Premium PDO Nose Threads – Bag of 10


PDO nose can increase the bridge of the nose, correct the crooked nose, make the columella stand upright, and make the tip of the nose smaller.

Compared to rhinoplasty surgery, PDO nose thread lifts have a more natural effect and short recovery time.

PDO nose threads

Product Description

PDO nose threads are a specialized type of PDO thread designed for reshaping the nose. These threads are thicker than regular PDO threads. When inserted along the nasal bridge they can elevate and enhance the nose’s shape, effectively addressing issues such as a nasal bump or a crooked nose.

They serve as both a structural support to sculpt the nose’s contours and shape to the desired state, as well as collagen stimulants,
promoting the formation of new collagen for sustainable and lasting uplift of the nose.

This procedure can be completed in as little as one hour, with a short recovery period, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately.


  • Convenient procedure with a short duration.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • Immediate visible results.
  • Significantly more affordable than traditional rhinoplasty.

Product Specification of PDO Nose Threads

Packing 2Pcs/Pack, 5Packs/Aluminum bag, Sterilization by E.O      MOQ: 10PCS
Product PhotoModel No.GaugeNeedle LengthThread LengthThread Size
Nose Thread with Half-L Type CannulaNCL-19G-38                                Nasal Septum19G38MM 50MMUSP 2
NCL-19G-60                                Nasal Dorsum19G60MM 80MMUSP 2
Nose Thread with R Type CannulaNR-19G-60                            Nasal Septum19G60MM 80MMUSP 2