PCL Cog Threads

What Are PCL Cog Threads?

PCL cog threads are made of Polycaprolactone as raw material and are cut diagonally on the surface of the threads by a machine to produce a cog. Diaminy regularly supplies 3D, 4D, 6D, and 8D cog threads. The presence of a cog is crucial for the lifting effect of threads, which can regenerate collagen and elastin in the skin and redefine facial contours, thereby effectively solving wrinkles and sagging skin caused by age. It can be used with mono threads to maintain the effect.

Thread lifting, a non-invasive and permanent treatment, has gradually replaced plastic surgery in the past 3-5 years. It has become a mainstream trend in medical aesthetics and is famous worldwide, becoming the first choice for more and more beauty lovers. As the most critical consumables in this treatment, cog thread PCL are increasingly in demand in clinics and hospitals. If you as a professional with a medical background, want to purchase more high-quality threads for the clinic, we hope you don’t miss our products.

Diaminy is a PCL cog threads factory. We also accept customized services for size and packaging, including ODM and OEM. You can contact us anytime if you have any needs, and the sales team will reply within 24 hours. If you want to buy PCL cog threads online, you can directly click the shopping link, pay with one click, and enjoy door-to-door delivery service.

PCL Cog Threads On Sale

As a PCL cog threads manufacturer, Diaminy has developed and produced a variety of products in the past ten years, which can meet the needs of most customers in the industry, including PCL cog with r-type cannula, PCL cog mesh thread, PCL press cog, Z type molding threads, etc. PCL cog threads have become the first choice for more and more medical aesthetic clinics to lift sagging skin. Compared with traditional cosmetic surgery, this treatment option has lower risks and shorter times, making it more suitable for people who love beauty.

Why Choose Diaminy's PCL Cog Threads?

Safe And Easy To Absorb

Recent research data can prove that because PCL cog threads are extracted from animal protein, they can be absorbed generally by the human body.

Robust Regeneration of Collagen

Polypropylene is the main component of PCL thread. Compared with the other two materials, it is a powerful collagen regeneration agent and generates collagen and elastin the fastest.

Powerful Lifting& Tightening Function

PCL cog threads can hook the skin tissue and pull it at any angle to lift the skin. Cog threads can achieve better lifting and tightening effects than other PCL threads.

Longer Effect Maintenance Time

It has been clinically proven that the PCL cog threads supplied by Diaminy can maintain the skin lifting effect for 4-5 years. Collagen is still produced after decomposition.

More Comprehensive Functions

In addition to tightening skin, lifting sagging skin, and reshaping facial contours, PCL cog threads also have the effect of whitening and diluting melanin.

The Material Is Better

PCL threads are softer, giving patients a better experience during treatment. The threads' elasticity is also better, making them easier for doctors to use during treatment operations.

PCL Cog Threads VS. PDO Cog Threads

Both PCL cog threads and PDO cog threads are biological sutures the human body can absorb and break down. They are used in non-invasive treatments. Their primary function is to tighten and lift sagging skin tissue due to aging. The quality of facial threads currently available on the market varies. Before purchasing, you can test samples or choose a supplier like Diaminy with many years of production experience. Regarding the differences, you can refer to the content below and choose according to your needs.


PCL cog threads

PDO cog threads


PCL threads

PDO threads

Effect duration

12-18 months

3-5 years

Decomposition speed



Collagen duration

The broken-down collagen can last for about six months

Collagen can last for about 1-2 years after being broken down

User experience

Normal, you may experience pain during treatment

There is almost no pain during treatment

Threads resilience



Threads coverage area

Body and face

Body and face


Firm, lift

Firming, lifting, whitening, diluting melanin

Application Of PCL Cog Threads

PCL cog threads have barbs that hook the skin and support the face. You can also use tiny threads such as screw threads and mono threads to insert into the skin in a grid-like form to fix the cog threads to achieve a longer-lasting effect. Use the cannula or the sharp needle to insert the threads into the skin and leave the threads in the skin after the cog is hooked. Pull the threads in reverse to lift the treatment area when the skin in the treatment area is lifted to the designed range. Knot the threads and use scissors to remove any exposed parts.

PCL cog threads are widely used on the face and body, lifting sagging skin around the eyes, apple muscles, nasolabial folds, and other facial skin. They can also reshape perfectly smooth contours like the jawline, chest, buttocks, etc.

PCL Cog Threads For Eye

pcl cog threads for eye
pcl cog threads for eye
pcl cog threads for eye

PCL Cog Threads For Nose

pcl cog threads for nose
pcl cog threads for nose
pcl cog threads for nose

PCL Cog Threads For Face

pcl cog threads for face
pcl cog threads for face
pcl cog threads for face

PCL Cog Thread Lifts Gone Wrong

For most patients, thread lift using PCL cog threads will be no problem. There is only a 10-15% chance that minor complications may occur after treatment, but there is no need to worry. They will be corrected within 1-2 weeks after treatment. For example, people with thin skin stratum corneum may experience thread leakage, pain, bruises, redness, and swelling; these are all normal treatment phenomena.

If you find thread breakage, infection in the treatment area, or nerve damage after treatment, seek medical attention promptly. This may be caused by using inferior threads or a doctor’s error.

PCL Cog Thread Lifts Gone Wrong

FAQ About PCL Cog Threads

PCL cog thread will gradually decompose by the human body after 2-3 years of thread embedding treatment. The decomposed substances include collagen, vitamin C, glucose, water, and other safe and harmless substances.

It has been clinically proven that using PCL cog threads for thread lift can last 3-5 years. Although PCL threads will gradually be decomposed by the human body, the collagen, vitamin C, and other substances produced during the decomposition process can still play a role in the human body.

To be precise, thread lifting is a semi-permanent treatment solution. Using PCL threads can keep your treatment effects for 3-5 years. Because this non-invasive treatment is highly safe, it quickly became popular worldwide after its development.

PCL threads are the most comprehensive thread-embedding consumables. Due to their biological chain structure and collagen stimulation length, they offer more advantages than PLLA threads and PDO threads. They are great for tightening and lifting skin.