufacturers. Our PDO threads range is complete, encompassing mono threads, screw threadsnose threadscog threadseyes threads, multi-threads, mesh threads and molding cog threads, etc. Importantly, as a professional PDO thread manufacturers, we not only produce these commonly used collagen threads but also offer the ability to customize special threads according to customer drawings and requirements.

Since we manufacture medical devices, our workshops and production environment strictly adhere to medical-grade standards, ensuring the quality and safety of our facial threads. We offer one of the least invasive PDO threads to help reposition sagging skin while stimulating collagen and elastin production to give patients defined features while maintaining a more naturally youthful look.

If you ask what Diaminy is most proud of, it would undoubtedly be our cog threads and all our cannula threads products. This is because every cannula, from the tip’s design to the needle surface’s smoothness and the detailed treatment of the inner needle wall, undergoes high-standard processing. This ensures that during the usage, doctors find it easy to insert, experience smoothness, and encounter no issues like redness, inflammation, or piercing of blood vessels. This, in turn, enhances customer satisfaction.

In the past ten years, Diaminy has played a role as one of the leading PDO thread suppliers, and our threads are hot selling in the North American and European markets. We are honored to have gained many repeat customers and loyal fans who love Diaminy PDO threads. So, buy PDO threads online, Diaminy shop is your first choice.

Diaminy Main PDO Threads

Why Diaminy PDO Threads Are Popular?

Diaminy PDO Thread Material

Diaminy is a trustworthy PDO threads suppliers. Our PDO face threads are made of natural material, and we buy from Samyang, who specializes in making PDO sutures.

Diaminy PDO Thread Handle Material

Diaminy PDO threads are made of pure medical-grade PP material. No peculiar smell, much safer for your thread lift treatment, won’t cause inflammation and allergy side effects.

Diaminy PDO Threads tensile Test

Diaminy PDO cog threads are strong enough for lifting.
It can afford 5.1N at most and has solid and slender barbs, which can better lift sagging skin. And it is not easy to break and can bring better lifting results.

Diaminy Threads Cog Cannula

The bullet cannula tip is specially designed for our blunt cannula cog threads. It’s smooth and easy to insert, won’t break capillaries, and avoids blood bleeding and bruising.

Daiminy Threads Cannula Wall

Diaminy’s barbed threads cannula wall are clean and smooth. No burr on the tube wall, reduce the risks of swelling, allergic and inflammation.No burr on the tube wall, reduce the risks of swelling, allergic and inflammation.

Diaminy Mono Threads Needle Tip

5-bevel tip needle is special design for all sharp needle threads such as PDO mono threads and PDO screw threads. The two additional bevels create a flatter & thinner surface that make the injection process less painful.

Diaminy Barbed Threads

Doctors love our PDO cog threads most. We are proud to make smooth and long barbs on each cog thread suture, ensuring a good lifting tensile that produces fantastic effects and a thick barb that lasts longer.

Types of PDO Thread We Offer

Diaminy’s goal is to act as a professional PDO threads suppliers. We have been dedicated to the research and innovation of various threads to meet the diverse treatment requirements of our clients. Therefore, with more than ten years of development, the variety of Diaminy threads has increased significantly. We have developed 11 types of PDO threads, primarily used for face lift threading, filling, wrinkle removal, and skin tightening. This range of threads aims to achieve comprehensive anti-aging effects

  • PDO Mono Thread: Mono thread consists of a smooth PDO suture and a slender sharp needle. It used for tightening loose skin and reducing fine lines.
  • PDO Screw Thread: This threads are attached to the sharp needle in a spiral way. It used for treatment of forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, and other body parts.
  • PDO Intensive Screw Thread:This suture length is much more longer than mono threads and screw threads, but it’s better results for skin tightening and wrinkles removal.
  • PDO Eye Thread: Eye thread uses a blunt needle and USP6/0 suture to treat wrinkles around the eyes, tear troughs, and dark circles under the eyes.
  • PDO Nose Thread: It consists L-shaped blunt cannula, it used for the higher bridge of the nose, higher columella, and correct unattractive nose shape, like crooked noses.
  • PDO Cog Thread: It’s a v lift thread. It has two types of cannula tips, including, the L cannula tip and the W cannula tip. The barbs on the threads can grab the tissue steadily and lift the sagging skin.
  • PDO Molding Cog Threads: It also called PDO Sculpted Thread.  We have three tpes ncluding C-type, Z-type, Y-type, and fish bone threads, are thicker and have thicker cogs, bringing better lifting effects.
  • PDO Fish Bone Thread: It is most popular type among all the PDO lifting thread., the tensile is strong than normal cog thread.
  • PDO Cog Mesh Thread: Used to fill in sunken areas to make the face fuller and more attractive.
  • PDO Multi Thread: It is composed of multiple smooth threads, which is 10 times more effective than a single smooth thread.
  • PDO Cog Threads with Double Needles: It’s also a PDO lifting thread Each end of the thread has a needle, which can be used to contour the entire face.

Diaminy PDO Threads Before and After

Are you still worried about the risks of incisions required for plastic surgery?

People who love beauty have made various attempts to solve the problem of facial sagging. Facial thread lift is considered to be the safest and most effective solution.

The main differences between facelift and thread lift lie in the level of trauma and the targeted areas. Facelift surgery involves larger incisions, resulting in more significant trauma, while thread lifting causes minimal wounds.

It does not require the risk of plastic surgery, saves time and money, and does not compromise the effect. It can respond to the needs of most beauty lovers. Diaminy is a PDO threads suppliers emphasizing the research, development, and sales of related medical aesthetic consumables. Diaminy also attaches great importance to the effect of thread lift treatment. We are ready to provide more thread lift before and after pictures from our partners. Hereby, we would like to show you the cog thread lift before and after and the nose thread before and after as below:

Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 5
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 3
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 2
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 8
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 6
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 4
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 1
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift 7

Diaminy’s collagen threads are our best PDO threads because they are tensile solid. You can get effective results and see a big difference immediately after the PDO threads lift. Thanks to your clients and end-users for sharing these collagen threads before and after with us. These threads lift before and after pictures that are not aesthetically pleasing but authentic without modification. If you want to shop threads online, don’t miss Diaminy’s PDO v lift thread.

pdo nose thread lift before and after
pdo nose thread lift before and after 1
pdo nose thread lift before and after 5
pdo nose thread lift before and after 6

Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, there is a non-surgical nose job called nose thread lift. It is indeed the best choice. Nose thread lift is affordable, has no side effects or surgical risks, and does not require a recovery period. Most importantly, we can achieve results similar to surgical rhinoplasty without the need for any incisions. Diaminy’s nose threads do work well for nose shaping. Seeing is believing; please refer to the nose thread before and after photos shared by our customers below. Want the same beautiful nose? Do not hesitate to buy PDO threads in our online shop.

Diaminy PDO Thread Lift Video

PDO thread lift is a very safe and non-surgical facial lifting procedure. It involves using PDO threads to create a supportive structure beneath the skin, lifting sagging skin, and slowing down the signs of facial aging. Thread lift procedure is relatively simple, safe, and easy to perform, making it an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

The success of thread lifting is crucial for achieving the desired effects and ensuring the safety and comfort of the patients. Therefore, the proper execution of thread lifting is of utmost importance. A skilled and careful thread lift procedure contributes not only to the outcome of the cosmetic enhancement but also to the well-being of the patients.
We are pleased to share our thread lift video below and Warmly welcome everyone to engage in discussions with us about PDO thread lift techniques!

Real Story with Diaminy PDO Threads

Real Story With Diaminy

My name is Faby Alvarez Huerta. I am an aesthetics doctor from Mexico. Before I bought Diaminy’s threads, I used several PDO threads brands; some were difficult to insert, some were ineffective, and some even broke within only two or three months. It caused a lot of problems for me, and my patients are not happy with the face lift threading treatment and the results.
Fortunately, when I met Diaminy in 2015, everything changed. I started with a small quantity. I remember just one bag of cog thread 21g 90mm.
It was incredible; fast delivery and the package was well-packed. I use 6pcs for my mother. The thread lift procedure was smooth and fast, and we got strong lifting results. My mum was so excited with her face.
I never bought other brands’ threads in the past eight years, only Diaminy’s PDO threads. Their quality is stable. And they helped me a lot in my business career.
Thanks, Astrid, and thanks, Diaminy.

I am Carlos Espinola from Switzerland. I am so glad to share my happy business experience with Diaminy.
I have bought almost all of their products for my SPA, such as facial threads, dermal filler, and microcannula, since 2016. My patients are satisfied with all the treatments, and I have many repeat customers because of the good results. Especially their PDO threads, it should be the best PDO threads brands.
Their sales team is professional, responsible, and patient. Especially Astrid, we are not business partners, but good friends. What is more incredible is that I met Astrid in Sao Paul this September.
I love to buy from them and will definitely continue working with them.

Realy story with Diaminy pdo threads

FAQ About Diaminy PDO Threads

The comparison between thread lifting and hyaluronic acid filler involves two different techniques in the field of medical aesthetics. They have advantages and applications in addressing various issues and achieving different effects. Here is a basic comparison of thread lift and filler injection:

Advantages and Applications of Thread Lift):

  1. Lifting and Tightening Effect: PDO thread lift involves the insertion of absorbable PDO threads, stimulating collagen to tighten the skin and lift facial contours; it is particularly effective for lifting facial sagging and looseness.
  2. Overall Improvement: Thread lifting can enhance the overall condition of the face, reducing wrinkles and improving sagging and loose skin, achieving a more youthful appearance.
  3. Lifting Effect: The design of barbed threads can achieve a more pronounced lifting effect, suitable for areas that require significant elevation.

Advantages and Applications of Hyaluronic Acid Filler:

  1. Filling Depressions: Hyaluronic acid filler can be used to fill facial depressions, especially in nasolabial folds, temple, and smile lines, by lifting tissues to smooth the skin’s surface.
  2. Smoothing Wrinkles: Fillers support fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface, making the skin appear smoother.
  3. Localized Enhancement: The filler is more suitable for precise and localized enhancements, allowing for precise injections according to specific needs.

In summary, choosing PDO thread lifts or filler injection depends on the individual’s needs and the specific conditions of facial issues. Sometimes, doctors may recommend combining these two techniques to achieve a more comprehensive effect. Before undergoing any aesthetic medicine treatment, it is advisable to consult with a professional doctor who can tailor a suitable plan based on individual circumstances.

  • PDO thread lift treatment costs vary in different places. The cost varied from 800$ to 5000$. The cost depends on the following factors:
  • Where do you get treatment
  • Which project you will get
  • Which types of threads you will use
  • The number of threads needed
  • Your expectation for treatment
  • The level of your practitioners

According to a massive amount of actual thread lift treatment feedback, PDO (Polydioxanone) threads begin to be absorbed by the skin approximately one month after implantation. After three months, the results will be most pleasing. It will be fully absorbed within 8-12 months. However, the duration is different from person to person.

The risk of PDO thread lift is much lower than that of plastic surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not require surgery and has short downtime and recovery time. When performed by a professional, the risk of scarring, severe bruising, and bleeding is shallow, and the entire treatment is painless and painless for the patient and can be completed in basically a lunch hour.

Yes, they have often publicly confessed to medical aesthetics adjustments to their faces and bodies. We can compare the current data with where they were located in 2007. This transformation is unique and beautiful. After face lifting threads treatment, we can see that their entire facial contour will be fuller, their skin will be more elastic, and the lips, eyebrows, cheeks, mandible, nose, and other body parts will have a amazing lifting effect.
Actually, not only Kardashians but also Chinese superstars are doing PDO thread lifts now and then. Because it’s really work

As far as we know, there are many PDO thread manufacturers. Based on comprehensive judgment, the top three currently include Mintpdo from South Korea, Novathread from the United States, and Yastrid Threads from China.

  • Quality: Novathread>Yastrid>Mintpdo
  • Price advantage: Yastrid>Mintpdo>Novathread
  • Effect duration: Yastrid>Novathread>Mintpdo

PDO and PCL are two different types of biodegradable materials. Through clinical validation, both materials are entirely absorbable by the human body, so these are widely used in the medical aesthetics industry. However, PDO and PCL are typically different in the following aspects:

  1. Duration:  PDO(Polydioxanone) threads generally last 6-12 months, while PCL threads last 3-5 years.
  2. Color: PDO threads are blue, while PCL threads are white and transparent.
  3. Hardness: PDO threads are relatively firm, while PCL threads are softer.
  4. Comfort: PDO may lead to swelling and discomfort, whereas PCL threads are less likely to cause swelling and provide a stronger sense of comfort.
  5. Lifting Effect: PDO barbed threads exhibit a more pronounced lifting effect. PCL barbed threads may not be as strong in lifting, but they look more natural.

It’s important to note these differences when choosing the face threads for our medical aesthetic procedures.