Duckbill Cannula

What Is The Duckbill Cannula From Diaminy?

A Duckbill cannula is a type of blunt-tip cannula. It has just been developed in the past two years. It is named Duckbill Cannula because of its flat head design that looks like a duck’s beak. Common duckbill microcannulas have two types: single port and double port. Type, duckbill cannula single port is mainly used in face, neck, and back surgeries, and duckbill cannula double port is mainly used in liposuction surgeries.

Compared with the traditional blunt-tip cannula, this flat tip cannula is more suitable for surgeries that require high accuracy and precision. Duckbill Cannula manufacturer aims to meet the needs of various users and ensures that it will be adapted to any syringe that meets the standards. The production process of Duckbill microcannula is more complex and, therefore, requires longer production time compared to other needle products. Currently, the inventory of this product is small, and most of it requires customized production.

If you want to buy duckbill cannula online, please click the Get Quote button below to contact us. Diaminy’s sales team will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with the exact delivery time. This product can only be sold to people with professional medical backgrounds, such as doctors, nurses, etc. Non-professionals are not allowed to buy and use it at will.

Diaminy Duckbill Cannula Benefits

Diaminy Duckbill Cannula Benefits

High Comfort

The needle is designed with a flat fan shape, which can reduce friction with cell tissue during the entire treatment process and provide patients with the most comfortable experience.

Multifunctional Use

Not only can it be used on various parts of the face and body, but it is also suitable for liposuction surgery, fat transplantation, skin regeneration, wrinkle removal surgery, etc.

Precision Tool

Suitable for treatment operations with higher precision and accuracy. The use of it during surgery can reduce surgical risks caused by operating errors and is suitable for operations in narrow channels in the body.


Made of imported American special grade stainless steel materials, finely crafted, reusable after disinfection, easy to maintain and maintain.

More Perfect Design

The non-slip plastic handle provides users with a better grip and has thumb marks to facilitate users to distinguish the needle insertion position.
Diaminy Duckbill Cannula Benefits

Single Port VS Double Port

Single Port VS Double Port

Single port injection dermal filler

Duckbill Cannula Single Port is mainly used for injecting dermal fillers. The flat and smooth surface allows cannula to enter the skin smoothly.

It allows users to better control the injection angle and direction and accurately inject medicine without damaging the original skin tissue and subcutaneous tissue. Complex capillaries will not cause skin redness, swelling and bruises. Treatment using the flat tip cannula Single Port has a short recovery period and does not cause any side effects.

Double port for liposuction surgery

The traditional needle site is sharp, and the fat cells are uneven when taking fat, which will damage the connective tissue. Postoperative problems will include swelling, bruising, surrounding tissue damage and excessive bleeding, and a low survival rate after fat transplantation.

Moreover, traditional liposuction surgery has the disadvantages of destroying cell tissue and fat tissue, long recovery period after surgery, and uneven skin surface. Using duckbill microcannula Double Port can completely avoid these problems and minimize the risks of liposuction surgery and fat transplantation. The duckbill-shaped or fan-shaped needle is designed to form a fan-shaped water flow, which can wash and peel away fat tissue in a wider range while extracting it under negative pressure.

It has a more suitable pore size, emulsifies fat faster, enables easy suction, and can also deliver the required swelling fluid to the suction site.


Before performing liposuction surgery, you must fast for 8 hours before surgery and water for 4 hours before surgery; it is forbidden to apply skin care products and cosmetics, such as moisturizing oil, lotion, etc., to the surgical site and the skin at the treatment site should be kept dry;

Double port for liposuction surgery

Duckbill Cannula VS Traditional Blunt Tip Cannula


Duckbill Cannula

Traditional Blunt Tip Cannula

Cannula Type

Flat tip cannula ( duckbill/ fan shaped)

Type R/ L


Aesthetic, medical treatment, liposuction, fat transplantation, wrinkle removal, skin regeneration, etc.

Injections and Fillers of the Face and Body

Raw Material

Special grade stainless steel

High quality stainless steel

In use



Unit Price

USD 135

USD 115




How to Use Duckbill Cannula?

How to Use Duckbill Cannula
How to Use Duckbill Cannula
How to Use Duckbill Cannula
  • Duckbill Cannula Kits are included in each small package. Before using duckbill microcannula, use the included sharp needle to slightly prick the skin. There is no need to insert the needle too deep to reduce damage to skin tissue and capillaries.
  • Take out the Duckbill Cannula from the kits, and install it on the syringe by rotating it repeatedly to test whether there is any gap or shaking. If there is no gap and the needle can be inserted smoothly, the installation is successful.
  • Slowly insert the Duckbill Cannula into the skin through the incision on the skin surface, filling it in small amounts several times.