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About Diaminy Derma Pen

As a derma pen manufacturer, Diaminy has made revolutionary changes in the design and manufacturing process. The product models currently sold are E6, E7, G7 and G8. It is an automatic microneedle equipment that can be used at home to treat skin blemishes, tighten the skin, and improve cell vitality. The needle delivery speed is adjusted according to skin condition and tolerance, with six frequencies for you to choose from; the needle length range is 0-2.5mm, ensuring that problems in different areas and skin layers can be treated. The set is equipped with a packaging box, travel case, microneedling pen , charging cable, charging plug, user manual, and two disposable cartridges, which can be used by medical professionals and beauty lovers anytime and anywhere.

We attach great importance to product innovation and user experience, from performance configuration, functional effects, related accessories, appearance design, product packaging, service, and after-sales. Determined to become your trustworthy and followed derma pen supplier; if you want to buy derma pen online that is better than Dr.Pen, please don’t miss Diaminy. You can click the button below to enter the dermapen store directly or leave your purchase needs or suggestions at We will proactively contact you within 24 hours.

Various Models of Derma Pens Meet Your Higher Requirements

Diaminy Dermapen Benefits

diaminy derma pen


In terms of manufacturing process:

  • The 3-layer 3D lock fixed connection is strong and does not easily fall off, and the quick disassembly makes derma pen not easy to remove the microneedle;
  • Built-in German motor, durable, with a maximum speed of 22,000 RPM/Min, precise control of needle frequency and depth;
  • In vertical acupuncture design, the needle diameter is only 0.18mm, which can quickly break down melanin and scars. Made of Japanese 304 stainless steel, it is safe and durable. The 16pin cartridge creates thousands of micro-channels on the skin in seconds;

In use:

  • The best dermapen can be used on any area of the face and body to treat skin problems of different depths and levels;
  • The micro needling pen will not form sores or bruises on the skin surface, and the healing and recovery time is very short, about 3-5 days, and will not have any impact on daily life;
  • Promote the absorption of skin care products, especially active molecules, increasing the absorption rate by 540%;
  • Accelerate the growth of skin cells and promote cell vitality;
  • Derma Pen saves time and cost and can be done at home; it is safe and simple to operate.
diaminy derma pen
Derma Pen with Beauty Function

Derma Pen with Beauty Function

Diaminy launched G7 and G8 as a new generation of microneedle pens with more comprehensive functions. In addition to a powerful motor core and microneedle processing technology, an LED device is added to the pen tip to provide four wavelength modes(470-630nm), providing users with Solving a variety of beauty problems. LED green light has a wavelength of 470nm, and LED blue light has a wavelength of 520nm. These two lights are mainly designed for acne skin and oily skin. They can adjust the water and oil balance of the skin, reduce inflammation and sterilization, and inhibit the growth of acne in the active phase. It can increase cell energy and activity and promote skin cell growth and metabolism. Led red light has a wavelength of 630nm and is known as bioactive light. It can accelerate metabolism, improve skin cell vitality, increase skin elasticity, purify the skin, and have a certain degree of whitening effect.

Application of Derma Pen

Diaminy’s derma needling pen focus on skin rejuvenation and skin care introduction for any part of the face and body.

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, sagging skin, etc. caused by aging
  • Remove deep skin problems such as scars and stretch marks
  • Treat enlarged pores and acne, reduce oil secretion
  • Restore skin elasticity and vitality, and tighten skin.
  • Derma pen helps moisturize the skin, reduce pigmentation and dullness, and even skin tone
  • Derma pen for hair loss, and promote hair growth.
  • Eliminate fat accumulation
Application of Derma Pen

Other Products Used With

As we age, the production speed and renewal frequency of collagen in skin tissue will decrease, making the skin prone to pigmentation, dullness, enlarged pores, and acne and scars. Skin care products can improve it to a certain extent, but the effect is minimal. It is difficult to make the active molecules in skin care products work by simply acting on the surface of the skin. The molecules are relatively large and difficult to be absorbed by the skin. Micro-channels are formed through the micro needling to penetrate into the skin. Using derma pen with serum and moving it allows serum to be better absorbed and removes old skin, leaving skin lighter and clearer.

Vitamin c used with diaminy derma pen
Vitamin C used with Derma Pen
mask device used with diaminy derma pen
Mask Device used with Derma Pen
face mask used with diaminy derma pen
Face Mask used with Derma Pen
hyaluronic acid essence used with diaminy derma pen
Hyaluronic Acid Essence used with Derma Pen

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) at Home with Derma Pen

Collagen induction therapy (CIT) is a cosmetic medicine technology approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It uses dermapen microneedling to break up old skin tissue and damaged proteins in the skin, causing micro-damage to the skin to induce the skin to accelerate the repair process. CIT therapy accelerates the release of growth factors, promotes the production of new elastin and collagen, improves skin structure, function, and appearance, evens skin tone, and rejuvenates the skin.

Diaminy’s derma pen can be used to perform CIT, a non-invasive treatment at home, to solve skin problems such as wrinkles, scars, acne, enlarged pores, etc. Derma pen can thicken the dermis without causing damage to it. The treatment frequency is once every 7-10 days.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Dermapen Before and After

Real user feedback is the most convincing of the effects of the Diaminy derma needling pen, and we would like to express our gratitude to our fans who are willing to show their microneedling before and after photos.

diaminy derma pen before and after
diaminy derma pen before and after
diaminy derma pen before and after
diaminy derma pen before and after

Diaminy’s Derma Pen VS Dr Pen

diaminy derma pen vs drpen

The configuration of Diaminy-E6 is similar to that of Dr Pen M8. E6 has all the features and advantages of M8. But in terms of core technology – the motor, we are more advanced than the M8. Diaminy’s derma pen has a built-in German motor, which has strong stability and can ensure a strong rotation speed. The maximum motor speed of the dr pen microneedling-M8 is 15,000RPM/Min, while the Diaminy derma pen-E6 has a speed of up to 22,000RPM/Min. This means that within the same period of time, the Diaminy’s micro needling pen can have faster needle removal and higher work efficiency, saving operating time and making it easier to absorb skin care products.

In order to continue this advantage, Diaminy has developed and launched the upgraded E7S. Based on the E6, it continues to upgrade the motor to have a lower failure rate and a more stable operation. The core technology of the microneedle pen lies in the motor, which ensures the long-lasting durability of the product and is what sets Diaminy apart from other brands.

We get a lot of dermapen reviews for Dr.pen. Many users reported that the current microneedle pens sold by dr pen microneedling are not able to treat active acne and will cause the acne to become more serious after treatment. To address this problem, Diaminy’s team developed G7 and G8 as this year’s flagship products and launched them on the market. On the basis of E6 and E7S, the G7 and G8 has a new LED light with a wavelength controlled at 470-630nm, which is very suitable for acne-prone skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. It can reduce inflammation and sterilize, calm and purify the skin, and relieve congestion. These two products are the best microneedling pens patented by the Diaminy brand. Currently, Dr Pen has not launched products with similar functions to compete with us.

Paying attention to user needs and upgrading and adjusting products from the user’s perspective is what we have been doing. This is also the reason why Diaminy has developed rapidly in recent years.

User’s Guide

Step1, Clean the skin and keep it dry. Use a cotton ball dipped in topical rubbing alcohol to wipe the skin of the treatment area.

Step2, Wear disposable sterile gloves to disinfect the dermapen microneedlingand related supplies, and then use them after air drying.

Then, apply anesthetic cream and wait for about 10 minutes. After the drug takes effect, use saline to wipe off the remaining anesthetic cream on the skin.

Step 3, Apply the essence that needs to be penetrated to the skin, and then use the microneedling pen at hometo slide over the skin in a cross-motion.

You can also use a circular motion to slide derma pen on your forehead, taking care to avoid the eyes.

Step 4, Adjust the button according to skin tolerance to control the needle discharge frequency of the microneedling derma pen.

We recommend using a 0.5mm needle length on the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones;  a 1mm needle length on the cheek area; a 0.5-1mm needle length on the chin area; a 0.25mm needle length on the smile line, under the eyes, and around the mouth.

Step 5, After treatment, you can use Diaminy’s facial mask to calm and repair the skin, which will take about 15 minutes.

Step 6, We recommend not swimming or strenuous exercise within 24 hours before and after treatment, using physical sun protectionto avoid direct sunlight when going out, and not wearing makeup or participating in activities for 3-5 days.

FAQ About Derma Pen

According to the medical report of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), during the healing process of the skin after multiple treatments with Derma Pen, the amount of melanin is significantly reduced, the amount of collagen and elastin is increased, and the skin becomes firm, delicate and elastic.

Dermapen microneedling can treat multiple skin problems, relieve skin wrinkles and sagging due to aging, reduce melanin and skin spots, even out skin tone and tighten skin, treat deep skin problems such as scars and stretch marks, and Diaminy’s unique G7 and G8 Derma pens. In addition to meeting the above functions; it is also professionally adapted to oily skin, acne skin, and sensitive skin. It is exclusively equipped with LED light to treat active acne.

Derma Roller is cheaper; In terms of use, Derma Pen can touch a wider range of skin surfaces, while Derma Roller is more suitable for flat skin such as cheeks, as it is difficult to operate on areas such as the eye area and nose. Derma Pen can automatically adjust the frequency and length of needles, it can treat a variety of parts and skin problems, while Derma Roller requires manual operation and cannot adjust needle length, so its efficiency and use are limited. In terms of safety, using the Derma Roller can easily lead to skin irritation and bleeding due to improper operation, leading to wound infection and other problems. In a comprehensive comparison, Diaminy recommends that people without medical backgrounds use microneedling pen at home, which is a safer and more effective tool. If you, as a professional, need to purchase a Derma Roller, you can search and purchase it directly on the website.

Any microneedle device will have a probability of causing skin damage, including bleeding, bruising, itching, peeling, etc. Additional treatment is not recommended for these skin problems, which will basically recover naturally after a period of time and will not affect the therapeutic effect of the Derma Pen. You may feel pain when using the Derma Pen, so the user guide provided by Diaminy will prompt the user to use anesthetic cream before and apply it thickly for about 10 minutes to allow the anesthetic cream to fully exert its effect.

The frequency of use does not need to be too frequent. You need to allow time for the skin to heal. We usually recommend at-home treatment once every 7-10 days.

Feedback from most users is that after 3-4 times of use, the skin will become noticeably firmer, smoother, finer, and more shiny. After 3-4 months of use, fine lines, spots, and scars will fade, and the skin will become more elastic. Dermapen for sale on; you and your family and friends are welcome to buy them.

For some teenagers aged 14-19, they can choose to use our G7 or G8 to treat common acne and acne in adolescence. If you have other skin problems, we recommend using our derma pen starting in your twenties. The collagen of young skin will be more sensitive to needle stimulation, and the effect will be more significant. This means that young skin can promote the production of collagen and elastin. will be better.

Active acne contains bacteria, and pricking the pimple can cause the bacteria to be carried on the needle and spread to the surface of the skin in other areas, causing an acne breakout. In the short term, after treatment, the skin may become dehydrated and may deepen facial fine lines. We recommend using the new derma pen, G7/G8, to treat acne-prone skin. The unique LED device can effectively reduce inflammation and sterilize, preventing bacteria from spreading to other healthy areas.

You can only wash your face with warm water 8 hours after Derma Pen treatment. Do not alternate between hot and cold water to avoid irritation to the skin. Facial cleansers, soaps, and facial cleansing brushes with cleansing effects cannot be used in the next 48 hours. Do not engage in activities that may cause the treatment area to become red or hot. Avoid rubbing or exfoliating the treated area for the next week. For very dry skin, apply moisturizer two hours after treatment, and be careful to disinfect your hands. If you want to buy derma pen online, you can click the Shop Now button above to enter.

Mesotherapy mainly uses a 4/12mm mesoneedle to inject a customized mixture of vitamins and other substances into the subdermis to treat skin problems. The injection effect can last for 12-18 months, and supplementary treatments can be performed at intervals of 3-6 months. It needs to be operated by professionals with a medical background. The micro-needle of Derma Pen will leave many puncture marks on the skin during its slow movement to form micro-channels to facilitate the penetration of skin care products. Derma Pen can be completed at home without the need for professional operation. Both can solve a variety of skin problems to a certain extent, and users can choose which method is more suitable for them according to their own conditions. If a professional injecting nurse or doctor needs to purchase Mesoneedle to complete mesotherapy, you can search directly on the website or contact us at

Currently, many brands of microneedle pens are on the market, and their quality varies. As a home beauty instrument, the price of derma pen is not cheap, the cost of trial and error is high. Consumers don’t know how to choose, this is why Many demanding users are discouraged.

Here are our selection suggestions for you. There are currently three major American brands that can be included in your selection, namely Diaminy, Dr Pen, and Skin Pen. Dr Pen M8 is the brand’s best-selling product, but it cannot treat active acne, which causes inconvenience to users with oily and acne-prone skin. Long-term use may induce large-area breakouts. Skinpen microneedling has been promoted for many years as having FDA certification and disinfecting and sterilizing functions. However, due to its immature motor technology, frequent faults occur. Many users have reported to us that the skin pen micro needling often does not work, and the brand makes profits through franchising and does not focus on product updates.

From a professional perspective of derma pen manufacturers, we think Diaminy is the best microneedling pen brand. Derma pen has the effect of disinfection and sterilization and can effectively treat acne. The motor has also been updated to ensure its efficient rotation speed of 22,000 RPM/Min.