Mono Threads Under Eyes

Mono Threads Under Eyes Features

Mono threads are also called smooth threads because their thread surfaces are smooth and burr-free. Unlike cog threads, mono threads have a minimal lifting effect on the skin and are used to tighten it. Mono threads under eyes often treat fine lines and dynamic wrinkles in the superficial and dermal layers. Dozens of mono threads are inserted into a limited treatment area, which has a good tightening effect on sagging caused by aging and skin pulling.

Mono threads under eyes can effectively relieve signs of aging and eliminate crow’s feet, bags under your eyes, tear troughs, and other fine lines around the eyes. They will not damage the skin around the eyes, and the bruises and redness caused by the treatment will disappear within 2 weeks. No obvious pain will be felt during the entire process. It is recommended for patients who are worried about the risks of surgery and are afraid of pain.

As a patient, if you want to know more about ways to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, you can continue reading to get more consultation. When you need to purchase mono threads online of more materials and sizes, you can purchase them directly here and enjoy door-to-door delivery service. If you want customized size and brand packaging, you can leave your contact information and requirements, and Diaminy’s professional team will contact you within 24 hours.

Mono Threads Under Eyes For Sale

Diaminy has three types of mono threads for users to choose from: PDO mono threadsPCL mono threads, and PLLA mono threads. If you use mono threads under eyes, we recommend choosing PCL mono threads and PLLA mono threads. The skin around the eyes is thin, and PDO mono threads under the eyes will show blue threads, affecting the appearance. PCL and PLLA threads can produce vitamin C during the decomposition process. Vitamin C whitens and dilutes melanin, and it can dilute spots and dark circles around the eyes to a certain extent.

Advantages of Mono Threads Under Eyes

As a non-invasive treatment with a price advantage, it quickly became popular all over the world, especially after many Hollywood stars underwent the treatment. Most beauty lovers want to become more charming through this non-surgical.

Thread lifting is also called lunchtime, and the entire treatment process can be completed in up to 2 hours. The operation process of smoothing threads under eyes can be completed within 1 hour.
Good biocompatibility promotes the regeneration of skin collagen and elastin to fill the cell vacancies in the skin around the eyes.
Mono threads are made of safe and harmless biological materials. After being inserted into the human body, mono threads under eyes will be broken down into collagen, hyaluronic acid, water, glucose, and other substances for the body to absorb.
The tightening and lifting effect brought by under eye mono threads to the skin can last for a long time. The ones made of PDO material can last for 1-2 years, those made of PCL material can last for 3-4 years or even longer, and those made of PLLA material can last for a long time. 2-3 years.
Mono threads for under eyes cause almost zero bruising and damage and require essentially no downtime to socialize and live normally. However, to avoid skin infection, you should not engage in sweating exercises or participate in activities such as steaming and swimming within a week after treatment.

In addition to mono threads under eyes, mono threads can also be used on eyebrows, cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, jaws, neck, abdomen, buttocks, and other body parts.

How to Judge Under Eye Thread Lift Gone Wrong?

The treatment of mono threads under eyes is safe, but due to differences in the patient’s physical constitution and living habits or poor operator skills, a tiny number of patients may experience side effects within a week, such as

– Bruising and redness

– Treat area infections

– Rejection reaction occurs

– Venous injury caused by improper operator technique

– The position of the line is offset or exposed

– Treat regional nerve trauma

– Allergy to threads made of PDO, PCL, PLLA (very rare)

– Pigmentation (it is recommended to avoid sun exposure)

If the above symptoms occur after mono threads under eyes, please seek medical attention immediately and follow the treatment plan recommended by the doctor.

How to Judge Under Eye Thread Lift Gone Wrong
Post-treatment Care for Mono Threads Under Eyes

Post-treatment Care for Mono Threads Under Eyes

– Do not use cosmetics within 24 hours after mono threads under eyes treatment, do not touch the treatment area with your hands, and do not take showers or other cleaning methods

– Swimming, sweat saunas, strenuous sweating exercises, and other activities are prohibited within five days after mono threads under eyes treatment.

– Give up anti-inflammatory drugs before and after treatment, prohibit alcohol, ensure a light diet, and drink small amounts of water frequently to replenish body moisture.

– You can choose a soft pillow for a week after treatment and try not to press on the treated area while sleeping.

Differences Between Three Types of Mono Threads


PDO Mono Threads

PLLA Mono Threads  

PCL Mono Threads


PDO Threads

PLLA Threads

PCL Threads


Sharp Needle

Sharp Needle

Sharp Needle

Decomposition Speed

Fast, 6-12 months

Slow, 18-24 months

Slow, 12-24 months





Effect Duration

1-2 years

2-3 years

3-4 years or even longer

Decomposed Matter

Collagen, CO2 and H2O

Vitamin C, Collagen, CO2 and H2O

Vitamin C, Collagen, CO2 and H2O

Applicable Parts

Most areas of the body and face

All areas of the body and face, including around the eyes and lips

All areas of the body and face, including around the eyes and lips


Tighten, lift skin, remove wrinkles, shape

Tighten, lift skin, remove wrinkles, shape, whiten and lighten melanin

Tighten, lift skin, remove wrinkles, shape, whiten and lighten melanin

Why Choose Diaminy’s Mono Threads Under Eyes?

Why Choose Diaminy’s Mono Threads Under Eyes

Needle Tip

As a manufacturer of mono threads under eyes, Diaminy considers that bruising and redness are prone to occur around the eyes during treatment, and the needle is designed in an oblique triangle shape to reduce the pain during the treatment. It can also reduce the possibility of side effects such as bruising, redness, and bleeding around the eyes.
Why Choose Diaminy’s Mono Threads Under Eyes

Needle Tube

Imported high-quality stainless steel is selected as the raw material for needle tubes. Special-grade stainless steel products have ultra-high toughness and elasticity, which allows doctors to safely avoid subcutaneous bones and tendons during operations, improving the treatment effect and operating safety.
Why Choose Diaminy’s Mono Threads Under Eyes


Imported Suture is safe and durable. It can accelerate the promotion of collagen in the skin to achieve the effect of tightening it. The tightening ability is more than two times that of other brands. It effectively relieves multiple eye problems, such as wrinkles and tear troughs under the eyes, tightens the skin around the eyes, and eliminates signs of aging.

Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After

Mono threads can undergo a chemical reaction after being inserted into the skin, accelerating collagen and elastin production to fill the gaps in skin wrinkles and achieve wrinkle removal. Primarily targeted at the skin under the eyes, it can improve eye bags, tear troughs, and dark circles, eliminate fatigue, and give you bright eyes.

Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After
Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After
Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After
Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After
Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After
Smooth Threads Under Eyes Before And After

FAQ About Mono Threads Under Eyes

Before treatment, cream will be used to numb the treatment area. Using mono threads under eyes, you will not feel any obvious pain during the entire treatment. However, you may feel slight discomfort within a few hours after the treatment, which can be relieved by using ice cubes.

Since the wounds formed by mono threads on the skin surface are very small, the recovery and downtime of the skin after treatment are very short. Due to individual differences, the skin can return to normal in 1-2 weeks.

Mono threads under eyes have no gender or age restrictions, but we do not recommend this treatment for people under 18. Women with pregnancy, lactating women, people with immune system disorders, and people with scarred constitutions cannot undergo this treatment.

Mono threads can be used to treat and improve eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes. Usually 30 mono threads can be inserted under the eyes to exert their functions of tightening and lightening melanin.

Mono threads under eyes will not show apparent changes immediately after treatment. It takes a while for mono threads to promote collagen and elastin regeneration to take effect. It will usually show its best condition within 3-6 months.