PLLA Eye Threads Bag of 10


Model of Thread: PLLA Eye Thread

Cannula Type: R Cannula

Cannula Guage: 30G

Cannula Length: 25MM, 38MM

Thread Length: 30MM, 50MM

Thread Size: USP5/0, USP6/0

plla eye thread

PLLA Eye Thread

DIAMINY’s PLLA Eye Thread is a specialized thread designed for thread lifting in the area around the eyes, developed using Poly-L-lactic acid as a new material. Poly-L-lactic acid, a natural compound, has been clinically proven to have wide applications in the field of medical aesthetics. It effectively stimulates a manifold increase in collagen production in the cells around the eyes, resulting in faster and more noticeable volumizing effects compared to other types of Eye Threads. Additionally, it accelerates the growth and division of fibroblast cells around the eyes, with the effects lasting for approximately 18 months.

PLLA Eye Threads are primarily used beneath the eyes to regenerate lost collagen, restore skin elasticity, and diminish melanin in the skin’s base, resulting in a noticeable reduction in dark circles and under-eye bags.

We offer customization options and can adjust the product to meet the specific needs of physicians. Currently, we supply two widely used sizes: 30G-25MM and 30G-38MM.

Product Specification of PLLA Eye Threads

2Pcs/Pack, 5Packs/Aluminum bag, Sterilization by E.O      MOQ: 10PCS
Model No.GaugeNeedle LengthThread LengthThread Size