Diaminy Premium Microcannula 23G – Box of 20


Diaminy 23G microcannula

Product description

A microcannula is a thin and flexible tube with a blunt tip. It has an opening near the tip. The cannula is used for injecting dermal filler and others. It also can be used for liposuction. Unlike sharp needles, cannula for fillers reduce blooding and bruising due to its round and blunt tip. Cannula can inject fillers on the area near the incision, but sharp needle just inject solutions to one point.

A 23 gauge cannula for fillers has a slightly wider tube and round tip, and it’s easy to inject solutions with higher viscosity, such as HA fillers or poly-L-lactic acid filler products. After local anesthesia, the 23 gauge cannula just caused patients to feel a little push, not hurting. 

Microcannula 23G is another helpful option for macromolecular filler: nasolabial folds, forehead injection, nose filling, etc. This operation won’t cause much blooding and discomfort for patients. And the practitioner with skilled technology can offer patients minimal pain and other discomfort.


Diaminy Microcannula Size Chart