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Cog threads are also called barbed threads and v lift threads. It’s the most popular used collagen threads in thread lift procedure. Because there are many barbs on the suture, barbs can effectively catch onto the skin tissue and achieve the effect of lifting sagging skin so that we look much younger. Moreover, the lifting effect is highly significant. Because of this, thread lifting is the most effective facial lifting procedure besides facelift surgery. Also, it’s short downtime, no side effects, and less pain, so it’s increasingly popular.

Diaminy is one of the leading cog threads suppliers. We offer PDO and PCL cog threads, which are two different materials. Also, as an aesthetic medical one-stop solution provider, we have mono threads and screw threads, which are better used together with cog threads.

With more than ten years of development, our barbed threads are the superstar thread because of the advantages, which are better than other brands. Our customers and partners from the USA and Europe love it because it helped them gain a good reputation from their patients.

Diaminy Main Cog Threads

Diaminy Cog Threads Video

The PDO Cog thread is a barbed PDO threads, it’s hard, and you will feel uncomfortable after the thread lift treatment. But the lifting effect is better than the PCL cog. It can last 8-12 months. The disadvantage is that it quickly causes swelling.

The PCL Cog thread is soft, so you won’t feel uncomfortable during the thread lift treatment. But the truth is it’s not as strong as PDO. The lifting effects are not too significant but last longer, 3-4 years. It won’t cause swelling.

Why Diaminy Cog Threads?


Long and Smooth barb: As we all know, the principle of the cog thread lift is lifting the sagging skin through the barb. So the quality of the barbs are very important. Long and smooth barbs are easy to catch the skin tissues for stronge lifting result.


Thick Barbs: Except for long and smooth barbs, Diaminy PDO cog threads also have thick barbs.The advantages we make thick barbs are not only for better lifting effects but also for longer duration.


Unique Cannula Tip Design: We designed a special Bullet head as the blunt cannula tip of barbed PDO threads, and the surface is smooth. It’s easy to insert but won’t break the blood vessel. It can avoiding blood bleeding and reduce the pain, make a comfortable v line thread lift treatment.


Strong Tensile: Diaminy v lift threads usually can afford 4.2-5.8N, because of the strong tensile, if we use the same quantity threads, but Diaminy’s lifting effect will be absolutely much more better.

Diaminy Cog Threads Before and After

If you have never used Diaminy cog threads, you should have a try. You never know how effective facelifting is. We aim to be one of the leading cog thread suppliers, so we pay a lot of attention to the production of cog threads. Believe it when you see it. You can see the following cog threads before and after pictures. It’s really work, and the fantastic results can help you to rebuild your confidence and meet the new you. Buy cog threads in our shop, and enjoy your v line thread lift journey.

Diaminy Cheek Lift Before and After
Diaminy Cog Threads Before and After
Diaminy Cog Thread Lift Before and After
Diaminy Cog Thread Lift for cheek Before and After
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread cheek Before and After
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Before and After
Diaminy PDO Cheek Thread lift Before and After
Diaminy PDO Cog Thread Lift Before and After

V line thread lift is the most popular PDO thread lift treatment; it’s most liked by all people who love to become younger and more beautiful. Diaminy is an experienced cog thread supplier; we supply cog PDO threads and cog PCL threads, which can be used for cheek, eyebrow, jawline, breast, and buttocks lift. Our barbed threads are excellent quality, easy to operate, and last longer. How do you manage the cog thread lift? Watch our PDO thread lift video above. Buy cog threads online or contact us at: info@diaminy, free sample can be sent to you for quality test.

Cog Threads Aftercare

ICE COOL after COg thread lift

Although thread lift is a non-surgical treatment, it’s less dangerous. It does not mean it won’t hurt and there is no wound. We must inject a small hole in the skin and insert the cannula. During this procedure, we can hardly avoid breaking the skin tissues, especially when we lift the barbed threads. The barbs may hurt the tissues and blood vessels, causing swelling and bruising. Those are the usual side effects of the barbed suture lift.

You can refer to the following cog threads aftercare tips:

  • Don’t wash your face within three days.
  • Don’t make up within 7-10 days.
  • Don’t drink coffee or alcohol, and smoke within one week.
  • Don’t eat seafood and spicy food within one week.
  • You need to use the repaired facial mask immediately and keep on going within seven days.
  • Use ice to cool your face to reduce swelling immediately after the cog thread lift.

Difference Between PDO and Cog Threads

What is the difference between PDO threads and Cog threads? Actually, we need to find a way to compare these two. Because PDO threads are a total name for various facelifting threads, it includes mono threads, screw threads, cog threads, eye threads, nose threads, etc.

PDO is a thread material, and cog threads are a thread type. There are two regular materials cog threads in the market: PDO cog threads and PCL cog threads. Both of these two material threads have their advantages. For example, a PDO suture is hard and strong, bringing you a strong lifting effect but pain and discomfort; however, a PCL suture is soft, it may not get a significant result and much less pain, and the patient won’t feel uncomfortable.

Difference Between PDO and Cog Threads

How Many Cog Threads Used in Thread Lift?

It’s a complicated problem because different people face sagging issues differently. How many threads do you need? We should consider the following questions:

  • Patient’s age: Compared to doing thread lifts for 30-year-old patients and 50-year-old patients, of course, the older patient needs more threads because of the heavier sagging skin.
  • Operating area: Cog threads can be used to lift many places on our face and body, and different places need different quantities. For example, for the buttocks lift, due to the thick skin tissues, we need more threads, around 10-15pcs, but for the eyebrow lift, 2pcs threads for each side are enough.
  • Operating skills: Doctors often have thread lift skills. Some doctors use about 10-20 pcs for each side face, and some only use 3-5pcs.
  • Expected lifting effects: As far as we know, besides Chinese doctors, doctors use less quantity in other countries for lifting a face. But in China, almost all cog thread lifts use a lot of threads, 10-20pcs for each face or even 25pcs for an excellent lifting effect.
How Many Cog Threads Are Used in a Thread Lift