Mono Threads Lips

Mono Threads Lips Features

The mono threads lips procedure is minimally invasive and utilizes biocompatible and absorbable threads to define the lip’s contour and achieve a natural and artistic effect. When the first mono threads lips procedure came out, it became famous worldwide for its effectiveness and short recovery time. Moreover, the Diaminy threads are certified by CE  and ISO certifications that are completely safe for the human body.

Mono threads lips procedure uses a smooth and burr-free thread. Therefore, it can also be called smooth threads for lips. As a professional mono threads supplier with more than ten years of experience, Diaminy offers PDO mono threadsPCL mono threads, and PLLA mono threads for you to buy. Each kind of mono thread is different by reason of its ingredients so that they can cause different outcomes. Diaminy, a one-stop shop, has gained dozens of regular customers in 52 countries and regions all around the world for its excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. Are you still hesitating to choose which brand of threads for mono threads lips surgery? Choose Diaminy and enjoy the convenience and benefits our mono threads bring you.

The Difference Between Mono Threads of Different Materials

PDO mono threads, PCL mono threads, and PLLA mono threads are suture threads that have the ability to encourage collagen production to tighten and lift skin. The marked distinction lies in their material; different mono threads cause different results and duration. PDO mono threads are made of polydioxanone and can quickly promote collagen production. They have the most noticeable effect, but the maintenance time is usually only 6-12 months; PCL mono threads are made of polycaprolactone, being known for their long duration, generally more than two years; PLLA mono threads are made of poly-L-lactic acid. It is also effective over two years and is thought to have a greater ability to stimulate collagen growth.

In short, each mono thread is efficient in tightening and lifting skin, but they have different results and durations. Prior to performing a mono threads lips procedure, you ought to consult a professional practitioner about your lip condition and needs to find the most suitable mono threads for you.

Mono Threads Lips Gone Wrong

Like many other cosmetic procedures, the effectiveness of the mono threads lips procedure can be deeply influenced by the practitioner’s experience and the material used. Hence, the choice of practitioner and mono threads is of crucial importance. Otherwise, you may encounter asymmetry or scars on the lips. Here are some common side effects of mono threads lips surgery:



Allergy to threads (rare)

Minor swelling or bruising

Threads pierce the lip skin

Having trouble opening mouth

A brief pulling sensation when smiling, eating, or talking

The slight asymmetry caused by the swelling (should subside within two weeks)

Mono Threads Lips Gone Wrong
How Do Mono Threads Lips Work

How Do Mono Threads Lips Work?

Mono threads lips procedure inserts mono threads into your skin to lift and define the lips’ contour and fullness. The human body will absorb the mono threads and simultaneously promote collagen production around the threads. As we all know, collagen is an essential part of skin tissues. Consequently, concentrated collagen is of great help in restoring the skin and preventing skin sagging and wrinkles caused by aging. When mono threads are inserted into the lips, your body system will target and dissolve the mono threads and then promote wound healing. While the mono threads haven’t been absorbed yet, they are like the scaffold to lift and tighten your skin. After finishing the mono threads lips procedure, you will find that defining the contour is better than adding volume, and your skin becomes more firm and elastic.

Alternative Method of Mono Threads Lips

If you want lip augmentation, there are several procedures to choose from. Since each method has its advantages, you should consult professional practitioners to make the ideal plan based on your lip condition and desired effect. In general, mono threads lips procedure mainly focuses on framing the lip line and height. Other procedures place a particular emphasis on adding volume to the lips.


Botulinum toxin injections are mainly applied to reduce wrinkles. The procedure injects botox into the two points of Cupid's bow to inhibit nearby muscle movement. And then your lip will “flip up,” and more upper teeth appear, thereby making the lip look fuller.

Dermal Filler

If you want plump lips, dermal filler is an excellent option. The procedure is injecting filler directly into your lips to make the lips fuller and the lip line clearer. Practitioners can use corresponding enzymes to dissolve it if they are not satisfied with the results.

Lip Lift

This treatment shortens the distance between your nose and the top of your lips, increasing the visibility of your upper front teeth and making your lips appear fuller and more upturned. This procedure suits those who want to add height to their lips rather than volume.

Why Choose Diaminy’s Mono Threads Lips?

The needle tube of Diaminy’s is made of imported high-quality stainless steel. This raw material makes the needle tube extremely tough and elastic, allowing practitioners to complete the mono threads lips procedure accurately and safely. specially designed the needles in an oblique triangle shape to lessen the risk of bruising and redness around the lips during the mono threads lips procedure. 

Why Choose Diaminy’s Mono Threads Lips

Each Diaminy mono thread is an imported suture thread renowned for its exceptional safety and durability. They not only accelerate collagen production, leading to a firming effect on the lips’ skin but also deliver an outstanding lifting effect. Diaminy mono threads for mono threads lips procedure ensures more precise and perfect lip lines, providing a reliable solution for cosmetic procedures.

At Diaminy, every production line step is meticulously executed, strictly adhering to international standards. For the final packaging, we employ a four-layer waterproof aluminum foil bag made of unique materials, effectively shielding the product from moisture, air, and bacteria. This commitment to quality assurance significantly extends the shelf life of our product, ensuring its reliability and longevity.

Feedback From Customers


Two main factors influence the duration of the procedure. The first is the material used, such as PDO mono threads, which can be maintained for 6-12 months. The second is related to patients’ metabolism.

Mono threads lips procedure is a minimally invasive lip augmentation procedure. It does not leave a swollen foreign material inside the lip as the dermal filler does. However, each surgery has its advantages and must be selected according to your needs.

After mono threads lips procedure, you may feel a pulling sensation in your mouth when you smile and speak. You may also experience bruising and swelling of your lips, but these are usual side effects and will disappear after two weeks. If other symptoms occur, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Do not touch your lips with your hands for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, bacterial infection may occur. Avoid exaggerated lip movements and pay attention to rest.