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Diaminy multi injector needles

What Is Diaminy Multi Injector Needle?

With outstanding performance, Diaminy’s multi injector needle obtained FDA certification in 2023. As a manufacturer of medical aesthetic consumables with many years of production experience, Diaminy is committed to providing consumers with safe and convenient injectors. Among them, crystal multi needles are hot-selling products. Diaminy provides 3 pin multi needle, 4 pin multi needle, crystal 5 pin multi needle, 9 pin crystal multi needle, and other types.

Multi injector needles are composed of multiple thin needles, which can effectively achieve injections for larger treated areas. Multiple needle injectors can be used for injecting medicine into the face, body, and scalp. In a short time, multi needle mesotherapy can improve skin texture and solve hair loss problems. They have advantages in less pain and fewer acupuncture marks. The multi injectors can be used in conjunction with syringes or injection guns to perform mesotherapy. Manual use allows for more precise injections, while using multi needles with an injection gun combines both precision and efficiency. It is considered the most efficient injection needle for doctors and nurses, receiving unanimous recognition and repeat purchases.

Diaminy Crystal Multi Injector Needle Specification

Diaminy Multi Injector Needles Obtained FDA Certification

Diaminy cannula needle FDA certificates

Diaminy multi injector needles were certified by FDA in 2023. It is an efficient and safe injection stool, which can be connected to syringes and injector machines. Diaminy crystal multi needles is composed of 5 bevels, and are produced by a special process. The process minimizes the comfort caused by inserting and reduces the marks of injecting.

DIAMINY’s crystal multi injector needles are produced with medical-grade steel imported from Japan and using high-precision cutting and grinding machines. Its production workshop strictly follows the standards of medical consumables, creating a dry and sterile production environment. All products will be sterilized using EO gas before packaging to ensure the safety of each product.

Multi Injector Needle VS. Single Needle

Quite a few people wonder when to use multiple needles, and when to use single needles. The question depends on the specific situation, like what procedure is being performed and what expectations the patients have.
Multi injectors with needles for mesotherapy can improve injection efficiency and reduce the time of injection. The method is particularly beneficial when dealing with larger treatment areas. The use of multi injector needles allows for a shorter treatment time, thus reducing the discomfort of patients.
On the other hand, the single needle approach is simpler to use and can achieve more precise injections. This is especially advantageous in procedures where pinpoint accuracy is crucial. While the single needle method has the advantage of precision, it may lack the efficiency of multiple needles when it comes to covering larger areas.
Ultimately, the choice between crystal multi needles and single needles depends on the specific requirements of the procedure and the desired outcomes, balancing factors such as precision, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Diaminy multi needle vs meso needle

Application of Multi Injector Needles in Mesotherapy

Diaminy multi injector needle used for mesotherapy

People prefer non-invasive beauty treatment, and mesotherapy has received keen attention. Injecting vitamins, HA, collagen, and other substances into the skin can noticeably reduce wrinkles and promote skin firmness and elasticity.

As a powerful stool for mesotherapy, multi needle injector can complete fast and precise injections. The following is the application of each needle in different areas;

  • Crystal 3 pin multi needles and 4 pin needles have small needles and are used for injections under the eyes.
  • Crystal 5 pin multi needle, 9 pin crystal multi needle, and 16 pin needles are used for injections on the face, scalp, or other parts of the body.

Crystal multi needle can inject the following substances, but is not limited to:

Vitamin, HA, Collagen, Peptide, drugs for the scalp, Hair growth.

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FAQ About Multi Injector Needle

Crystal multi injector needle is an efficient injector used for mesotherapy. It can inject low-concentration injection solutions, such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and other substances. Injecting the substances into the middle layer of the skin can enhance skin quality and achieve multi-functionality. The effect is to reduce skin dullness, reduce skin fine lines, increase skin elasticity, and relieve skin acne scars. In addition, hair growth factors can be injected to treat hair loss.

The 1.5mm crystal 5 pin multi needle is often used in mesotherapy. The mesotherapy injector 5 pins can be connected to a syringe for manual injection, or it can be installed on an injection machine used for automatic injection.

Diaminy’s crystal multi needle is composed of a crystal-like base. It is a hot-selling product among mesotherapy needle multi injectors. The needle tip is sharp, short, and extremely thin, which can achieve efficient and fast injection.

Before using needles for mesotherapy, anesthetic cream will be used to anesthetize the area to be injected. The face will become numb, so there will be no obvious pain during the process. There will be some stinging and pain after the procedure. It will disappear the next day.

Generally, crystal 3 pin needles, 4 pin multi needles, and 5 pin multi needles are connected to syringes for manual injection; Besides, 5 pin mesotherapy needles, 9 pin needles, and 16 pin needles are used with machines for automatic machine injection, so different needs require different needles.

First of all, qualified multi injector needles must meet some qualification requirements, such as FDA and CE certification; By these standards, customers can judge whether multi injector needle suppliers are qualified, as well as the performance and safety of the product;

Secondly, pay attention to the customer feedback of multi needle mesotherapy and look for real customer feedback, thus learning about the performance of the product and avoiding defective products.

Finally, pay attention to the multi injector needles manufacturer’s website and various accounts to judge the manufacturer’s professionalism and track various real-time information from the supplier.