Hydra Needle

What Is A Hydra Needle?

Hydra needle belongs to the microneedle series and is one of the medical aesthetic tools in mesotherapy. It is mainly used on the face or scalp. Compared with other microneedle medical beauty tools, its advantages are more prominent. In addition to establishing microchannels on the skin surface to facilitate solution penetration, the solution can also be filled into the bottle, which reduces the possibility of solution waste and facilitates solution penetration into the microchannels of the skin. Because its operation still requires skin puncture, Diaminy will pay special attention to the safety and sterile environment of the production process. 

Due to the complex manufacturing process, there are currently very few factories that can independently produce this product. As a hydra needle manufacturer, our customers are not only retail users but also some cross-border brands and hydra needle suppliers. Currently, Diaminy’s website is selling. There are two products, namely Hydra needle roller 64 and Hydra needle 20. If you want to know the difference between them, you can continue to browse the content of this page. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time. If you want to buy hydra needle online, you can directly click on the link below.

Micro Infusion Hydra Needle Benefits

Easy to operate and easy to carry.

Suitable for various treatment methods such as mesotherapy.

Smooth liquid discharge to promote solution absorption.

There is no location restriction for use, and you can operate it at home.

It can be filled with any solution without specification limitations, such as minoxidil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, etc.

The unit price is much lower than that of the Derma RollerDerma Pen, and other types of medical beauty tools.

Why Choose Diaminy Hydra Needle?

High-quality Stainless Steel Needles

Made of imported stainless steel raw materials, due to its high precision and small production errors, the diameter of each stainless steel needle can be guaranteed to be less than a hair. The needles are arranged neatly, leaving very small wounds on the skin surface, causing no skin bruising and basically no recovery period.

The Product Has Comprehensive Functions

It can deliver nutrients to the dermis and epidermis of the skin very well and will not damage skin cells or cause any damage to the skin. Effectively solves multiple skin problems such as rough and dry skin, water-oil imbalance, facial fine lines and spots, etc.

Activate Skin Protection Wisdom

Mesotherapy can activate the skin's repair mechanism and immune system, allowing the skin to better resist ultraviolet rays in the sun and dust in the air, enhance skin resistance, and reduce multiple sensitive skin issues such as seasonal allergies.

Promote Cell Regeneration

Hydra needle treatment can remove old skin cells and cuticles and promote skin regeneration by stimulating skin repair, accelerating the regeneration of collagen and elastin, increasing skin metabolism, restoring skin elasticity, and leaving skin with a radiant glow.
Why Choose Diaminy Hydra Needle
How Does The Factory Control The Quality Of The Hydra Needle

How Does The Factory Control The Quality Of The Hydra Needle?

As hydra needle manufacturers, Diaminy has always required itself to use good materials and high standards as the core of production. Diaminy chooses to import high-quality Titanium from Japan. 

After more than a hundred polishing processes, it strictly ensures that the diameter of each needle does not exceed 0.13mm. All needles produced will go through three inspection processes: density testing, quality testing, and toughness testing before assembly. Only needles that have passed quality inspection will proceed to the next step.

The bottle body is made of medical nano-grade glass. The advantage of this raw material is that it has strong plasticity, is not easy to melt or volatilize in high-temperature environments, and does not produce any harmful substances to the human body. 

The entire production environment of the factory is sterile, with constant temperature and humidity. Secondary sterilization is performed before packaging. The entire production process complies with CE and ISO inspection standards.

Hydra Needle Roller 64 VS. Hydra Needle Stamp 20

Products Name

Hydra Needle Roller 64

Hydra Needle Stamp 20




Needle Number

64 pin

20 pin

Capacity of vial



Vial material



Needle Type

Needle Roller

Straight Needle

Available Needle Length

0.25 mm, 0.5 mm. 1.0 mm

0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm


Roll Press

Press Vertically

What Is The Hydra Needle Used For?

The micro infusion hydra needle is mainly used in mesotherapy. It uses tiny needles to puncture the skin or open tiny channels on the skin to accelerate the penetration and absorption of the solution in the bottle, promote the transdermal absorption of active ingredients, and accelerate the elimination of pigments in the dermal layer. Promote cell turnover and repair the skin barrier. 

It can solve skin problems of different depths, such as fine lines around the eyes, whitening and lightening spots, reducing acne marks and pits, etc. The treatment depth does not exceed 1.5mm. It mainly acts on the epidermis, and most of the kinetic energy on the market, hyaluronic acid, and other products can be used.

 Since the melanin appearing on the surface of the skin mainly stays in the basal layer, and its skin depth is less than 1.5mm, the use of a hydra needle can effectively deal with the problem of melanin accumulation in the skin and has a good effect on solving acne marks, spots, and redness.

What Is The Hydra Needle Used For
Hydra Needle VS Microneedling

What Is The Difference Between Hydra Needle And Microneedling?

Hydra needle, derma pen, and derma roller are both tools for microneedle treatment. The difference is that HR64 and hydra needle stamp 20 are more innovative products. 

Hydra needle treatment not only establishes tiny channels in the skin but also promotes solution absorption. It also has the function of automatically injecting solution, which greatly reduces the waste of solution. In addition to design, there are also big differences in treatment. It is better at treating skin problems such as hair loss, pigmentation, fine lines, and acne marks.

If you have problems with facial acne and pimples, Diaminy still recommends using other types of tools, such as derma rollers.

Can You Reuse The Hydra Needle?

These medical beauty tools are disposable. We still recommend using alcohol or iodophor to disinfect them before use. We recommend checking whether the needle has become blunt before use for micro infusion hydra needle that can be used multiple times. If the sharpness of the needle changes, please lose it. Forcible use may cause damage to the skin.

how to use hydra needle at home

Usage Scenarios Of Hydra Needle Treatment Before & After

Hydra needle for hair loss

It can very easily fill the bottle with minoxidil and other hair loss treatment solutions and then press it on the hair loss area. If you do not want to use anesthetic products or are sensitive to anesthetic products, you can choose to use a needle with a length of less than 0.6mm.

Hydra needle for hair loss
Hydra needle for hair loss
Hydra needle for hair loss

Hydra needle for acne marks

It is convenient to deal with small details on the face, such as acne marks. Depending on the product selected, the treatment area can be rolled or pressed.

Hydra needle for acne marks
Hydra needle for acne marks
Hydra needle for acne marks

Hydra needle to remove fine lines

You can choose type III collagen or other products to treat fine lines around the eyes or other parts of the face.

Hydra needle to remove fine lines
Hydra needle to remove fine lines
Hydra needle to remove fine lines

Hydra needle for lighten spots

Using 0.6mm and 0.5mm products with spot-whitening solutions can easily solve the problem of pigment accumulation in the dermis and epidermis, making your skin glow again.

Hydra needle for lighten spots
Hydra needle for lighten spots
Hydra needle for lighten spots