PCL Eyes Twist Thread Bag of 10


Type of Thread: PCL Eyes Twist Thread

Cannula Type: R Cannula

Cannula Guage: 30G

Cannula Length: 25MM,38MM

Thread Length: 30MM,40MM

Thread Size: USP6/0

PCL Eyes Twist Thread

PCL Eyes Twist Thread

The PCL Eye Twist Thread belongs to the category of small, non-Cog threads within the complete range of PCL Threads. It is a smooth thread wound around the needle. DIAMINY produces PCL Eye Twist Threads that are exceptionally flexible, typically used on the face to address issues like tightening sagging skin and neck lifting. DIAMINY’s PCL Eye Twist Thread is a specialized single Twist Thread designed for the treatment of various eye-related concerns, such as dark circles, crow’s feet, and tear troughs. The dimensions are customizable to meet customer requirements, with standard supply sizes currently available as 30G-25MM and 30G-38MM.

Product Specification of PCL Eye Threads

2Pcs/Pack, 5Packs/Aluminum bag, Sterilization by E.O      MOQ: 10PCS
Model No.GaugeNeedle LengthThread LengthThread Size