Premium Hydra Needle Roller 64 Needles


FDA Certification

Diaminy 64-needle hydra needle roller is an effective beauty device for microneedling treatments. When users rotate the device, the serum moves from the container and is delivered along the needles to the skin’s dermal layer, allowing for the maximum utilization of the serum. Unlike stamp-type hydra needles, it does not require much pressure during use, and the serum can smoothly flow from the container to the dermal layer, making it convenient and quick to use.

It can be used for injecting serums and also for injecting hair growth factors to promote abundant hair growth.

Diaminy hydra needle has received certification from the FDA, assuring its quality and safety. This achievement signifies a significant milestone for the product, underlining its compliance with rigorous standards and regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration.

With this FDA endorsement, patients, med spas and beauty clinics can have confidence in the product’s reliability and its contribution to patient well-being.

certified by FDA

Hydra Needle Specification

0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 1.00mm, 1.5mm Professional Medical Grade Sizes Available

64 gold-plated needles

Titanium needle, plated with gold

Special Spiral Groove System delivers serums directly into the dermis

EO gas sterilization

Single Use Device to provide patient safety and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination

Can be used for aesthetics, hair growth, and scar and stretch mark reduction

Package dimensions 12x8x2.5cm (WxDxH

microneedling hydra needle roller 64


First, start by cleaning your face or the treatment area. Disinfect the hydra needle roller with alcohol to ensure both the inside and the needles are sterile.

Next, when using the hydra needle roller, pay attention to keeping the needle heads perpendicular to your skin. This minimizes the size of micro-channels left in your skin, reducing the risk of excessive trauma and bleeding.

After completing the needling on your face or the treatment area, apply an essence to enhance the effects.

Finally, clean the hydra needle roller, let it dry, and store it properly.