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What Is Diaminy PCL Nose Thread?

PCL Nose Thread is made of polycaprolactone. Polycaprolactone is a biodegradable medical-grade material that promotes collagen production when it comes into contact with human skin. This feature makes PCL Nose Thread famous far and wide in the medical beauty industry, and many people come here because of it. Using Diaminy PCL nose thread for rhinoplasty treatment can give you a more perfect and natural nose. Because this minimally invasive surgery uses a special needle to implant nose thread into the body, it can achieve a certain lifting effect and promote the production of collagen, which also improves the skin texture.

Diaminy PCL nose thread is CE and ISO certified, internationally recognized for its safety and quality. The production of pcl nose thread has always been committed to pursuing the highest international standards, which is also our confidence as a recognized pcl nose threads manufacturer in the medical aesthetics industry. As a reliable pcl nose threads supplier, Diaminy receive positive reviews from customers in more than 52 countries worldwide.

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What Are The Benefits Of PCL Nose Thread?

Long-lasting results

After being absorbed by the body, PCL can stimulate collagen production for a long time, usually for at least two years, and the specific time varies from person to person.
PCL Threads

Natural effect

The soft nature of PCL threads make it easier to manipulate. Practitioners are able to develop the best plan based on the contours of the patient's nose.

Minimal downtime

Nose thread lift is less invasive, so recovery time is shorter.


Nose thread lift is less expensive and more cost-effective than traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

Completely safe

The material (PCL) has passed international safety certification. It can be absorbed by the human body and is harmless.


It can be more easily adjusted after surgery, differing from traditional rhinoplasty surgery.
What are the benefits of PCL nose threads
Diaminy PCL Nose Thread obtain CE and ISO Certification

Diaminy PCL Nose Thread Obtain CE And ISO Certification

Diaminy PCL nose threads have passed CE and ISO certification,which improves the dedication of Diaminy to offering the top quality medical aesthetic consumables. As a reliable PCL nose threads supplier, we spare no effort to control the quality of all our aesthetic products and their packaging by employing state-of-the-art technology. This allows all clients to purchase pcl nose thread with confidence and remain steadfast in Diaminy.

PCL Nose Thread vs. PDO Nose Thread

PCL Nose Thread


Since PCL decomposes slowly in the body, the postoperative effects can last longer, usually for more than two years.


PCL nose threads are flexible and relatively soft, and practitioner can easily manipulate them to reach their goal.


Since PCL can induce collagen bit by bit, patients can gradually notice the natural effect. 

Collagen production

Because the human body slowly breaks down the nose threads, PCL can continue to encourage collagen production for a long period of time.
PCL nose thread
PDO nose thread

PDO Nose Thread


PDO decomposes much faster than PCL and usually only lasts 6-12 months.


Dissimilar to PCL nose thread, PDO nose threads are relatively rigid and inflexible.
Nose Threads


PDO is harder than PCL, and the effect is less natural than PCL.

Collagen production

PDO are able to promote a lot of collagen production in a short time, but its lifespan is not as long as PCL.

What Is The Thread lift Procedure Like?

Nose thread lift is a minimal-invasive operation to enhance nose contour. A brief introduction is as follows:


Consult a professional practitioner to draw up a detailed plan.


Anesthesia is provided before surgery to ensure successful operation.


Use the corresponding needle to insert PCL nose threads into the designed position.


Make adjustments according to the actual situation and ensure that all threads are stable in the correct position.


Evaluate the effect after the procedure and make minor adjustments.


Be aware of the dos and don’ts the practitioner tells you to ensure healing.


Make regular appointments with the practitioner to check the post-operative effect.
What is the thread lift procedure like

Which Is Better, Thread Lift Rhinoplasty Or Traditional Rhinoplasty?

Thread lift rhinoplasty

Thread Lift Rhinoplasty

  • Risk: Since it is invasive, only a tiny incision is made. Hence, the risk is lower than traditional rhinoplasty, and the patient can feel less pain.
  • Effect: The effect is natural and can be adjusted afterward.
  • Lifespan: The results can only last up to more than two years, varying for different people.
  • Recovery time: Small trauma does not require a long recovery time. The patient can resume daily activities for several days.

Traditional Rhinoplasty

  • Risk: Because of the large incision, the risk is higher than that of a thread lift with complicated complications.
  • Effect: The effect is remarkable, but adjustment requires another operation, which is troublesome.
  • Lifespan: Once you have done this procedure, your nose contour can be permanently changed.
  • Recovery time: It takes a lot of time to recover. Patients may have to wait weeks or even months,depending on their condition, to resume daily routine.
Traditional rhinoplasty

Side Effects Of Nose Thread Lift

Side effects of nose thread lift

In comparison to surgical rhinoplasty, thread lift is often considered a safer option because it incurs fewer risks. However, any cosmetic surgery can have risks and side effects.

Swelling and Bruising

These are the most commonly seen side effects and usually resolve within two weeks.

Mild Pain or Discomfort

This may happen before, during, or even after the surgery. However, pain relief medication can be effective in treating this condition.


Some inflammation is expected as the body reacts to the needle prick.

Infection Risk

There is a small risk of infection at the entry point where pcl nose thread are inserted.

Asymmetry or Irregularities

Improper selection of nose threads can contribute to an asymmetrical or uneven nose shape, requiring subsequent correction.

How To Avoid Thread Lifts Gone Wrong?

Rest after surgery

You should rest appropriately after surgery and avoid strenuous exercise and excessive facial expressions to avoid affecting the positioning of threads in the skin.


Consulting a professional doctor and using high-quality PCL nose thread for surgery can significantly reduce the risk of thread lift gone wrong.

Pay attention to your diet

Avoid eating highly irritating foods, such as spicy foods, and avoid drinking and smoking.

Avoid contact with water

Avoid washing your face within 24 hours after surgery, and try not to let the surgical site come into contact with water to prevent infection.

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight within one week after surgery to prevent pigmentation.

Avoid facial massage

Avoid facial massage for a period of time after surgery to avoid thread displacement.
How to avoid thread lifts gone wrong

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FAQ About Diaminy PCL Nose Thread

PCL nose thread is a biodegradable filaments used for non-surgical nose lifts.

The results usually last for two years, as the PCL thread is slowly absorbed by the body and stimulates the production of new collagen.

The patient may experience mild pain, which can be resolved by local anesthesia.

The recovery phase is quick. You can resume normal activities 2-3 days after surgery.

Typical side effects include swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the treatment area. In most cases, these symptoms disappear within a short period of time.