Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle

Introduction of Diaminy Multi Needle

Crystal 3 pin multi needle, also known as nanosoft 3pin needle, is one of the multi injector needles. It is a new precision needle made of silicone crystal as raw material. It can adapt to all injectors on the market and is usually used on the face and neck. The 3pin needle comprises three stainless steel needles arranged in a row. Its diameter is only one-third that of a conventional sharp needle, and it is designed with a triple-cut bevel shape to help prevent solution leakage.

As a crystal 3 pin multi needle manufacturer, Diaminy has been committed to designing and producing simpler and more efficient products for users. Using crystal 3 pin multi needle for skin injection can make the operation easier.

If you want to buy crystal 3 pin multi needle online for mesotherapy, directly click on the link below to purchase. As a clinic owner, you can contact us if you want customized product sizes and packaging, and Diaminy’s sales team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle for Sale

Currently, the crystal 3 pin multi needle regularly supplied by Diaminy has a needle pitch of 34G and four needle lengths: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm. You can click below to purchase according to your needs. If you want to adjust the needle pitch, contact us for customization.

Why Choose Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle?

Guarantee User's Comfort During The Treatment

Because of its small needle size, it can ensure the best treatment experience for the user during the injection process, and the patient will not feel pain or any discomfort during the injection process.

Suitable for Fillers of Various Concentrations

It can perfectly cope with fillers of various concentrations and will not affect the dispensing of medicine due to the small diameter of the needle.

Suitable for Skin Injection

It is difficult for a conventional sharp needle to form small papules accompanied by pain during injection. Crystal 3 pin multi needle can perfectly solve this problem. It only needs to form a 45-degree angle with the skin during injection. Intradermal injections are painless.

Suitable for Sensitive Areas

Because of its small needle diameter and smooth injection, it is very suitable for injecting sensitive and weak skin areas around the eyes, forehead, and neck.

Patented Triple Cutting Bevel

The needle of the crystal 3 pin multi needle is designed in a bevel shape, which can effectively disperse the active molecules in the filler and prevent leakage during the injection.

Short Recovery Time& Minimal Downtime

There will be no bruising, redness, or swelling at the injection site, and recovery will take 3-5 days with minimal downtime.

Diaminy’s Advantages As Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle Supplier

Bevel Tip Needle and Accessories of 3Pin Needle

Bevel Tip Needle

Made of imported stainless steel, the needle tip is designed into a bevel shape and adopts a triple-cutting method. It ensures the product's smoothness during injection, reduces the dispersion of active molecules without leakage, and ensures that the patient is comfortable and pain-free during the injection process.


The product is made of medical-grade silicone crystals, and the precise molding process ensures that the product is assembled tightly. Strict production standards and supervision can provide high yield and adapt to all syringes on the market.

EO Sterilization

From raw material sterilization to packaging sterilization, the entire production workshop is implemented by GMP standards. In addition, it is also equipped with an EO sterilization device to ensure the safety and hygiene of disposable products such as crystal 3 pin multi needle.

Dehumidification Device

In order to ensure that the shelf life of crystal 3 pin multi needle is within a reasonable range, Diaminy will also dehumidify the product and packaging before packaging.
EO Sterilization and Dehumidification Device

Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle VS Traditional Sharp Needle


Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle

Traditional Sharp Needle

Number of Needles

3 Roots


Needle Material

Imported Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Imported Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Accessories Material

Silica Gel Crystal

Medical Grade PP


Precision Consumables



No Leakage

A Small Amount of Leakage

Scope of Application

Forehead, Eye Area, Neck and Other Superficial Or Sensitive Areas

Universal for Face and Body


USD 118/ 20pcs

USD 22.5-48.5/ 100pcs

User Feedback After Using Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle

FAQ About Crystal 3 Pin Multi Needle

Diaminy is a multi-injector needle manufacturer with FDA qualification, mainly supplying nanosoft 3 needle injectors, nanosoft 4-pin needlescrystal 5-pinmulti 9-pin needles, and multi 16-pin needles. OEM & ODM supported; Inquiries welcome.

The 3-pin multi injector needle is mainly used for sensitive superficial areas around the eyes, forehead, neck, back, etc.