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For more than ten years, DIAMINY has been focusing on the research and development of various facial lifting threads. Among them, nose thread is one of the best-selling products. The production workshop covers more than 6,000 square meters, introducing advanced equipment, and continuously investing funds and money to develop higher-level products.

As a nose threads supplier, we focus on all aspects of production, from the purchase of raw materials, and production to packaging and transportation. Diaminy focuses on details and quality to meet the needs of each customer and provides customers with comprehensive solutions to help beauty lovers restore youthful and satisfied appearance.

As a professional nose threads manufacturer, DIAMINY PDO and PCL nose threads are well received among customers from all over the world. PDO nose threads and PCL nose threads are both absorbable sutures specially developed to reshape the nose. The nose thread is thicker than the general facial lifting thread. After being placed along the bridge of the nose, it can make the bridge of the nose higher, In the case of a nasal bump or a crooked nose, PDO nose thread lifts can effectively reshape the nasal tissues.

Diaminy Hot-selling Nose Threads Product Category

The Reason for The High Repurchase Rate of Diaminy Nose Threads

PCL nose thread lift procedure


Instant improvement, significant effect

These threads act both as a scaffolding structure, helping to contour and shape the nose to the desired state, and as collagen stimulators, promoting the production of new collagen, and providing a sustainable and long-lasting lift to the nose. After insertion, patients will immediately see a higher nose bridge or the curved nose bridge will be corrected. This effect is very obvious and not as exaggerated as rhinoplasty surgery.

The effect lasts up to 3 to 4 years

Compared with filler injection for nose, nose thread lift for nose enhancement lasts longer. PDO lasts shorter, about 6 months to 12 months, but PCL nose threads can last up to 3 or even 4 years. The non-invasive procedure takes a short time but can last for a long time, making it a great option for people who don’t want to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.

Non-surgical procedure with short downtime

Non invasive nose enhancement with nose threads only requires inserting 5-10 nose threads into an incision below the tip of the nose. The operation time is about 30 minutes. After the operation, only a band-aid is needed to cover the wound. The procedure only takes about a week. During the recovery period, you can fully return to your daily life.
Diaminy nose thread lift before and after

Nose Thread Lift Procedure Process

2 Weeks after Thread Lift

nose thread lift before and after
nose thread lift before and after
nose thread lift before and after

The condition of the nose

Two weeks after the nose threading operation, the nose has returned to its most perfect state – the redness, swelling, and bruises have disappeared, and the discomfort has disappeared. Besides, the thread is slowly merging with the skin, gradually stimulating the production of collagen. The threads for nose are firmer and the skin around the nose is gradually tighter. It takes about three months for thread for nose lifting to reach its peak effect.

How should I take care of my nose 2 weeks after thread lift?

Although the various redness, swelling, and bruises are gone, be careful not to cause infection or other complications in the incision;

Keep your skincare routine simple and avoid strenuous exercise;

Maintain a healthy lifestyle;

Pay attention to sun protection;

Keep observing the condition of your nose and follow up if any unexpected situation occurs.

Nose Thread Lift Before and After

Diaminy nose thread before and after
Diaminy nose thread before and after
Diaminy nose thread before and after
Diaminy nose thread before and after
Diaminy nose thread before and after
Diaminy nose thread before and after

Side Effects of Nose Thread Lift

nose thread lift before and after

The effect of nose threads is short and can only last for 3 to 4 years at most. It is not a long-term effect. Therefore, regular procedures are required to maintain the expected shape of the nose.

During the insertion operation of Hiko nose threads, due to an unclean environment, various skin problems may occur, such as infection and inflammation, more serious hematoma, or other skin allergic reactions. Some people have stronger self-healing abilities, while others have more sensitive skin around their noses.

After the nose cog thread is inserted along the bridge of the nose, if it moves or falls off, it will be difficult to maintain. Therefore, during operation, the threads for the nose should be made more secure, and attention should be paid to strictly cutting off the remaining thread to prevent the thread from being outside the nose. If it is not, threads will fall off slowly.

Nose threads have limited ability to shape the nose. It is generally used to increase the bridge of the nose, narrow the tip of the nose, and reshape the nose frame. Fillers can be applied more flexibly according to the injection doctor’s technique and patients’ expectations. The two operations can be performed at the same time to achieve better nose-shaping effect.

Nose Thread Lift vs Filler Injection

nose thread lift

The operations are different

Nose enhancement with nose threads is to insert PDO and PCL nose threads through the incision below the tip of the nose, and approximately 6 to 12 threads are inserted.

Fillers are injected into the tip and bridge of the nose using a syringe and blunt needle. According to the expectations of patients, practitioners design to inject different doses at different locations.

Operation time

The time required for Hiko nose thread treatment is slightly longer than that with filler, and both last about 15 minutes to half an hour.

The duration varies

Fillers can last from three months to half a year, while nose threads, especially PCL nose threads, can last up to three years.

Postoperative trauma is different

Nose lifting with threads can hide the incision for thread insertion, while filler incisions generally cannot be hidden, but the recovery time for both is very short. Although there will be slight swelling and bruising after the operation, it will take about a week to return to normal.

Different results 

In addition to reshaping the shape of the nose, PDO nose threads can make the nose more straight, tighten the nose, and reduce the size of the nose tip;

In addition, Hiko nose threads reduce the wrinkles on both sides of the nose and tighten the skin near the nose.

Fillers have a strong ability to shape the nose, and the doctor can reshape the nose according to your expectations. But it has no skin-tightening effect.

nose filler injection

PDO Nose Threads vs PCL Nose Threads

PDO nose threads vs. PCL nose threads

The maintenance time is different

This is the biggest difference between the two. The former lasts for 6-12 months, while the latter can last for 24-36 months.

Different softness

The nose PDO thread is harder, while the PCL nose thread is softer.

Therefore, the experience of the thread for nose lifting the nose is different, and the insertion experience of PCL is more comfortable.

However, the PDO material is stiffer, leading to a more elevated nose shape when using PDO threads. When doing nose thread threading, both threads can be used at the same time.

The storage environment is different

The melting temperature of PDO threads is 90 degrees, and that of PCL is 60 degrees. Therefore, the storage environment of PCL nose threads is more strict. So pay attention to the temperature of the storage environment.

Food to Avoid after Nose Thread Lift

Food to Avoid

food to avoid after nose thread lift
food to avoid after nose thread lift
food to avoid after nose thread lift
  1. Seafood Seafood will prolong the healing time of nose line incision.
  2. Avoid eating hard foods in the first two weeks, which will cause you to overuse your facial muscles;
  3. Do not eat spicy food and drink alcohol in the first week.

Suggested Food

food to avoid after nose thread lift
food to avoid after nose thread lift
food to avoid after nose thread lift
  1. Eat more fruits rich in vitamin C to provide important vitamins to the body;
  2. Eat more grains and nuts to increase the body’s resistance.