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About Diaminy's IPL Hair Removal Device

In addition to supplying medical aesthetic products, Diaminy is also involved in beauty home appliances. As a IPL hair removal manufacturer and IPL hair removal supplier, ”meet the new you” has always been the creed of Diaminy’s operation and development, and it is also the driving force for continuous improvement. The IPL hair removal device is Diaminy’s flagship beauty appliance. Its stylish appearance and technological core have made it highly praised by fans as soon as it was launched, and it has changed the way most users remove hair. Before the popularity of IPL hair removal devices, razors, hair removal creams, and beeswax were the main methods of hair removal for beauty lovers. The whole process is rough and painful and can easily cause damage to the skin and can easily cause skin allergies, redness, itching, and even skin inflammation and bleeding.

Diaminy’s hair removal device was launched on the market after many times of design, modification, and testing. It can perfectly cope with the curves of various body parts. It can be used on the body and face to achieve truly seamless hair removal. The whole process is painless, comfortable, safe and effective. It has the three-in-one effect of treating acne and smoothing and tightening the skin. The wavelength range of 600nm-1200nm fully meets the requirements of the US FDA for photoelectric beauty appliances. The light outlet is equipped with a sapphire cooling device, which allows the hair removal process to be completely cool and refreshing. There is no need to worry about the impact of light and heat on the skin, achieve painless hair removal at home.

IPL Hair Removal Device at Home

Diaminy IPL Hair Removal Advantages

Diaminy’s IPL hair removal at home provides more scientific and professional hair removal technology that can remove hair from multiple parts of the face and body, including the bikini line, so that users no longer have to worry about hair, and their hair is reduced by 95%.

diaminy ipl hair removal device advantage

More advanced design; Provide 16J consistent light power. Let the IPL reach the resting phase of your hair more efficiently.

More scientific configuration; Equipped with dual air outlet cooling system and radiator to reduce heat irritation to the skin surface. Light of a specific wavelength acts on hair follicles to achieve permanent hair removal.

More efficient treatment speed; It can emit light continuously, and the light emitting area is twice that of other brands. The treatment speed is fast. It only takes 15 minutes to complete full body hair removal without affecting normal activities and daily travel.

Easier hair removal process; The light outlet is a sapphire accessory contact cooling device, making the hair removal process easy and painless.

Safer; No damage to skin tissue and sweat glands, no wounds, no scabs, and no side effects after treatment.

Complete skin beautification function; It has skin rejuvenation effects, treats acne, removes spots, tightens the skin, and repairs fibrin and elastin in the skin.

More durable; Diaminy has an IPL hair removal factory that produces high-quality three-in-one instruments with a flash count of more than 400,000 times.

The most private; As a hair removal machine for private parts, you can have a painless hair removal experience and enjoy IPL pubic hair removal at home.

Our equipment does not require the purchase of additional replacement cartridges, and the machine can be used for a long time, allowing you to complete full-body hair removal at home with the highest level of comfort and privacy.

diaminy ipl hair removal device advantage
diaminy working principle of ipl hair removal

Diaminy’s IPL home hair removal provides broad-spectrum visible light of multiple wavelengths to the skin and penetrates the skin epidermis to act on the roots of hair follicles. It converts light energy into heat, which allows the melanin in the hair follicles to be absorbed, thereby destroying the hair papilla in the hair follicles. The hair follicles will gradually lose activity and will fall off over time, thus achieving the effect of inhibiting hair growth and long-term hair removal.

We have installed a sapphire freezing point cooling device at the light outlet, which can ensure that the entire light outlet contact surface is fresh when the instrument comes into contact with the skin, preventing users from worrying about being burned by the light and heat of the IPL hair removal during use. It also has a continuous lighting function. You only need to slide the instrument on the skin, which is convenient and efficient.

Operation Guide and Precautions for IPL Hair Removal at Home

diaminy operation guide and precautions for ipl hair removal at home

Preparation for IPL hair removal at home: Take a warm bath with shower gel or soap foam and gently shave off the hair exceeding 2mm. The best effect is achieved when using an IPL hair removal device the day after hair removal; the hair at this stage is in the growth phase and is most sensitive to light.

Debugging the machine: Select Diaminy accessories according to the area where hair removal treatment is required. There are three filters: face, body, and pro. Insert the selected filter into the head of the machine and clean the light outlet of the IPL hair removal device.

Treatment process: You can use alcohol-free hydrating spray or toner on the treatment area to make the skin slightly moist. Wait a few minutes for the skin to dry, and then press and hold the home button to turn on the device. You can start with level 1 for the first time. You can choose the energy according to your own situation later; the higher the energy, the better the effect.

Wear glasses to prevent light from irritating your eyes and allow the IPL hair removal handset to fully contact the skin. The IPL hair removal device fully contacts the skin. When the sensor reads the pigment in the skin, it will automatically emit IPL. The machine will make a popping sound and emit light to the end. The same part can be completed by emitting light twice. During the process of IPL facial hair removal at home, the number and frequency of machine polishing should not be too many, and it should be completely painless IPL hair removal.

Post-treatment care: After the hair removal is completed, you can apply skin care products with pure plant ingredients to the treatment area for moisturizing care.

Precautions: You need to avoid using it on wounds. Try to avoid using makeup or products with high chemical ingredients within 12 hours. It is recommended to use body lotion after 6 hours; avoid using products containing scrub ingredients during hair removal; the skin will be softer within 24 hours after hair removal. If you are sensitive, try to avoid ultraviolet rays and use sun protection when going out.

IPL Treatment for Acne

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a broad-spectrum light with a 400nm-1200nm wavelength. It is mostly used in the medical beauty and medical industries. It is widely used in the treatment of various disfiguring skin diseases. It is a classic Type I skin rejuvenation and Type II skin rejuvenation, as well as hair removal effects.

Type I rejuvenation is an ipl treatment for pigmented skin diseases and vascular skin diseases, including freckles, chloasma, solar sunspots, etc. Vascular skin diseases include telangiectasia, rosacea, port wine stain, hemangiomas, etc. Type II rejuvenation is an ipl treatment for diseases related to changes in dermal collagen tissue structure, including wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin, and tiny depressed scars left by various inflammatory diseases such as acne and chickenpox.

IPL type II rejuvenation acne therapy is currently one of the most effective and frequently performed treatments. It is suitable for mild and moderate inflammatory acne. It eliminates bacteria and reduces the appearance of active acne by providing multiple wavelengths of light to the skin. It heals the source of the problem, regulates the water and oil balance of the skin, does not require the use of drugs, is painless, has no downtime, and does not cause side effects. There is almost no risk of scarring or infection after treatment, and the skin will be visibly softer and smoother.

In addition, IPL can even out skin tone, remove skin melanin, treat facial redness, and restore skin elasticity. Light of multiple wavelengths can penetrate the skin surface without causing damage to the skin. After being converted into heat energy, it explodes and breaks down melanin and shaves off broken capillaries, promoting the growth of collagen and elastin. Diaminy’s IPL hair removal device is designed with a wavelength of 600nm-1200nm, which meets the US FDA’s standard for photoelectric beauty devices of no less than 550nm. There is no doubt about the strength of IPL hair removal China factories.

diaminy ipl treatment for acne
diaminy ipl hair removal package contents

Package Contents

The Diaminy Kit Includes:

If there are any products in the set that do not match the description or are damaged due to external factors such as transportation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in time.

IPL Hair Removal VS Other Hair Removal Methods

diaminy ipl hair removal vs Laser hair removel vs waxing hair removel


Compared with the light of a single wavelength emitted by the laser, IPL can emit broad-spectrum visible light of different wavelengths. The photothermal effect is softer and can cover a larger area of skin. The emitted beam can be absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted into heat. Destroys hair follicles thereby inhibiting or delaying hair growth. The intense pulsed light used for IPL hair removal is colored light with a wavelength of 600nm-1200nm, and its hair removal effect is more durable than traditional methods. The advanced IPL hair removal device provided by Diaminy is suitable for people of any skin and hair color. It will not be unrecognizable because of light color of hair, and it can also provide painless hair removal for pubic area. It can also cause chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis, promote the regeneration and rearrangement of skin collagen, restore skin elasticity, eliminate and reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, and improve skin quality.

Laser hair removal is a standard medical method, mostly used in clinics, hospitals, spas, etc. The working principle of medical-grade lasers is to emit light that can focus on the target area. A single wavelength has strong penetrating power and can easily damage sweat glands, causing when the treatment area is red and swollen. Professional dermatologists will adjust different ranges of wavelengths according to different skin and hair colors of different textures when performing laser hair removal treatments. It is a treatment method that can only be performed by doctors and nurses with professional backgrounds or relevant licenses. Laser hair removal is a treatment that can only be performed by doctors and nurses with professional backgrounds or relevant licenses. Non-professionals cannot perform it at home. It costs about US$200 for 0.5-1 hour, and multiple treatments are expensive.

IPL VS Waxing Hair Removal

Wax hair removal is more suitable for body hair on arms, legs, and underarms. Painless hair removal for face and fragile areas cannot be achieved. The hair removal effect can last for 2 to 3 weeks. Before hair removal, a certain length of hair shaft, about 3 mm, needs to be retained. It is best to perform hair removal treatment 2-3 days after shaving. Because the hair needs to be pulled out by the roots, many people suffer skin damage during wax hair removal, causing inflammation of the hair follicles. Therefore, most people will try it locally before performing wax hair removal for the first time. Wax hair removal is very painful during the tearing process and can easily cause various skin problems. Although many beauty salons claim that the wax used is of professional grade, the above problems cannot be ruled out, and wax hair removal treatment is required. Professional beauticians operate it, but it is very difficult for non-professionals to operate at home.

IPL Hair Removal Before and After

diaminy painless hair removal machine before and after
IPL Pubic Hair Removal at Home
diaminy leg hair removal machine before and after
IPL Leg Hair Removal Machine
diaminy painless hair removal machine before and after
Painless Armpit IPL Hair Removal
diaminy painless hair removal for face before and after
IPL Facial Hair Removal at Home

Customer Showcase

How do you Choose the Best IPL Hair Removal at Home ?

There are too many IPL hair removal suppliers, with various products on the market. Many users want to buy but don’t know how to choose.

From the perspective of product safety, we recommend choosing an painless hair removal with a wavelength above 550nm supplied by a major brand. The US FDA requires that the wavelength of household IPL hair removal devices must reach at least 550nm. Products under this standard can easily cause damage to the skin. The production of IPL hair removal requires high professionalism, which requires safe hair removal without damaging the skin and good control of light energy and wavelength. Product design has high requirements, and R&D costs and material costs are not cheap. Try not to buy cheap IPL hair removal devices, as the quality may not be up to standard, and it is easy to burn the skin during use.

Judging from the configuration of the light outlet, we recommend choosing a ice cool IPL hair removal with a sapphire contact cooling device. The light transmittance of sapphire is very good, and there is almost no loss during the entire process of IPL energy transmission to the hair follicles.

Moreover, the contact cooling equipment will not make the skin feel burning or painful. The coolness can effectively remove hair and reduce irritation. After continuous lighting, the temperature of the lighting port of Diaminy’s IPL hair removal device is basically controlled within 20 degrees Celsius.

Choosing a ipl hair removal machine that emits continuous light can improve hair removal efficiency. You only need to slide it on the skin for the device to operate normally. The operation is simple, convenient, and efficient.

If you have not purchased a home hair removal device, you can choose from the above three points or try Diaminy’s IPL hair removal. If you need to purchase it, you can click the link below.