PCL Nose Threads Bag of 10


Model of Thread: PCL Nose Thread

Cannula Type: L Cannula

Cannula Guage: 19G

Cannula Length: 38MM, 60MM

Thread Length: 50MM, 80MM

Thread Size: USP 2

PCL Nose Thread Lift

PCL Nose Thread

PCL Nose Thread is a thoroughly tested, completely safe, and non-harmful material suitable for rhinoplasty thread implant procedures. Utilizing the L-shaped cannula, it allows for precise avoidance of the nasal cartilage and intricate cell tissues on the nasal bridge, enhancing the safety of the surgical process and the fluidity of the doctor’s operation. The 4D Cog threads effectively anchor cell tissues when inserted, facilitating the lifting process. DIAMINY’s PCL Nose Thread has become a full-fledged alternative for nose augmentation procedures, gaining popularity among those seeking aesthetic enhancements. DIAMINY accommodates custom requests from clients, with three standard supply sizes currently available: 19G-38MM, 19G-60MM.

Product Specification of PCL Nose Threads

2Pcs/Pack, 5Packs/Aluminum bag, Sterilization by E.O    MOQ: 10PCS
Model No.GaugeNeedle LengthThread LengthThread Size
Nasal Septum
19G38MM50MMUSP 2
Nasal Dorsum
19G60MM80MMUSP 2