16 Pin Multi Injector Needle 10pcs/box


Product Name: Crystal 16 Pin Multi Injector Needle 10pcs/box
Needle Diameter:0.17mm
Application: For Home Use, Liquid injecting, Mesotherapy
Needle Number: 16 PINS
Advantage: No fluid leakage
Needle Length: 0.01mm~3mm

multi needle crystal 9pin

Multi Needle Crystal 9pin

DIAMINY’s Multi Needle Crystal 9pin is a professional injection tool designed for mesotherapy. With 9 needles, it is primarily used for scalp and facial treatments. The distinctive shape of the needle tips is patented, and the size is fixed at 32G but can be customized. These needles are compatible with standard injector sizes and can be used for manual injections or in conjunction with a Crystal Injector.