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What Are PCL Mono Threads?

PCL mono threads, also known as pcl smooth threads, are an important consumable in thread-lifting treatments. They are widely used on the face and body. As an innovative and non-invasive therapy, thread lift have been favored by beauty lovers around the world since their inception. Sought after, especially in North America, the demand for PCL mono threads accounts for more than half of the total global demand.

Diaminy leads revolutionary cell regeneration technology to provide you with the latest solutions for reshaping youthful skin. PCL Mono Threads is an innovative skin beauty treatment. Non-invasive micro-incision technology inserts threads under the skin to effectively enhance skin firmness, reduce wrinkles, and enhance facial contours by stimulating collagen and tissue cell regeneration, thereby making the skin look firmer, more elastic, and regain your youthful, healthy, and confident appearance.

The PCL mono threads lift is only suitable for operations by professionals with a medical background. If you want to purchase PCL mono threads directly online, you can click on the shopping link below to achieve door-to-door delivery. If you would like to customize the size according to the needs of your clinic, you can Contact Us, and you will receive a reply from the Diaminy team within 24 hours.

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PCL Mono Threads Advantages

Made of safe and harmless raw materials

The imported polycaprolactone raw material can be degraded and absorbed by the skin, and there is almost no rejection reaction, ensuring the safety of the entire treatment process.

Process is painless

Compared with PDO threads, PCL mono threads, as a softer material, can provide patients with a more comfortable treatment plan.

Effect is more durable

Compared with other materials, PCL threads have been found in the clinical practice of thread lifting to induce the formation of more collagen and cell tissue, thus allowing the treatment effect to last longer, basically up to 3 years and above time.

With more uses

PCL mono threads are the most widely used in clinical practice. They can effectively tighten loose skin on the face, neck, hands, abdomen, and other parts of the body, effectively solving skin laxity and aging in various parts of the body. problems and meet the diverse needs of patients.
Diaminy PCL Mono Threads Advantages
Polycaprolactone- Materials& Functions

Polycaprolactone- Materials& Functions

Polycaprolactone has very excellent material properties.

Its biocompatibility can ensure that there will be no rejection reaction when PCL mono threads enter the dermis layer of the skin. It can coexist peacefully with skin tissue cells and various muscle fibers. Its biocompatibility Degradability ensures that threads can be absorbed and metabolized normally by the human body.

It degrades slowly and is a polymer material with a stable biological structural chain, which can maintain the effect for a longer period of time than PDO threads. Because the PCL material is soft and easy to process, it can produce cog threads of various shapes for thread-lifting treatment.

In addition to supplying common cog threads, Diaminy can also produce molding cog threads, cog mesh threads, and press cog threads.

How to Control PCL Mono Threads Quality?

How to Control PCL Mono Threads Quality
High-quality Raw Materials

Imported high-quality medical-grade polycaprolactone, processed by extrusion drawing.

Aseptic Production Line

The entire workshop production line will be disinfected and sterilized every day, and the production workshop will be managed and supervised in accordance with GMP standards.

Advanced Production Technology

Diaminy’s production technology combines Korean thread production technology and Japanese stainless steel needle tube polishing technology. It has two patents for burr cutting and needle tip polishing, ensuring that threads and cannula have good toughness and elasticity in use.

Strict Quality Inspection Standards

Diaminy’s PCL mono threads factory workshop has three ultra-high standards and conducts separate inspections on thread production, cannula polishing, and plastic accessories to strictly protect the rights and interests of customers.

In A Stable Temperature and Humidity Production Environment

The product will be dehumidified twice before packaging to prevent air from entering the product packaging to ensure that the PCL mono threads are not affected by air humidity and moisture during its effective use period.

Traditional Rhytidectomy Surgery VS PCL Mono Threads Lift

Traditional Rhytidectomy Surgery VS PCL Mono Threads Lift

Traditional Rhytidectomy Surgery

PCL Mono Threads Lift

Healing Period

At least 2-3 hours

About 1-1.5 hours

Treatment Effect

Immediate Results after Surgery

Immediate Results after Surgery

Side Effect

Scar hyperplasia, severe problems may include ear deformity, facial deformation, loss of expression, etc.

There are almost no side effects, and any bruising and redness caused during treatment disappears within a week.

Adaptation Symptoms

Deep wrinkles, Sagging skin

Superficial fine lines, Deep wrinkles, Spots, Sagging skin

Recovery Period

3-6 months

1-2 weeks

Traditional rhytidectomy surgery, also known as a Face lift, is to lift the loose facial skin back and upward and remove the excess skin after lifting. Because it requires the deep fascia layer of the face to be tightened at the same time, it will cause varying degrees of scarring and may also leave deep marks on the temples, ears, and other parts. In severe cases, ear deformity and facial deformation may occur. , symptoms such as loss of expression. And there are strict requirements for postoperative care operations.

PCL mono threads lifting has gradually replaced traditional facelift surgery and become the first choice for anti-aging medical aesthetic treatment due to its higher safety and degradation ability. Compared with require surgical treatment, most beauty lovers are willing to try this non-invasive treatment option. PCL mono threads lifting has the advantages of less bleeding, less bruising, short downtime, almost no recovery period, and a short treatment process. It is also loved by many office workers who are pressed for time. It is a beautiful journey that can be completed in one lunch hour. It doesn’t affect your social activities. If you are still thinking about something, come and experience it!

Are There Any Side Effects of PCL Mono Threads Embedding And Thread Lifting?

There will be some bruising and redness at the injection site where the anesthetic is injected, the thread insertion site and some people will experience tightness at the absolute lifting area, which usually takes a week to recover. However, due to differences in personal physiques, a small number of patients may experience allergies, and rare groups may experience infections. Please see a professional doctor immediately for treatment.

Since the material of PCL mono threads itself is very safe, degradable and biosoluble, there will be almost no complications and side effects. During the week before and after the thread lifting treatment, patients should not drink alcohol, smoke, take aspirin, ibuprofen and other drugs that may increase the probability of bleeding.

After the treatment is completed, you also need to avoid swimming, steaming, fitness, excessive exercise, etc. within the first week. You can combine it with a light diet and drink the amount of water frequently to increase your body’s metabolism.

Customer Praise& Picture Feedback

Comparison pictures before and after treating stretch marks with pcl mono threads

I already had a stretch mark treatment three years ago, and the effect was very good. It basically eliminated the stretch marks. This time, I used nearly 200 threads and wanted to completely eliminate the stretch marks. I think PCL mono threads are the most effective product for removing stretch marks. 

Tattoo, I can’t believe this happened to me like a miracle and made my dream of wearing a bikini come true.

Customer Praise& Picture Feedback

We have been working with Diaminy for 5 years. I love the service attitude and work efficiency of their team. I can always get very valuable product information from them within 10 minutes. As a PCL mono threads supplier, they provide a wide range of products and are impeccable. 

Diaminy’s prices are cheaper than local brands in the United States, which saves me a lot of money. The quality of the products is better than local brands in the United States.

Comparison pictures before and after treating neck marks with pcl mono threads

In recent years, I have discovered that I have a lot of wrinkles on my neck. I have used basically all the wrinkle creams available on the market, but the wrinkles on my neck are still firmly there. I don’t want to look at them every time when i look in the mirror. I am very grateful to my friend for giving me the advice to try using pcl mono threads for thread lifting. 

I saw some changes in the third month after treatment, and the wrinkle removal effect was already very good at 6 months. I also found that the skin on my neck became firmer, whiter, and smoother. 

I believe this is also due to PCL threads.

Customer Praise& Picture Feedback

We have cooperated with many Chinese pcl mono threads manufacturers. Our previous experience did not make us happy. Although the price is very cheap, threads often break during our treatment of patients. 

Half a year ago, I met Diaminy Aesthetics at an exhibition in California and got their samples. After multiple tests, I firmly believed that this was the product I wanted. Although the price is a bit higher, I think it is well worth it, Lol, the Chinese saying that you get what you pay for is very correct. 

I am willing to spend more money to purchase Diaminy products, which can provide the highest quality threads to the patients in my 5 clinics.

FAQ About PCL Mono Threads

Suppose you need to dissolve PCL mono threads. In that case, you can inject enzyme solution into the treatment area or accelerate blood flow through massage and heat therapy to accelerate the decomposition of PCL threads.

The PCL mono threads supplied by Diaminy can maintain the effect of treatment for more than 3 years and have been clinically proven to last 4 to 5 years. Due to individual differences, the maintenance effect of each person will be slightly different in time. Compared with threads made of other materials, the biological chain structure of PCL threads is more stable, degrades more slowly, and can last longer in the body.

PCL mono threads are superior in performance, and pdo mono threads have a slight advantage in price.


PDO mono threads

PCL mono threads


Pdo threads

Pcl threads



Slightly Expensive




Effect Duration

6-12 months

At least 3 years

Therapeutic Feelings

Slight Pain

Almost no pain





Firm skin

Firm skin

Whitening, diluting melanin


Mostly used on the body

Various parts of the face and body

High temperature critical point

≥90 ℃

≤60 ℃

Thread lifting surgery is not restricted in terms of gender and age, but we do not recommend the treatment for people who are sensitive to lidocaine, pregnant women, underweight, or have coagulation disorders.