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At Diaminy, making countless people beautiful is the goal of our entire team, and we aim to meet the beauty requirements of all kinds of people. In addition to medical aesthetic products that require professional operations, we also have beauty device and skin care products that are loved by the vast majority of women. Home beauty devices are all available. Consumers don’t have to worry about which brand of beauty device is the best. All your needs can be met here. Different beauty devices can meet the needs of different consumers. For users with strong hair, hair removal instruments are more suitable for their outdoor entertainment; for users with male baldness, hair growth helmets can effectively adjust the water and oil balance of the scalp and reduce oil. Repairing hair follicles and increasing hair growth is their long-cherished wish.

As the best aesthetic shopping mall in the United States, Diaminy’s shopping mall can truly realize one-stop shopping, providing a variety of safe and painless beauty devices that can ensure long-term use at home and scientifically care for the body and facial skin. There is no safety or quality in the products. Problems or out-of-standard behavior so that you can experience the power of modern technology. At present, Diaminy’s beauty device manufacturers are mainly concentrated in China. In the future, we will look for beauty device suppliers around the world. We also welcome beauty device factories with production capabilities to contact us. On the premise of meeting our production standards, we are committed to serving the world, leading the way on the road to beauty.

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FAQ About Beauty Device

Among household equipment of the same type, you can judge which brand of skin care beauty device is the best from the following 4 points.

  1. All brands have FDA certification or clinical reports
  2. Whether the beauty device products sold by this brand can meet your needs?
  3. Whether it is fully supported for home use and whether it needs to be operated by relevant people with professional backgrounds
  4. Is the price reasonable, and is there an excessive brand premium?

Diaminy recommends that you choose instruments that have passed certified standards, are affordable, and are easy to use.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of beauty device you need based on your skin and body conditions. Normally, we do not recommend it for pregnant women and patients with skin diseases.

Diaminy’s home beauty device is mainly divided into two series: the hair beauty device series and the skin beauty device series. The hair care series can solve consumers’ problems with natural curly hair, thick hair, and hair loss. The products in the skin beauty device series can relieve skin aging to a certain extent, whiten and brighten the skin, and regulate the balance of water and oil. The differences between different products can be viewed directly by clicking on the product details page.

Due to the large amount of oil secreted by the skin, many people are troubled by hair loss. Diaminy has developed a hair growth helmet, which can alleviate the hair loss problem to a certain extent. The inside of the hair growth helmet is equipped with 97 LED bulbs, which can emit energy with a wavelength of 660nm, which is easily absorbed by hemoglobin, penetrates hair follicles, treats sebaceous alopecia, and promotes hair follicles and hair growth.

In addition to the instrument, you can also choose our 0.6mm Hydra Needle loaded with minoxidil and press and massage it on the scalp to promote the absorption of the medicine.

If you need to reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face, Diaminy recommends that you choose the handheld Thermage Radio Frequency Beauty Device, which can stimulate the reconstruction of collagen, reduce the appearance of fine lines on the entire face, red light skin rejuvenation, increase skin elasticity, and tighten facial contours.

Diaminy’s ultrasonic skin scrubber can remove old dead skin cells from the face and remove blackheads and dirt from the pores. Using water as the medium, ultrasonic vibration can effectively remove facial dirt and achieve full face whitening. You no longer need to spend time and money going to a beauty salon; you can achieve deep cleansing at home.